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Ladies and gentlemen, you're about to read a newsletter so strange, so horrifying, so utterly monstrous, that I urge you who are easily frightened or upset, who suffer from nervous disorders, weak hearts, or queasy stomachs, who experience nightmares, and any children under the age of twelve to forgo reading the following text. There are only two kinds of  disturbed individuals ladies and gentlemen. Those created by the gods, and those who got that way by their own deranged attitudes. The creature writing this newsletter is a living breathing human being that once was... well, that's another story that happened a long time ago, a long way from here. Read on if you must...

...but I shall warn you, if you stop reading now than you will forgo the secret  gnostic prizes that exist only in this issue. For a Limited Time Only, We Have Prizes and Giveaway's by the Gallon. So Fear Not and Read On! Be Sated By the Seeds from Sirius! In this Special Hallow'een Edition We Have A New Digital Mix Tape, "Anger & Equanimity" for Your Ears Only. We Are Also Giving Away A Free Copy of Issue 16 of Into the Ruins to Three Lucky Winner's!


First let us proceed for the digital mix tape, so you will have a soundtrack for these monstrous times. The "Anger & Equanimity" mix was created out of a deficit of attention and a hyperactive response to the need for musical distraction. Click on the embedded links to stream or download. 

Side A is the side of Anger and Contains Twelve Fem Punk Anthems Full of Vitriol, Venom and Vice
1. Alophen Baby - Teddy and the Frat Girls
2. Let's Get Tammy Wynette - The Maggots
3. Violent Days - Screaming Sneakers
4. Reality Attack - Poison Girls
5. Girl on the Run - Honey Bane
6. Do You Have a Job for A Girl Like Me? - The Delinquents
7. Roadkill - F.U.K. (Fucked Up Kids)
8. Berketex Bride -Crass
9. Don't Light My Fire -Otoboke Beaver
10. Gacked on Anger - Amyll and the Sniffers
11. Nuts - Tee Vee Pop
12. Dawnslayer - Necronomidol 

All hail these valkyries of punk! Just what you need to get you through the Hallow'een  full moon and on to the other side of the coming electioneering

Side E is the side of Equanimity. A Balance and Antidote of Ambient and Minimalist New Music, the Calm within the Storm.

1. Everyday Life - Scanner
2. Skein of Skin - Robert Rich
3. Thirteen Harmonies (Excerpt) - John Cage
4. Letter H - John Luther Adams
5. Melodic Communion - Stuart Dempster


...An Ending 

It is with melancholic joy that I announce the final issue of Joel Caris' wonderful magazine Into the Ruins. It is with melancholy because it is the last issue, and it is with joy because it features my short story Queen of the Game in its pages. I'm delighted to have contributed letters, book reviews, and finally a short story of my own to the magazine over the course of it's four years. 

"Into the Ruins brings its four year run to a close with a final issue featuring a number of old friends offering new visions of our future. From a time in which any semblance of compromise is an excuse for ostracization, to one in which the dreams of escape into space clash with the harsh realities of making a living during decline; from one man’s journey to escape alcohol and discover a new life, to another man’s nightly remembrance of a former life through the final broadcasts of a big city radio station; and onward to a mid-twenty-first century ranch in eastern Washington and the sudden murder that threatens to tear it apart: these stories once again bring to life futures not driven by apocalypse or utopia, but by the erratic and grinding changes most often brought by the real world.

Wrapping up with a review of the new graphic novel 10 Billion, and the exciting announcement of New Maps, a new deindustrial fiction magazine by Nathanael Bonnell, this issue serves as a fitting close to Into the Ruins, as well as a promise of many newly imagined futures to come."

This issue includes the stories: Queen of the Game by Justin Patrick Moore, Sports Talk with Clark Vonderhaar by Chuck Masterson (pseudonym of Nathanel Bonnell who is launching his own deindustrial rag), We're Not Failures We're Visionaries by Chloe Woods, Three Loves by Alistair Herbert and Almost Home by Joel Caris.  

A Copy of this Magazine Could be Yours, Absolutely Free For A Limited Time Only. The first three people to send in a translation of the following morse code text will receive a copy of Into the Ruin's final issue. Send your translated text to with subject heading "Dreammoves of the Sleeping King". 

"..-. --- .-. / ... --- -- . / -- .. -. ..- - . ... / .- .-.. .. -.-. . / ... - --- --- -.. / .-- .. - .... --- ..- - / ... .--. . .- -.- .. -. --. --..-- / .-.. --- --- -.- .. -. --. / --- ..- - / .. -. / .- .-.. .-.. / -.. .. .-. . -.-. - .. --- -. ... / --- ...- . .-. / - .... . / -.-. --- ..- -. - .-. -.-- / .- -. -.. / .- / -- --- ... - / -.-. ..- .-. .. --- ..- ... / -.-. --- ..- -. - .-. -.-- / .. - / .-- .- ... .-.-.- / .. / -.. . -.-. .-.. .- .-. . / .. - ... / -- .- .-. -.- . -.. / --- ..- - / .--- ..- ... - / .-.. .. -.- . / .- / .-.. .- .-. --. . / -.-. .... . ... ... -... --- .- .-. -.. -.-.-- / .- .-.. .. -.-. . / ... .- .. -.. / .- - / .-.. .- ... -"

Note: This is two sentences from a famous novel. If  for some reason you can't get the whole thing, I will judge the best efforts of partial decodes for the winners. 

