In this issue of All Things Alchemical ... the archetype of The Networker, inspired poetry, the concept of The Networker in Yoga, wisdom from Coyote, a yummy bruschetta recipe and words of wisdom from Benjamin Shield Ph.D.

Kendra Goheen
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I am excited to share with you that I am going to be interviewed on the VoiceAmerica EmPOWERment internet radio program “Choose Your Energy: Change Your Life!” tomorrow, Wednesday, the 19th of June! I would love to share the experience with you!

I will be asking the question, "What if you already possessed within you an internal roadmap that points the way to living out your life calling?"  Most of us question our own instincts and turn to outside guidance for direction in life. Yet behind all of this is a fear of trusting ourselves and being seen for who we really are. 

If you are ready to discover your own internal guidance system, this show is for you! I will discuss with Deborah Jane Wells, host of the show, why the solution to our challenges comes through awakening our internal guide--an infallible spirit--the one that believes we are worthy of our highest aspirations and can lead us to live fearlessly. We’ll explore how each of us is capable of this gradual awakening, and how it can help us live out our life purpose. I will also introduce Caroline Myss’ concept of the Sacred Contract--a tool that helps us demystify the events, relationships, challenges and opportunities we encounter in this life.

The show will air live on June 19thAll shows are recorded, so you will be able to listen to the show recording after June 19th here. 

About the Show: On Choose Your Energy: Change Your Life, Deborah Jane Wells and her guests help you become more insightful, creative, committed and productive through practical strategies and tools based on their own personal journeys and those of their clients.

Deborah has pursued a lifelong passion for the transformative power of love. She helps people who are stuck in the hamster wheel approach to life. Trapped by fear and the mistaken belief that busy-ness is the same as purpose, they can’t stand the way they’re living, but feel powerless to stop.

As they work together, her clients discover that when you fall in love with yourself, everything else falls into place, personally and professionally. You get unstuck, reclaim your personal power and recapture your zest for living. When love transforms your relationship with yourself, it transforms your personal life, your work and the World.

We hope you will join us for this special event!  




Soul is where the fires of our passions burn.  It is where our love is most alive.  The soul longs for this deeper love, for a connection between form and formlessness, for a continuum between the earth and the divine.

- Benjamin Shield, Ph.D.


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In July we’re looking at The Visionary


Symbolic Living Through the Lens of an Archetype
In case you are new to this newsletter, here is a short description of how archetypes work in our lives ...

If we are to break down the work of viewing your life from a symbolic state, there are a few things to consider.  First, there is an energy body that surrounds you called chakras (for more definition in detail please visit  This energy body contains all the data of your biology and your biography.  If you step away and view the body in this way, you will see that this energy manifests in patterns of archetypes that affect your life.
Archetypes are patterns of intelligence – dynamic living forms of energy that are shared in many people’s thoughts and emotions across cultures and countries.  These patterns, often ancient in origin, populate our minds and lives in ways that affect us deeply.
Each archetypal energy pattern is linked to a characteristic that shows up in crucial behaviors and relationships and often gives you clues to your life’s mission – a running theme, per se, in your life.
The study and teaching of these patterns have become a passion of mine, and I’ve realized that my Teacher archetype plays a significant role in bringing you one archetype a month to explore in your own lives. 





Lord make me an instrument of they peace.
Where there is hatred, let me sow love;
Where there is injury, pardon;
Where there is doubt, faith;
Where there is despair, hope;
Where there is darkness, light;
Where there is sadness, joy.
O divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek
To be consoled as to console,
To be understood as to understand,
To be loved as to love;
For it is in giving that we receive;
It is in pardoning that we are pardoned;
It is in dying to the self that we are born to eternal life.

In This Issue ...

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June 2013

Greetings <<First Name>>!

