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All Things Alchemical is the monthly E-newsletter of personal transformation for those seeking grace and clarity. Enjoy discoveries centered on health, spirit, purpose, archetypes, symbology and artistic expression that will guide you dancing through life.

Note From Kendra


Dear Friends,

A child, as we know, is a beautiful gift from God. Therefore, when I hear someone's story of being abused or abandoned, I tread gently while explaining the archetype of the Wounded Child, which is the featured archetype in this month’s newsletter. Clients know first hand the psychological and emotional impact this archetype has had on them. They live it daily in the patterns they repeat that no longer serve their highest self and with the perspective they have about life and relationships.
It is the one wound in people that is the hardest to heal because it can be so resistant and persistent. It shows up every single day in the hearts of individuals as they struggle to let go of the idea of a perfect life or the life they had envisioned before they realized that God had another plan. At a young age we don't know any differently. We may become aware when we start to see patterns repeating themselves that are creating a life filled with depression, anxiety, and confusion. These maladies are the result of the “I am not good enough, pretty enough, smart enough” – the “I am not enough” complexes. Complexes are archetypal patterns that are psychological in nature. These are wake-up calls to help guide you out of a life that can leave you flat lining in numbness if you don't take measures to heal your wounded child and stop making decisions that are solely ego based. 
The first step in healing is to recognize you do have choices. And you have a responsibility to make choices that will help support your living a healthier, more vibrant, fulfilling life. Choose to do the work to facilitate healing your wounded child. It may not be the popular or the easiest path, but these choices will help you bridge your way to freedom. It is up to you to ease the kicking, screaming child into transition. 

Peace and with love to you,


Child: Wounded

The Wounded Child archetype holds the memories of the abuse, neglect and other traumas that we have endured during childhood. This may be the pattern people relate to the most, particularly since it has become the focus of therapy and accepted as a major culprit in the analysis of adult suffering. Choosing the Wounded Child suggests that you credit the painful and abusive experience of your childhood with having a substantial influence on your adult life. Many people blame their Wounded Child, for instance, for all their subsequent dysfunctional relationships.
The painful experiences of the Wounded Child archetype often awaken a deep sense of compassion and a desire to find a path of service aimed at helping other Wounded Children. From a spiritual perspective, a wounded childhood cracks open the learning path of forgiveness. The shadow aspect may manifest as an abiding sense of self-pity, a tendency to blame your parents for your current shortcomings and to resist moving on through forgiveness.
Films: Diana Scarwid in Mommie Dearest; Dean Stockwell in The Secret Garden; Linda Blair in The Exorcist; Natalie Wood in The Miracle on 34th Street; Leonardo di Caprio in This Boy’s Life; Jon Voight in Midnight Cowboy.
Fiction: Native Son by Richard Wright; Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens.
Religion/Myth: The Amazons (warrior women of Greek myth who, as children, had their right breasts removed to facilitate the use of bow and arrow, their chief weapon). 

Myss, Caroline.  Sacred Contracts: Awakening Your Divine Potential.  New York: Three Rivers Press, 2002, 2003. 373-374. Print.


FOX/ Camouflage
Contributed by Anne Barton.

I had the opportunity to learn an animal lesson on a much deeper level in recent weeks when an army of ants ventured into my home. It was during the holidays at a time when I thought I had everything under control! The message of Ant – Patience – is one I’ve become quite familiar with. Usually I can quickly see where I’ve become impatient and step back, let go of unrealistic expectations, and relax. But this time I was truly puzzled at why I needed this message at this particular time; I found I had to delve deeper. At first I thought, ‘I was feeling patient and organized and at peace until the Ants came and disrupted everything!’ I took note, took a few things off my list, but they kept coming. And so I had to look deeper. And I found that there was a level of impatience that I’d been ignoring for quite some time. I was letting some important details in my day-to-day life slide. And it was catching up with me. Trying to clean up stuff like this during the holidays is tricky because there are so many other things to do! And my health suffered ultimately. What I finally did was slow down, let go of my lists, and reminded myself that trusting in the Universe to provide is always the path of peace.
I’ve written about Ant before; otherwise, that would have been this month’s featured animal. But the message of Fox is equally compelling, especially at a time of year when we may find ourselves overextended or maybe even overambitious…

Key Concepts when Fox is Present:

  • Observe acts of others, not words.
  • Use cunning in a positive way.
  • Keep silent about what/who you're observing.
  • Be the wind - unseen & able to weave into any location.

