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Cats - have your moment of glory! With the results of the Virtual Dog Show (see our last edition) out, its now the turn of Cats to have their own online photo competition, the deadline for entries is Sunday 12th April so get cracking now! £50 of prizes on offer. Click the photo for full details on our web site

Thank you! Another record number (over 100) of you opened, read and responded through the Video Consultation Survey to our last newsletter. We are most grateful. The results are below in our Feedback article below.

Covid-19 - We have launched a new web page dedicated to the challenges that are arising, from misinformation about cats to and including how to entertain pets staying at home.

Data Bloomers - Have you received a Pet Club email addressed to the wrong name? If so we're mighty embarrassed and apologise. The solution, if you have been affected is in the full article below.

Calling all pets (other than cats and dogs) - have your day of fame too! The Non-Cats and Dogs Pet Union (NCDPU) has called for greater representation of this important and under exposed group of pets. We propose to address this important issue - our Customer Feeback Survey at the foot of this edition is all about prioritising the next type of pet to have its own platform and photographic competition in the next edition - if you're impassioned then act and vote for your pet and its inclusion in the fun. The full article is below.

Virtual Dog Show - see the winners from all those who helped raise the £700 for the RSPCA Holdings in Kempsey, all in the full article below.

Stay safe!

White House Vets

With a terrific response to our 2 minute survey in the last newsletter, see the key findings above, we have implemented a Video Consultation service, initially using WhatsApp (see slide above). If this is appropriate to your and your pet's circumstances in the current Covid-19 situation, then first contact by us phone and then we'll arrange for a video consultation an appointed time when we will call you back for the video session.

As with all your new techniques, there was a fair degree of apprehension expressed in the survey (see the Q2 results scehematic above). We wish to reassure you all that video consultations will never replace in-depth one-to-one consultations, but can be a great help in avoiding unnecessary visits to the surgery.

As both our own and your (collective) experience of video consultations develops the service will evolve accordingly. Please let us know by email if you have any comments, as the feedback comments in the survey, whilst most helpful, are anonomised so that we are unable to address specific enquiries to the authors.

Avoiding Contact wherever possible

Under the present Covid-19 situation we are continuing to avoid contact with people as much as possible, and to keep them outside the surgery buildings. This will be the situation for the foreseeable future. However, we are continuing to do telephone consultations (there is a charge for this), and it is helpful if you can send us in a photo or video beforehand. Alternatively video consultations using WhatsApp can be used where this is appropriate.

Data Bloomers

We carried out some work on our databases a while ago and the Pet Club database suffered a unplanned shift in a small batch of records, allocating the next name data to an email address. Here's the data we have for your email address in the Pet Club records:

<<Email Address>> <<First Name>> <<Last Name>>

We apologise if you have been affected, and received a Pet Club email addressed to the wrong name. The solution is simple, at the foot of this newsletter is a section in black, where your can 'update your preferences', correcting any name typos or errors, but only when using the link which is unique to your email address.
Cats - have your moment of glory too!

Come on cats, surely you can beat this smug puss in the photo above?

We are hosting a Virtual Cat Show to rival that run last time for the Dogs (their winners are shown below).

Class 1: Active Cats
Class 2: Cat Naps
Class 3: Purfect Portrait
Class 4: Two's a Company
Class 5: Best in Show (entries will be the winners of each of the above classes)

Prizes £10 per Class winner, paid in cash within 48 hours of judging.

Click here for how to enter the competition (entries close Sunday 19th April) and the rules

[Sponsored by by Pete and Lynne Browne Photography and Marketing - see their latest project, complete photography, web site development and marketing for a French Château here]
Calling all pets (other than cats and dogs, who get enough attention!) - a chance for you too have your day of fame.

The Non-Cats and Dogs Pet Union (NCDPU) have quite righty pointed out the discprepancy in lock-down exposure for you all. We have listened and responded - a Pet Show for each category with over ten participants in order of size of category in our next few newsletters.

We don't keep records of the pets each Pet Club member has, as part of the Data Protection legislation, so we need your help. This edition's 60 second survey is to determine the type of pet you have and whether you would participate in a virtual pet show for your category. Based on the replies (which we'll publish the summary of in the next edition, we'll schedule Photo competitions...........

Non Cat & Dog Pets - Please complete our 1 minute survey!
Rosie's Dog Show Winners
Below: Best in show Erik Small & Bailey
Above: Reserve best in show - Dotty, Basil and Ruby by Debbie Waters

Thanks to everyone who entered and helped raise £700 for RSPCA The Holdings, Kempsey
Non Cat & Dog Pets - Please complete our 1 minute survey!
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