{Also special thanks goes to my beta readers: Erik B., Norm H., and Dave G. Thank you for reading the early draft of Queen of the Game and giving me your valuable input!}

And a Beginning...

"New Maps is a quarterly journal of short stories that take place in the Earth’s realistic future. Not a paradisiac or apocalyptic end of days, nor an easy continuation of the last few decades’ business-as-usual with somewhat different fashions, but an era in which our ecological and energy bills have come due, and we and our descendants have proceeded to do what people always do: figure out creative ways to keep doing all those things that make up life, the loving and hating and laughing and crying and all the rest, in the times we’ve been given.

This is fiction of real life in an age of limits—an age that, like every other, will mix the tragic and the comic and the who-knows-what-just-happened, and leave it to us to make sense of it all. This is fiction full of cobbled-together and home-brewed technology, reinvented culture with sacred cows butchered and new ones bred, and mourning and celebration of the old world’s end mixed with hope for renewed health and integrity within a homespun patchwork of new ways of life."

Get your subscription today!

In Other Inky News Two New Articles Have Materialized inside the Radiophonic Laboratory

Data Sonification: From Mographs to Codes of Soil
Another way Information Theory has been used in the making of music is through the sonification of data. It is the audio equivalent of visualizing data as charts, graphs, and connected plot points on maps full of numbers. Audio, here meaning those sounds that fall outside of speech categories, has a variety of advantages to other forms of conveying information. I look at methods of sonification in the works of Gordon Mumma and Scanner. 

Trawling the Megahertz
An investigation of the radiophonic and kurzwellen nature of Prefab Sprout frontman Paddy McAloon's album, I Trawl the Megahertz. 


I was born in 1979, the same year Crass released the Feeding of the 5000 and the same year the Germs put out their album GI. It was also the year Stiff Little Fingers put out their song Suspect Device, from the album Inflammable Materials. All these years later the message is still the same. “They take away our freedom / In the name of liberty / Why can't they all just clear off / Why can't they let us be”?

The question is still haunting me all these years later, after a friend had first dubbed the track onto a cassette tape for me circa 1992. That same friend also made me a ton of other punk rock mixtapes. It was the year I started skateboarding. It was the year I learned to hate the system, man

I remember being obsessed by an old pamphlet I had found from my parents church denouncing the hippies. I read the poetry of Jim Morrison and I read the Wasteland by T.S. Eliot. It seems we are still looking for the grail that can remediate the torturous landscape we all find ourselves in. It’s as if we are all stuck on concrete islands, shouting at each other as traffic rushes about on all sides, trying to be heard and trying to avoid collision.
As the newswashing continues to blare from distorted channels we still have to suspect the devices of our would be masters, and remember those lyrics, still stiff over the intervening years: “Don't believe them / Don't believe them / I tell ya, question everything you're told / Just take a look around you / At the bitterness and spite / Why can't we take over and try to put it right?”

Caught on the cusp between the older Gen-X’ers just above me and the Millenial’s coming up behind me, those of us born in the late 70s and the early 80s often only had music, comics, skateboarding, and science fiction to live for, fantasy novels to escape into. My imagination was nourished on ‘zines, cassettes, radio, books and basement shows. Having something to write, having an open air recording to make on a cheap tape deck, opened up a world of possibilities. Gluing something to the page and sending it out into the world created vibrant potentials. Alternative distribution and communication networks of music and literature were a way out of the bland homogeneity of Coke and Pepsi, a third way outside the binary. 

People could come to together and make things happen. Part of the magic was hormonal, but the other part was magic. And all of it was a way to escape the rocked by rape news cycle. To not participate in the kinds of jobs that made our parents come home fuming. To think of some other prospect as I watched them choke down their working class fumes; that they choked them down for our benefit even I knew but didn’t know yet. They choked down the vaporous gases issued by the same class of people we would later fume at ourselves: managers. 

Of course managers need jobs too, but maybe they could do something other than just managing. Managers insert themselves into situations that become ménages a trois when no one wants a threesome. And as much as I rail against binary thinking, middle men can find something else to do to keep them from meddling. Things get done just fine. Just as I need no priest to intervene and commune with divinity on my behalf, I need not adhere to the system of management to coordinate my activities.  

