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All Things Alchemical is the monthly E-newsletter of personal transformation for those seeking grace and clarity. Enjoy discoveries centered on health, spirit, purpose, archetypes, symbology and artistic expression that will guide you dancing through life.

Note From Kendra


Dear Friends,

Some days I move my office beyond the four adorned walls of symbolic artwork and create my workspace outside overlooking a pond where the trees and birds and other creatures dance and play all day long.
I find that when I do this, my creativity never stops flowing, and it seems to be effortless. When I pause what I am doing and actively engage in the nature that is presenting itself in the moment, I am deeply moved by God’s grace and his creativity.
My mind naturally wanders to the symbolism I am seeing, and I know that this is why we have been gifted the spectacular and wondrous planet we walk on.
Finch: Energy of Variety and Multiplicity
Blackbirds: Understanding of the Energies of Mother Nature
Crows: The Secret Magic of Creation is Calling
Rabbits: Fertility and New Life
Pine Trees: Healing, Fertility, Protection, Exorcism, Money
Iris: Purification, Wisdom
Everything in nature reminds us to slow down and enjoy the view…stop and give gratitude for all that we see. If you do not have Ted Andrews’ book Animal Speak, see the link under “My Favorites” this month and order a copy to start interpreting the symbols of nature. Find out what medicine has presented itself to you this fine day!

Enjoy your view!

P.S. Want quick access to a past featured archetype? Check out my brand new Archetype Index, and Animal Symbology Index made just for you! 



We tend to think of Liberators as great military and political leaders who free an entire country or people from servitude, such as Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Simon Bolivar of Venezuela, Nelson Mandela, and, depending on your politics, Lenin, Castro, and Che Guevara. In everyday life, however, any number of people can play a similar role on a smaller scale, helping to liberate us from the tyranny of self-inflicted negative thought patterns and beliefs, spiritual sluggishness, poor nutrition, destructive relationships, or addictive behavior.  This archetype can be an invaluable ally in helping to free us from old, entrenched beliefs and attitudes that have been inculcated from without, much like occupying colonial armies. Jesus, Muhammad, and the Buddha were Liberators in this sense, offering options to the violence, suffering, and spiritual stagnation of their respective times and places. You do not have to be a charismatic leader to have this archetype though. Thousands of people have taken part in long campaigns to win freedom from various kinds of oppression, from the Freedom Riders of the civil rights movement in the United States to the freedom fighters of the Hungarian revolution.
The shadow Liberator manifests in those who would liberate us from one tyrant only to impose their own tyranny over our lives-corporate, political, religious, and spiritual leaders who speak of freedom as a way to their individual aggrandizement.
In evaluating whether this archetype belongs in your circle of twelve, ask whether you have shown a lifelong pattern of helping to free others from injustices, from adverse economic or social conditions, or simply from their misconceptions.
Films: Anthony Quinn in Zorba the Greek; Rosalind Russell in Auntie Mame; Ingrid Bergman in Joan of Arc; Tom Selleck in In and Out.  
Fiction: Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse.
Fairy Tale: Belling the Cat.
Religion/Myth: Dionysus and Eros (both bore other names meaning “the liberator”). 

Myss, Caroline.  Sacred Contracts: Awakening Your Divine Potential.  New York: Three Rivers Press, 2002, 2003. 366. Print.


Divinity Card
Contributed by Anne Barton.

Close your eyes and consider a question you have right now – it could be about a decision you have to make, or a challenge you are facing, or something you’d like to create in your life – more joy, less stress, more freedom.  
Hold that question; then open your eyes and read the statement for this card.  Look at the symbol on the card in the image to the right. Try saying the Name (this is actually Egyptian). And then consider the statement again. Repeat it. Does it provide you with a path for resolving your situation?  It’s not meant to tell you what to do. It’s meant to guide you to your own answer or solution. Sit with it. Repeat it daily this week.
Card Name: 
Barchstu-prihas-esetu (Bark-stoo, pree hahs, eh setoo)
Card Statement:
In our desire to find an identity in the mirrors of the tribe, we seek sameness and, with ignorance, condemn diversity. It is in supported diversity where the unique contributions of individuals supply vitality to the many.
In 2015, the next 'day out of time’ is Friday, August 14th.
Last year, I shared the concept of ‘Days Out of Time,’ and I thought I’d repeat this information. These unique days provide the opportunity for us to connect in a deeper way with shifting energies and old ways of being and doing that are being released universally.
Mark your calendar and consider incorporating these suggestions for making the most of this unique day:
"...on a day out of time, your reality becomes non-physical, even though you might not feel the difference. You can set big trends in motion and shape the quality of unfolding trends. These days are of importance.”
Invite Support into your field
Invite angels into your space and feel the support from the hidden realms responding to your most fervent and innocent requests.
Consciously raise your frequency
"A day out of time gives a great opportunity to affect the way events in your life unfold beneficially. The frequency of the day is higher, and therefore in another plane than other days. The most potent way to change the quality of your journey is to change your attitudes (frequency)." - Almine
Dream the future
“The best way to spend a day out of time is to not be in “doing”ness. Be as much in silence, peace and aloneness as you can. If you need to be with others, take little snippets of time and dream. Dream how your life would be if you had all the resources and support you could have. Dream in the future. Listen.” – Almine
Reference: More information about Almine can be found at 

To learn more about Animal Guide readings, as well as other readings I provide, visit



Dan Buettner
How to Live to Be 100.

Dan Buettner New York Times best-selling author and National Geographic Fellow has delivered more then 3,000 speeches to audiences world wide. His TED Talk How to Live to Be 100 has been viewed over 2 million times and his New York Times Sunday Magazine article, “The Island Where People Forget to Die" Read More


Quotation from Instagram account @momentaryhappiness

"Everything you want is coming. Relax and let the universe pick up the timing and the way. You just need to trust that what you want is coming, and watch how fast it comes."

My Favorites

Take a peek into a few of my current favorite reads, flip flops, and packing resources.

Good Read
I have studied animal medicine for nearly 15 years and one of my resources I keep handy at all times in my office and home is Ted Andrew’s “Animal Speak”. To learn about the medicine that calls to you every day Click here 

I purchased my first pair of Havaianas in 2013 when I was in NYC on a trip with my daughters. I have been a fan of flips forever but could never wear them for walks or extended periods of time, until I discovered Havaianas. I also have the espadrilles and LOVE them. Another must have for warm weather. Click here.
Packing Resource
I don't know about you, but I dread having to pack for trips. It doesn't matter if its just a short weekend trip or a 2 week international trip, I immediately feel overwhelmed looking at my empty bags. Hopefully some of these packing tips will help reduce some of the stress that comes with packing. One of the biggest packing lifesavers has been PACKING CUBES from the Container Store. They are great at keeping your items organized and compact. The Container Store also offers free packing sessions with tips on how to pack efficiently. I highly recommend attending those or watching their tutorials here. And for tips based on different amounts of time traveling, check out this travel blogger.


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