It is not the critic who counts; not the
man who points out how the strong man
stumbles, or where the doer of deeds
could have done them better.
The credit belongs to the man who is actually
in the arena, whose face is marred by dust
and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly…
who at the best knows in the end the triumph
of high achievement, and who at the worst, if
he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly.
-Theodore Roosevelt
It was one year ago this month that we launched the first issue of All Things Alchemical.  Happy Anniversary to all who so freely have given their blood, sweat, and tears in creative efforts.  I am grateful to you writers, to you readers, to all the behind-the-scenes staff that pulls this off each month – thank you.
I had a vision one morning in a meditation about connecting us together through modalities that I find to be invaluable tools – tools that vibrationally connect us to one another.  “It may be way out there”, I thought at the time, and, “people may not understand what any of this means. What will people think?”  Just some of the chatter.  But if I didn’t try and just go for it, I would never have met so many incredible people that have inspired me to be a better teacher, and to do go great things with this work, whatever they may be.  I am committed to daring greatly.
Thank you – Thank you – Thank you – Thank you – Thank you – Thank you with all my heart!
Peace and May the Blessings Be
PS. Please email me directly to give feedback if there is something else you would like to see in each issue.



Symbolic Living Through the Lens of an Archetype

The Networker
(Messenger, Herald, Courier, Journalist, Communicator…)

Although networking seems like a very modern skill tied to career advancement in the media age, it is actually quite ancient. Networkers expand their sphere of influence by forging alliances and making connections among vastly different groups of people and can be traced back to the intrigues of the Middle Ages, Greece, Rome, and ancient China. Networking would also have been an integral part of any military alliance as well as all social and clan confederations in prehistory. In its positive aspect, this archetype helps us develop social flexibility and empathy that enables one to find commonality with others who might not at first seem to be potential friends, allies, or confederates. Like the related archetypes of Messengers and Communicator, the Networker has the skills to bring information-or power-and inspiration to disparate groups of people. The shadow Networker merely uses others for personal gain.

Films: Peter Finch in Network; John Boles in A Message to Garcia; Stewart Peterson in Pony Express Rider; Jeff Goldblum in Between the Lines.

Religion /Myth: Almost every culture on earth has or had a messenger of the gods who networks between the divine and human realms, including the angel Raphael (Judaism); Gabriel (Christianity); Jibril (Islam); Matarisvan (Vedic India); Eagle and Coyote (American Indian); Iris and Hermes (Greece); Mercury (Rome); Sraosa (Zoroastrianism); Nusku (Assyria); Nirah (Sumeria); Srosh (Persia); Paynal (Aztec); Savali (Samoa); Gou Mang (China);  Narada (Java); Gna and Hermod (Norse).


Work Cited 

Myss, Caroline.  Sacred Contracts: Awakening Your Divine Potential.  New York:

      Three Rivers Press, 2002, 2003:  403.  Print.



by Alex Peters 

While it could be considered profiling, I step toward the cinnamon-sugar bagels as a group of teenage girls walk in. They huddle around the glass separating the guests from the assortment of cream cheeses and wait for me to take their order, “Hello, welcome to Bruegger’s. What can I get for you today?” Sure enough, they all want a cinnamon-sugar bagel with strawberry cream cheese. No, I am not a psychic, but I have come to understand a lot about the people who step through our doors. It seems I am not just another baker, but rather a psychologist studying the human psyche through bagel eating habits. They do not know it, but as I analyze their every move they help me decide the kind of person I want to be.

The proverbial “teenage clique,” for example, more often than not orders the same sugary combination of bagel and cream cheese. They search for an odd acceptance which relies wholly on their choice of bagel. They fear individuality and bask in the idea of “fitting in.” However, as the teenage years of our guests fade, their expository bagel- eating qualities that define who they are inevitably change. Young couples, for instance, care less about what they order as long as they stay away from breath-harming garlic in the morning. They care more about pleasing their partner than satisfying their craving for a savory morning bagel. Interestingly enough, this shifts completely for elderly couples who will not let anyone, even the love of their life, get in the way of what they want— an everything bagel with onion and chive cream cheese. Then there are the “regulars.” If I have one piece of advice, do not mess with the routine of a regular. They know what they like and how they like it. Ever so often, however, their routine gets jumbled causing them to do the unthinkable, change. When put in such a situation, they respond in either of two ways: they succumb to change and try something new or leave in a melodramatic dash. 