As the 90’s unfolded the internet grifters came along and seduced us into socially distanced connectivity (in which I participate). The same activities that once came into the mailbox bubble wrapped and with a stamp of physical immediatism now happened once more removed in online message boards. It seemed to work for quite awhile and then the internets latent DARPA programming began to hold sway: what was searched for was also surveilled, and the online world became a repository for remote reconnaissance by folks who had a sales agenda to push. 

I’d seen the slackers before me get by on mediocre jobs so they could live the dream of artistic expression. That’s why I dropped out of college. Plus the price tag. Plus the fact I wasn’t a great student. Plus the library afforded me the ability to read what I wanted, when I wanted. Autodidact, I tried to connect the dots. The ‘zines were made, the shows were played, the others were found. 

And yet I’m confounded still that so many of my friends from junior high and high school are still high on cough syrup, or locked up from paranoid meth agendas, or on the street smoking crack and looking for their next fix of heroin.  I’m seeing the best minds of my generation destroyed by Netflix, swindled by Bezos and huffing the proprietary fumes given off by Musk as if going to Mars will get us out of this quandary. Imagination colonized by corporate imagineering. Nature declawed by Disneyfication. 

Problems can be solved but predicaments require true gristle to dig oneself out of. The quicksand of contemporary culture has bogged us down with digital decay. Reality requires analog solutions. & of those what do I have to offer here in this digital epistle to the erstwhile choir?

For now, only this surrealist jeremiad. At this junction there are questions to be asked of what is worth keeping and what needs to be jettisoned. Where have we gone into dead ends and need to turn around, and what parts of the reality labyrinth are in need of new tunnels to be carved out? 

“We are all creatures of the era we're born into, how this influences our tastes and expectations but if we expose ourselves to cultural history and how we arrived at where we are now we can better discern what are merely trends designed to cash in on corporate marketing versus sincere artistic expression.” –Kim Cascone

For those of us who continue to be energized by the moxie of punk, the question will always be, what to do next? The nihilism and the hedonism of the movement have left us their casualties. Yet there have also been the survivors, the high impedance resistors, who, no matter the circuitry around them, go against the flow. 

Well, enough with this gloomy stream of conscioussness! Hallow’een is just around the corner and a new year in the offing. As the veils between the worlds thin, perhaps we can all think of those things worth saving, and those that can be let go of, tossed into the bonfire on top of the hill. 


...and now for a friendly PSA from Hakim Bey... 

"This process of fragmentation has reached near-universal completion in our society, at least in the area of social discourse. Each person engages in a 'relation of involution' with the spectacular simulation of Media. That is, our 'relation' with Media is essentially empty & illusory, so that even when we seem to reach out & perceive reality in Media, we are in fact merely driven back in upon ourselves, alienated, isolated, & impotent. America is full to overflowing with people who feel that no matter what they say or do, no difference will be made; that no one is listening; that there is no one to listen. This feeling is the triumph of the Media. 'They' speak, you listen—& therefore turn in upon yourself in a spiral of loneliness, distraction, depression, & spiritual death.

This process affects not only individuals but also such groups as still exist outside the Consensus Matrix of nuke-family, school, church, job, army, political party, etc. Each group of artists or peace activists or whatever is also made to feel that no contact with other groups is possible. Each “life-style” group buys the simulation of rivalry & enmity with other such groups of consumers. Each class & race is assured of its ungulfable existential alienation from all other classes & races (as in Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous).

The concept of “networking” began as a revolutionary strategy to bypass & overcome the Totality by setting up horizontal connections (unmediated by authority) among individuals & group. In the 1980s we discovered that networking could also be mediated & in fact had to be mediated—by telephone, computers, the post office, etc.—& thus was doomed to fail us in our struggle against alienation. Communication technology may still prove to offer useful tools in this struggle, but by now it has become clear that CommTech is not a goal in itself." --Hakim Bey, Immediatism


DJ Frederick‘s Free Radio Skybird is back on the 49 Metre shortwave band again this Sunday November 1st as part of the station’s tenth anniversary. The broadcast goes out at 1200 UTC on 6070 kHz via Channel 292. Expect the usual mixture of stuff with DJ FrederickThe Radiophonic Laboratory and Weed’s own One Deck Pete. Tune in! #shortwavesnotdead #freeradioskybird

Do You Have Seeds You'd Like to Sow?

Then send me you're seeds for possible inclusion in the next packet to In the meantime, please feel free to pass along these seeds to anyone you think might be interested, and watch for them to sprout. 

Until Next Time... Keep your Batteries Charged, Your Aerials Up, & Your Fishing Pole Cast Out into the Waters of the Deep

                               ~.:.~  23  ~.:.~  73  ~.:.~  93 ~.:.~

"I think fashion is repulsive. The whole idea that someone else can make clothing that is supposed to be in style and make other people look good is ridiculous. It sickens me to think that there is an industry that plays to the low self-esteem of the general public. I would like the fashion industry to collapse." ~ Steve Albini

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