Sheep Genetics Monthly Update

It's sale season!

"It's like christmas time for retail outlets in here" a quote from Nicole Williams, Sheep Genetics Project Administrator. We're happy about this because it means there will be ASBVs available to help ram buyers make their selection decisions this season. Just note that we encourage all members to get in early with your data to save any issues as sales and other critical dates approach.

Also keep in mind that you can create your own online sale catalogue. All you need is your login details and to follow the instructions on this link (How to create an online catalogue)

Regional Forum, 26th of August in Northam WA

Our final regional forum for 2013 will be held in Northam, WA on the 26th of August. . The aim of this workshop is to help you increase your understanding of LAMBPLAN and MERINOSELECT and how to produce the most accurate ASBVs for use within your breeding program.

For more information please visit our website

To attend the workshop you will need to RSVP to Sheep Genetics on 02 6773 2948 or email

Data submission protocol

You would all be aware that Sheep Genetics has been trying to move towards having all data submitted via suitable software packages for a number of years. The per animal charges that are in place are costed around data being submitted in the correct electronic format, data that is not in the right format takes up much more of the database managers time and increases the risk of the wrong information being added to our database. Excel spreadsheets in particular can cause a range of problems with 16 digit IDs and errors with records being mixed up. This threatens the accuracy of your ASBVs.
For these reasons, and with strong recommendations being made by the SG Advisory Committee, Sheep Genetics will no longer be accepting data submitted on excel spreadsheets as of the end of this month. Data will only be accepted from the approved software recording programs. There are several freeware programs and a number of commercially available programs that can be utilised, please see the Sheep Genetics web site if you need more details. There are also contact details for data managers who can help with data submission available on the web site.
If you are unable to comply with this, please contact the Sheep Genetics staff to discuss what assistance you may need as soon as possible.

Analysis Dates

  • 15th August
  • 30th August
  • 13th September


  • 21st August
  • 6th September
  • 20th September
Data needs to be submitted by 5pm AEST on the dates listed above to be included in the analysis. Please allow up to 2 weeks for data to be returned.