Yes, in my intensive study I have come to learn a lot about human nature. But, as cliché as it sounds, I’ve learned more about myself. From every guest, I understand a little more the person I want to be. As I imagine my college experience, I want to be myself and express my individuality, regardless of peer approval, unlike the stereotypical “teenage clique.” I want to be like an old man and his morning bagel. I do not want to change for others simply to please them. I want to shape my identity from my own experiences. This can only happen if I stop being a “regular” set in his ways and instead become acquainted with change. In the next four years, although I might not always feel comfortable, I want to try new things because nothing life changing ever comes from comfortable or a cinnamon-sugar bagel with strawberry cream cheese.

- Alex Peters 

Alex will be attending George Washington University in the fall as a freshman.  He wrote this piece for his college application essay, and I loved it!  I feel although it may not directly seem like a testimony for the common Networker archetype, it reveals a narrative view of the Networker’s interaction in groups, couples, cliques, and work settings. We are networking energetically each time we come into contact with anyone.  Our lives crisscross one another, and we look for ways to have social flexibility and empathy towards one another.  Working in environments that allow us to develop these skills is a gift that will impact our lives in immeasurable ways.  Good luck Alex!



by Yola Dunne

Already Understood

All is quiet. 
In the tender silence,
I feel your touch near.
The beating of my heart
takes me deeper
in the silence
of our embrace.

Tender is your love
as it stands at the threshold
of time and space.
In this silence
I am safe.
You take my hand
and I am whole.

Some things forgotten
are never lost -
it's the knowing
we need to forget.
In that empty space
love finds us
and makes us new.

In this calmness
our souls meet,
sweet beloved.
No more wondering
how to know
for everything is
already understood.




by Anne Barton

I took a more studied route to picking this month’s animal.  I read about our featured archetype, the Networker, and in the description Coyote was mentioned as a Native American messenger who networks between divine and human realms.  The fact that I’ve been hearing coyotes howling at night a lot lately reinforced this choice.  

Coyote is sometimes compared to The Joker or Fool, which puts me in mind of a description I’ve heard of The Joker in a common card deck.  It tells of the once-a-year event, on New Year’s Eve, when the Court Jester (or Joker) is allowed to mock and poke fun at the royals, imitating and acting out their character traits, flaws and all. 

The jokester who makes people laugh, sometimes at his own expense, may bring pain, but this is also a way to get to the underlying truth of who we truly are. We are not perfect, we make mistakes, we often walk around playing a role that doesn’t feel right or true, and when we are reminded to lighten up and let down our guard, a divine hand is guiding the show. 


  • Use this medicine to add cheer to a party, lighten up old fogies, sabotage nosey questions about your personal life; have fun!
  • Coyote medicine is on its way, and you will laugh, possibly painfully.
  • Are things too serious?  Laugh and joke so that new viewpoints may be assumed.
  • Beware the art of self-sabotage or being too serious.

Consider this character description of Coyote from The Wisdom of Animals: “You can be sure that Coyote will teach you a lesson about yourself.  He has many magical powers, but they do not always work in his favor. His own trickery fools him.  He falls into his own traps. And yet he somehow manages to survive. He may be banged and bruised by the experience, but he soon goes on his way to even greater error!  He may have lost the battle, but he is never beaten.” Does that sound like a familiar character? The personality traits of Wile E Coyote are no accident!  (The wisdom of animals is old and insinuated into our culture if we look carefully.)  

Coyote represents all the humorous and whimsical things you encounter along life’s way. But also, to many North American indigenous peoples, Coyote is the trickster, whose tricks sometimes backfire. When this happens, go beneath the surface of your experiences to find out what you are really doing and why. Have you conned yourself, your family, your friends, or even the public at large into believing that you know what you are doing? See through the genius of your acts of self-sabotage and laugh! 

