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MARCH 2016

All Things Alchemical is the monthly E-newsletter of personal transformation for those seeking grace and clarity. Enjoy discoveries centered on health, spirit, purpose, archetypes, symbology and artistic expression that will guide you dancing through life.

Note From Kendra


Dear Friends,

I am watching the ebb and flow of waves and have discovered that it’s a meditative experience for me. The rhythm of the waves rolling in brings cadence to my breathing and allows me to have an incredible, artistic experience.
I have a favorite practice when I am at the ocean, and I try to incorporate it into my daily routine as best I can. Sitting and becoming one with this massive body of water is one of the greatest joys of my life. What the ocean brings to me is an incredible peace, and my creative spirit starts to dance with possibilities.
The expansive space before me allows my mind to release the worries and frets of the day so that I can ready myself for creative space. For me it could be writing or visualizing deepening an aspect of my work.
I create some of my favorite works of art in this environment. All of my senses are activated. I hear waves crashing, see spectacular beauty before me, smell and taste the salty air, and feel alive within.
It’s magical by the sea! I hope you are taking some time to find that special place for yourself that brings magic into your life!

Peace and with love to you,

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The Artist
(Musician, Author, Dramatist, Actor, Artisan, Craftsperson, Sculptor, Weaver)

The Artist archetype embodies the passion to express a dimension of life that is just beyond the five senses. The Artist psyche is animated with the energy to express it into physical forms. The nature or relative grandeur of any form of expression is irrelevant; a chef can be as much of an artist as a painter or landscaper. The signature of artists is not in what they do  but in how intense their motivation is to manifest the extraordinary. Doing what you do in such a way that you create an emotional field that inspires others also indicates the Artist energy at work, as does the emotional and psychological need to express yourself so much that your well-being is wrapped up in this energy.
The shadow Artist comprises many clichés, including an eccentric nature and the madness that often accompanies genius. The Starving Artist represents the fear of financial ruin or the belief that fame and fortune comes only after death, which often causes artist to suppress their talents. In evaluating your relationship to this archetype, recognize that the need to bring art to others, such as dedicating part of the energy of your life to supporting artists is as much an expression for the Artist archetype as actually holding a brush in your hand.
Films: Ed Harris in Pollock; Alec Guiness in The Horse’s Mouth; Isabelle Adjani in Camille Claudel; Kirk Douglas in Lust for Life; Gene Kelly in An American in Paris.
Drama: Amadeus by Peter Shaffer.

Fiction: A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man by James Joyce; The Horse’s Mouth by Joyce Cary.
Fairy Tale: Gepetto in Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi
Religion/Myth: Pygmalion (sculptor of Greek myth who brought the statue of Galatea to life); Shen-nung (one of the Three Noble Ones of Chinese mythology who invented the plow and taught humanity the art of agriculture); Basa-Juan (in Basque lore, a wood spirit who taught humanity the art of forging metal); Sarasvati (Hindu patron of the Arts); Ptah (Egyptian creator god and deity of craftsmen, said to have molded humanity on his potter’s wheel); Ambat (Melanesian hero-deity who taught the art of pottery); Ixaluoh (Mayan water goddess who invented the art of weaving); Hiro (Polynesian hero who introduced humanity to the art of writing); Hephaestus (Greek god of the blacksmith’s fire and the patron of all craftsmen).

Myss, Caroline.  Sacred Contracts: Awakening Your Divine Potential.  New York: Three Rivers Press, 2002, 2003. 366. Print.


GULL (Herring/Sea)
Contributed by Mary Guthrie.

Recently I spent a week in Florida far from the Minnesota cold.  My friends I visited live on a canal, a beautiful space.  However, I didn’t see many seagulls until we walked on the beach.  Now I know why. There is no shore on the canal for these shore birds - one of several facts I learned about the gull. 

Funny, I see them as a messy bird. That perception does not fit with the seagull’s energies: responsible behavior and communication. In my way of thinking those energies used effectively create a world with less mess!  In fact, as is often the case, this bird is nothing like my perception, which is true of so many things in life. Oh, the power of learning! 


KEYNOTE: Responsible Behavior and Communication
CYCLE OF POWER: Year-round
Gulls are wonderful birds. Most people, especially in seashore resort areas, have a tendency to look upon them as pests. In their communities, away from human contact, their behavior is much different.
Sea gulls-or herring gulls as they are rightly called-are actually shore birds, and they seldom venture far from land. Shorelines are places of great mystery and magic. It is a place neither of land nor of the sea; it is between the two. It is one of those regions often associated with fairy contact. Because of this, gulls can help teach how to open communication with the Faerie Realm of life-especially the water sprites and spirits.
This idea is further reinforced by the fact that the gull is associated with the element of water, as well as the air. It is a bird which can combine the gifts of swimming and flying. It is very buoyant in the water. It knows how to work in both kingdoms; it knows the behaviors appropriate to both. This reflects the ability to teach you how to behave and work in other dimensions than that which is normal.
The appearance of a gull usually indicates lessons or abilities in proper behavior, courtesy, and communication. It may reflect you need the lessons, or that you may become the teacher of such. It may also reflect new learning in the subtleties of communication.
Gulls have developed an intricate code of behavior. They have developed a regular signal code for all of their ritual activities. They use a combination of calls and gestures.  Because of this they can teach you how to read people more effectively. They can help you to understand the subtleties of communication-what is not being ostensibly expressed. They can help you to read between the lines and understand the body language of others. They hold knowledge of the techniques of psychological communication.
Gulls also help to keep the beaches and shores clean. They are ecological birds. Their appearance as a totem may reflect opportunities to work on ecology in general or to work on cleaning up the shore areas of your own life.
The young are fussy eaters. They have to be stimulated to eat, and the color red is their eating stimulus. Adult mother gulls have a red spot on their beak. The baby gulls know that only by poking at it will they get something to eat. This process reflects many subtle lessons. It has ties to proper eating behaviors, stimulation of diet (physical and otherwise), and more. Meditation on this will elicit some wonderful insight into your own life patterns and stimuli.

Reprinted from “Animal Speak” by Ted Andrews 


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Quotation from Mahatma Gandhi


My Favorites

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Clear app will help to streamline your life and help to increase your productivity daily with your to do lists. More than 2.5 million people are using it and I am one of them. It’s amazingly simple. Click here to see if you will be joining the ranks!

Think Dirty is an app that was born out of a “need to know the ingredients are safe for my body, brain and overall health” concern of its founder, due to a family history of cancer. It is an app I use daily and gave every family member using as well. Click here if you care.

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