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Is your cat purr-fect - remember the deadline for entries is midnight, Sunday 12th April, so use the rainy day we're having to get cracking and submit your photos now! £50 worth of prizes on offer. Full entry details on our web site. The Malvern Gazette will be choosing the 'Best in Show' winner from the four categories and all winners will be featured in the paper and in our next newsletter - go for glory!

Calling all pets (other than cats and dogs) - have your day of fame too! The Non-Cats and Dogs Pet Union (NCDPU) has called for greater representation of this important and under exposed group of pets. We propose to address this important issue - our Customer Feeback Survey at the foot of this edition is all about prioritising the next type of pet to have its own platform and photographic competition in the next edition - if you're impassioned then act and vote for your pet and its inclusion in the fun. The full article is below.

Vaccinations have now resumed - In line with new guidelines from the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, we are resuming all primary and booster vaccinations for dogs, cats and rabbits. Call us for an appointment 01684 560940. For the latest advice on the impact of Covid-19 see our home page.

Covid-19 - We have launched a new web page dedicated to the challenges that are arising, from misinformation about cats to and including how to entertain pets staying at home.

Finally, have we got your details correct? Check your Pet Club details out in the black block at the footer. There are instructions how to make changes below.

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Calling all pets (other than cats and dogs, who get enough attention!) - a chance for you too have your day of fame.
Above - the results of the survey so far, rabbit owners notable in their absence?

The Non-Cats and Dogs Pet Union (NCDPU) have quite righty pointed out the discprepancy in lock-down exposure for you all. We have listened and responded - a Pet Show for each category with over ten participants in order of size of category in our next few newsletters.

We don't keep records of the pets each Pet Club member has, as part of the Data Protection legislation, so we need your help. This edition's 60 second survey is to determine the type of pet you have and whether you would participate in a virtual pet show for your category. Based on the replies (which we'll publish the summary of in the next edition), we'll schedule Photo competitions...........

Non Cat & Dog Pets - Please complete our 60 second survey!
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