When Coyote visits, she is reminding us to lighten up, to not take ourselves so seriously. This provides an opportunity to see things in a new light, and when we allow ourselves to look up from our serious business and have fun or laugh at our mistakes, we enter a new state of being. From this place, wisdom is allowed to emerge. Rather than just the mundane fool – one who trips up again and again without learning from his mistakes – you can use Coyote medicine to become the Divine Fool, mirroring lightness of being in the world and showing others how to live from joy, no matter the circumstances in which they find themselves. The Divine Fool, personified in Tarot, holds within him the wisdom of life and is poised to step into a new future. Coyote’s behavior holds a mirror to our own, reflected with all of our human dichotomies of spirit – generous and greedy, wise and foolish, loving and fearful. We are all things and manage to persevere just like Coyote, who has been maligned and persecuted but adapts and persists.

Here’s another somewhat unique trait of Coyote – he stays with his partner ‘til death do they part. Once a partnership is formed, the pair spends 80% of their time together, often acting as one, lives forever intertwined. With any animal you encounter, consider the traits you want to embody and consciously choose them as your own. What could be more important in life than to find more humor and fun! This is when we are most divine, living in truth and joy.


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by David Frenk

The Networker Archetype

The image of the networker calls to mind a hurried executive shuttling between meetings with acquaintances he will only ever know on a superficial level. It suggests a predominance of relationships that are valued only for the practical advantages they can provide rather than for their own intrinsic worth. Of course, this need not always be the case, but it is certainly the path more trodden in today’s depersonalized business environment.

Yoga, on the other hand, teaches us to slow down. It encourages us to take each moment as it comes, breath by breath. In so doing, we can open ourselves to the full experience of each and every interaction, rather than viewing our interactions merely as means to an end.

In the tantric yoga tradition, the concept of the kula is central. A kula is a group of like-minded individuals from all walks of life who gather together to support one another in their spiritual quests. In the modern age of expanded, technology-based social networks, it is more important than ever to maintain this sort of close-knit, supportive community. People must spend time with their friends, not just their facebook friends. 

Alan Watts pointed out that for a relationship to involve quality time, it must also involve quantity of time. In other words, meaningful relationships are based, in part, on giving them sufficient time and energy. This is a controversial idea today, when people change in and out of friendships like they are outfits. But it is essential that we once again begin to prioritize quality of relationships over quantity.

Another feature of the hurried networker is that he relates to different people in different ways, not out of respect for their unique needs and interests, but only to get the most out of them. In contrast, the truly successful networker is one who adapts to the various personalities he encounters purely out of the joy of relating to people on their own terms and for the love of enabling other people to express themselves naturally. Of course, this requires that “success” be measured not by the material gain extracted from each relationship but by the degree of genuine human fulfillment that pours forth spontaneously from moments of intimacy.

Of course, yoga is also premised on the principle that your most important relationship is the one with yourself. This is why the kula is so important. In contrast to the forced interactions of the externally-obsessed networker, the kula facilitates relationships that encourage each member to turn inwards and enrich his own inner understanding of himself. After all, it is often in relationship that we learn the most about ourselves as individuals.

None of this is to say that “networking” is inherently bad. It is often essential if we are to accomplish important projects, since no great work is ever successfully undertaken alone (though appearances may be to the contrary). But the key message is that by giving our full attention and heart to each person we interact with, we are able to treat him with the respect he deserves as a human being rather than simply as a tool. In so doing, not only do we humanize our acquaintances, but we also enrich our own being.

- David

Your Yoga Minneapolis


by Vidya Dasi

Jupiter is in Gemini and Mercury and Venus are conjunct in Gemini

This month we are experiencing so much energy from Mercury the lord of Gemini.  Wherever Gemini appears in your lagna chart, those qualities will be exemplified during this month, because not only is young Jupiter now located in Gemini but Venus and Mercury are conjunct here, which accentuates the mercurial potencies.

Everyone will be more interested in intellectual pursuits.  We will all have more difficulty focusing.  We will feel sociable, friendly, enthusiastic and may over-work.  We will find life exciting and we will be attracted to variety.  You will find yourself more than usually swayed by others’ opinions but are quick to comprehend.  You may feel discontent with your situation but your imaginative abilities will be heightened.    Health-wise, there may be the possibility of infections and/or chest colds or chest afflictions during this month.  It is a good opportunity to come up with new ideas for your life, present and future.  You will like 2 of everything.