The ability to meld into one’s surroundings and go unnoticed is a powerful gift when observing the activities of others. Fox uses the flora of the forest as his ally, providing protection by way of hiding in plain sight. Is there a reason for you to wear a cloak of invisibility right now? If Fox has crossed your path, it may be to point out the need to stand back and observe. Visualize your body as part of your surroundings; see yourself in your mind’s eye moving with stealth. Watch the drama unfold around you without being noticed. It works!
As with all animal medicine, the messages can be interpreted in many ways – sometimes the message is reversed. Is someone watching you? Or, go deeper and see if you are in fact observing yourself to prove that you do indeed exist. Low self-esteem can be a form of camouflage, concealing your true self. We all desire to experience joy and a life of purpose, but fear can cause us to retreat into a place where we don’t believe we deserve this, sinking into apathy.
Perhaps you are too visible. Has climbing to a place of recognition attracted envy? It may be helpful to assume the attitude of the hermit for a while.
On a deeper level, camouflage is the art of Oneness – blending in with everything and everyone.  When you are One, you understand on all levels what is truly going on, and there is great power in this knowledge. When Fox observes undetected, without making others self-conscious, this earns him the honor in the tribe of keeping the family together and safe.
Ultimately, Fox encourages us to feel the joy of knowing the playground of life!

Works Cited & Resources
Sams, Jamie, and David Carson. Medicine Cards. New York: St. Martin’s
     Press, 1988, 1999.  Print.   

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Are you SAD?

It’s that time of year when having something to look forward to gets us through the winter blues. Living in Minnesota, surrounded by a blanket of white snow and frigid temps that commonly dip below zero in January and February, we experience SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder, in a big way. I became familiar with this term in my 30’s when I would notice how unhappy I became going into fall; I was unable to buy into the beauty of the season. I would bypass fall and worry about the first quarter of the next year with visions of shoveling and shivering and not seeing my neighbors until the thaw came, about April or May. For Minnesotans, winter means trying to find the dog booties and his winter coat, rethinking errand runs when it’s not yet 15 degrees on a good day, or having home delivery of any kind on our speed dial to avoid going out. In the winter, we finish work and then hunker down for the night because there is nothing appealing about dressing like the Michelin man and jumping into the cold to do whatever we have been invited to. Winter in Minnesota is when people say they want to visit,  “But let’s wait until summer.”
SAD takes on a whole new meaning, and it’s a very serious and real disorder.
I learned to deal with SAD in many different ways. I would be ok with turning every light on in the house during the day and having the fireplace on all day long. I would go to the gym and sit in the steam room. I would have things to look forward to, making plans with people I enjoyed seeing. I also hate to admit this, but I would go into a tanning booth every now and then to feel the warmth on my skin. I would make sure that I kept track of every single person who lived south of Minnesota who said, “Come visit anytime,” and then watch airfare prices. It’s most important for those of us suffering with SAD to have something to look forward to and to connect with people in whatever way we can. And remember…it’s temporary. The sun does come back out, the snow melts, and the leaves start to pop. We find our happy place, and all is well again.
If you are wondering if you or someone you know is suffering from SAD,
click here to read more about the symptoms and treatments. In all seriousness, depression is something to not take lightly. Please be aware of changes in yourself or someone you know and realize that help is available. 


It is only with the heart that one can see rightly;
what is essential is invisible to the eye.

-Antoine de Saint-Exupery
  The Little Prince

Photo courtesy of Kim Min Ji

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