Hall of Fame Gallery, v2.4, and more

Hall of Fame Gallery, v2.4, & More!

Here's a quick update on some of the new stuff we've been working on:

Professional Cinemagraph Gallery

We love cinemagraphs - it's why we made Flixel. It's incredible that a process that used to take hours in Photoshop can now be done on your phone in seconds. That said, there are a TON of amazing professional cinemagraphs out there. We decided to round these up into a Hall of Fame Gallery, complete with biographies for each artist and links back to their personal sites.
We'll be adding to this collection, but right now it's got over 800 cinemagraphs from 21 professional artists. Check it out, and spread the word!

v2.4 is Out!

Download Flixel on the App Store Late last week, Flixel v2.4 hit the App Store. It's now an iOS6 app, which means those of you with iPhone 4S or 5 devices will be getting real-time video stabilization! This version also fixes some bugs, most notably one which caused a crash when accessing Drafts.

New Blog

For those of you who dove in and checked out our gallery already, you'll notice that it's being hosted on our new blog! We'll be using it to post news, tips, random thoughts...y'know, blog stuff.

Featured Flixels - Now Online

A little while back we quietly rolled out some updates to Flixel.com, including a link to all of the Featured Flixels. You can access it here, and as with the Hall of Fame Gallery, feel free to tell people about it!

Improved Facebook Sharing

Sharing Flixels on Facebook now results in a nice large video post. Take THAT, cluttered feeds full of tiny text and images!

Thanks for reading, and keep creating great Flixels!

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