With Mercury and Venus conjunct in Gemini you will feel sensitive, expressive, agreeable and lighthearted.  You will be kind, sympathetic and fun to be around.  Jupiter adds an expansive quality to your mind, wit, and creative ideas.  You will feel optimistic and hopeful with a generosity of spirit where you will want to spread your happiness.  You must be careful not to be lazy.  Luck should be in your favor with this Jupiter and Venus conjunction.  You will feel affectionate and friendly with lots of positive energy.  It is a good time for romantic endeavors to flourish.  It is a great time for artistic and/or creative activities.

If Gemini rules the first house of your birth chart, you will be especially interested in working quickly and your mind will be inquisitive more than usual.  All of your activities will be protected and you will be interested in self realization processes as well as spiritual topics.  Your personality will be more pleasing than usual, but you may try too hard to please.  You will be attracted to expansive and artistic endeavors.  Happiness and variegated interests should avail themselves in your life.  Your mate should be more attracted to you than usual.

If Gemini rules the second house of your birth chart, you will gain wealth and be clever at finances.  You will speak clearly and you will be humorous in your communications.  You will have benefits from education and it would be a good time to study varieties of topics.  Your speech will be more eloquent, sweet and rapid than usual.  You will eat well but must be careful of over-spending or over-eating.  You will feel jovial and prosperous.  You will become more attracted to your profession or will find a profession that you love.  You may gain jewelry and/or enjoy studying.

If Gemini rules the third house of your birth chart, your businesses may flourish and your communications will improve.  Your writing abilities should be increased.  You may take advantage of educational facilities.  You will feel inclined to travel and your over-all determination will increase.  Your interest in the arts and your family will be heightened.  Your nature will become more refined and you will have pleasant communications.  Your mind will feel creative and resourceful.

If Gemini rules the fourth house of your birth chart, you will win the favor of others with your pleasing speech.  You will feel devoted to your mother or mother figures.  You will be especially kind, considerate and happy.  You must be sure to exert enough effort to accomplish the varieties of projects you have conceived.  You will have good company this month.  You may have the opportunity to gain property or fixed assets.  You may get an opportunity to vacation during the month.  You will spend some enjoyable times with good people.  You will feel spiritually inclined and your personality will be amiable toward everyone.  You may entertain and will feel generally wealthy and fortunate.

If Gemini rules the fifth house of your birth chart, your interest in educating others and/or speaking will increase.  You will socialize with important people.  You may be more interested in sports than usual.  You will be victorious over enemies and you will feel generally successful.  You will also be more spiritually inclined than usual and your happiness with your partner will be more than usual.  You will experience a more affectionate, romantic and imaginative mood.  Your children should prosper this month and you will be drawn to higher education and spiritual thought.  You will feel affection toward and from your children or those whom you mentor.  You will become more wealthy and wise.

If Gemini rules the sixth house in your birth chart, you will be inclined to use your intellect for selfless service.  You will be more intent on your work and may travel.  You may become aware of your enemies but will outsmart any opposition.  You will be clever at planning and strategy.  You may earn through services rendered.  You will conquer over opponents elegantly and will be clever at protecting your interests.  You must be careful of your health and from suffering from over-indulgence.  People will be impressed with you.  You will spend economically for good purposes.  You may get a pet. Your interest in loving affairs will increase.

If Gemini rules the seventh house in your birth chart, your wealth should increase.  Your status in life may improve and you may gain through partnerships, contracts, speech, traveling and/or business.  Your fame may improve.  You could be inclined to change partners and/or jobs.  You will deal well with people and may travel particularly for spiritual purposes.  You will be generous and will gain success and happiness through marriage.  You should experience more conjugal happiness than usual and will be able to avoid friction or quarrels.  You may be called upon to work in group situations and these will be successful.

If Gemini rules the eighth house in your birth chart, your thinking will be transcendental.  Your meditation will be deeper than usual and you will get philosophical insights.  You may gain some inheritance or wealth through others. You may feel some lack of support or recognition.  Your resistance to disease may be lessened.  You may have powerful and clear dreams.  You may gain through your marriage and prosperity could come through your partners.  You will love spiritual pursuits and may gain favors.  You may love solitude more than usual.

If Gemini rules the ninth house in your birth chart, you will be wise in your thinking.  You will speak well and will be charitable.  Your occupation may flourish.  You will be more clever, eloquent and/or religious than usual.  You may travel to foreign lands for knowledge.  You will feel powerful and optimistic.  You could get good teachers or gurus during this time.  You may gain some good reputation for your good works.  You may have prophetic dreams.  Success in publishing could happen.  You will love higher knowledge.  Your talent and/or interest in art will increase.  Your life will become more comfortable.

If Gemini rules the tenth house in your birth chart, your actions will be above blemish.  You will increase your intellectual occupations and be extra thoughtful and discriminating.  You could obtain a raise in your career or take on a second career or field of interest.  You may earn through learning.  You must be careful not to be overly optimistic or extravagant.  You may perform charitable or pious work.  You should be more successful in your business or politics.  Public recognition could be yours.  Social and financial success may occur.  Your love for your work and partner and home will increase.

If Gemini rules the eleventh house in your birth chart, your influence and wealth will be enhanced.  You may gain some prominent people in your life.  Friendships should flourish.  You will be able to hear knowledge from the right sources that will help you gain in your life.  Growth opportunities and profits should increase.  Your cash flow should also increase.  You must be careful to avoid over-expansion or that your children drain your resources.  Your happiness from your children should increase.  Money should increase without effort.  Your nature will be more friendly and merciful than usual.  Your social contacts will increase and improve.

If Gemini rules the twelfth house in your birth chart, you will feel more oriented toward liberation and enlightenment.   Your mind will feel unbounded.  You must be careful of false gurus or authorities.  You will progress in your meditation practices.  You may become fonder of research, investigations and unusual lines of thought.  You may be more inclined toward seclusion.  You must be careful not to be too extravagant.  You will feel inclined toward romance and adventure.  There may be opportunities for you to do good deeds toward your future births.

Special Offer:  I am willing to map your Vedic Astrological chart for a nominal fee (to cover my costs) of $25.  If you email me the following information, I will mail your chart to you:
  • full name
  • address
  • birth date with year
  • birth place
  • birth time
This is meant to simply show you where your planets fall - in which houses - so you can follow this monthly column more specifically according to YOUR chart.  If you would like a full reading and consultation to go with your chart, that would be an additional charge.  If you are interested in a full reading, let me know in your email and I'll send more information on this. 

Coming Soon - my website, with a full description of readings and other services.

Until we meet again……... Vidya


This month's recipe from Alexandra Topp


  • 1 cup red cherry tomatoes, cut in half
  • 1 cup golden cherry tomatoes, cut in half
  • 1 cup fresh pearl mozzarella balls
  • 1/2 cup chopped fresh basil
  • 6 teaspoons balsamic vinegar
  • 8 teaspoons olive oil
  • Pepper to taste
  • Garlic salt to taste

Mix all of the ingredients together. Serve cool with the warm flatbread listed below. 

  • 3-4 whole flatbread pieces
  • Olive oil
  • Italian seasoning

Brush small amount of olive oil on one side of each flatbread piece. Lightly sprinkle each with Italian seasoning. Cook flatbread pieces directly on oven rack for 8-10 minutes at 350 degrees. Cut each flatbread into four triangles and serve with bruschetta.



Kendra Goheen is an Intuitive Guide, Spiritual Director and Certified Life Coach in the Twin Cities. To learn more visit
Yola Dunne, Yola Dunne is a Poet, Intuitive Healer and Archetype Consultant with a private wellness practice in Chelsea, Québec, Canada. For more information visit and
Anne Barton, a California native currently living outside of San Francisco, has dedicated more than 30 years to her journey of personal growth and spiritual development. Visit for more info.
Alexandra Topp, a Registered Nurse who lives in the Twin Cities, has a special interest in nutrition and healthy eating.
Vidya Dasi currently lives in Southern California but honed her skill as a Vedic Astrologer while living in India for over 25 years. You may contact Vidya about her readings at
David Frenk and Megan Doll are owners and teachers at Your Yoga Minneapolis. To learn more, visit their website at

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