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All Things Alchemical is the monthly E-newsletter of personal transformation for those seeking grace and clarity. Enjoy discoveries centered on health, spirit, purpose, archetypes, symbology and artistic expression that will guide you dancing through life.

Note From Kendra


Dear Friends,

“If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, the suffering in your head, live in the moment - become disciplined living in the breath.”
On Valentine’s Day we posted a couple of
heart-centered meditations that I created in past years in honor of this beautiful day. When I was contemplating what I wanted to write this Valentine’s Day, I kept coming back to these short meditation practices - nothing new needed to be created. 
What I have found, through the years that I have been guiding individuals back into their inherent wholeness, is that since the beginning of time we have been given the very same tools to invite us into stillness: discernment and discipline. Nothing gets lost in translation with practice. Whether we call it formal prayer, contemplative prayer, centering prayer, mindfulness, meditation, adoration, communion, devotion, benediction, or even begging, we are seeking a space of solace and peace where we may find a sliver of balance for ourselves. Some people may even find this space to feel like home.
What I find most curious in human behavior is that we are addicted to the newest and latest ‘thing.’ Is it an app that I need to download, or is it a new book I need to read, or is there a new methodology I need to learn? The list goes on and on for the search of the latest ‘whatever’ outside of ourselves. Really, what we are seeking is “easy.” We seek the easiest answer to the question, “What am I to do?” The irony is that even when we get the answer - after we’ve downloaded the app and received the easy, simple tool to use - we are not disciplined in our effort to go inward. So…. we keep seeking, thinking there is something more or better.
For the next month I am challenging you to save yourself energy and time and stop searching for a bit. Truly, start simplifying your life and slowing the pace so you don't miss the beauty of each new day. Connect to your own heart and breath. For thirty days try these short meditations, that are not fancy or have bells and whistles, and know that they were created from a frequency of love from me to you. Together, let’s try to harmonize the frequency and reduce the stress and unrest for one another.

Let’s make a commitment to do our part – together.
With love, 


(Guru, Sage, Crone, Wise Woman, Spiritual Master, Evangelist, Preacher) 

The Guide takes the role of Teacher to a spiritual level, teaching not only the beliefs and practices that make up established religions, but also the overarching principle of seeing the Divine in every aspect of life.  Clearly you do not have to be a professional preacher or guru to have this archetype, as we can all learn to lead others spiritually by developing our own intuitive spiritual awareness and passing on whatever we have learned with genuine humility. To count this archetype as part of your support group, however, you will need to discern in your life a continuing pattern of devoting yourself to teaching others from your own spiritual experiences. This presupposes that you have gained wisdom through some combination of self-disciplined practice and study and perhaps spontaneous spiritual experiences. Wisdom also comes with age, and so the Crone or Wise Woman represents the ripening of natural insights and the acceptance of what is, allowing one to pass that wisdom on to others.
The shadow aspect of the Guide is visible in many modern televangelists and gurus of various traditions who are more interested in financial gain and controlling their followers than in imparting genuine spiritual insight.
Films: Meetings with Remarkable Men; Robert Duvall in The Apostle.
Religion/Myth: Marpa (Buddhist mater and guru of Milarepa who guided him through arduous tasks to become the greatest yogi of Tibet). 

Myss, Caroline.  Sacred Contracts: Awakening Your Divine Potential.  New York: Three Rivers Press, 2002, 2003. 366. Print.


Contributed by Anne Barton.

I have found that people who are interested in personal and spiritual growth also seem to be lifelong learners. I don’t know about you, but I follow a lot of people; I get a lot of emails in a day from a variety of teachers and people I consider inspirational. I like hearing from the people I spend time with whom they find interesting right now, and I like sharing whom I find interesting.
So this past week I’ve been watching videos by Simon Sinek, who is a frequent speaker on leadership and how to inspire people as well as an author of two books: Start with Why and Leaders Eat Last. What I most appreciate is his optimism and his desire to start a movement where people commit to helping others, because when that is our focus, everyone wins.
You may have seen Simon Sinek’s TED talk “Start with Why” (along with 2 million+ others!) where he speaks about the Golden Circle and how companies like Apple build a loyal following and customer base who will buy whatever they produce. And recently he did an interview online that went viral when he addressed “The Millennial Question.” After watching that video on YouTube, I started to watch all the Simon videos on the page and loved them. But this one was especially fascinating:
Why Leaders Eat Last. Here, Simon talks about the chemicals in our body that guide our feelings of love and affection, loyalty, addiction, and safety. We are all leaders. If not specifically in the workplace, we are the leaders of our own lives and our families, and I feel what Simon Sinek is speaking about today is vital to our leadership journeys.

Love and light,


Shine On!

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From TUT, The Universe

<<First Name>>, pop quiz time! 

Q: How do you find love, health, abundance, and enlightenment?  

A: Stop searching and start seeing what's been there all along.  

Star on the forehead, 
    The Universe

My Favorites

Take a peek into some of my favorite films, podcasts, and apps.  

I was doing research for my Millennial Project and came across this brilliant short Indie Doc that is a must see. These two men are incredibly inspiring and motivating to take a deeper look into our closets and hearts. Click here and scroll down to choose your platform to watch free.
Mary came across an app that is perfect for those who like to show up and not wait for a table when you go out to eat. It is being used all over to check on wait times. Click here to find no wait.
Caitlynn has been listening to Freakanomics podcasts and has found it entertaining to say the least. Enough so she wanted to share it with you. Click here for direct link to begin listening.

Upcoming Events

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SHiFT Charlotte- March 24-25
​SHIFT Charlotte was created to be one of those special days in your life. In fact, SHIFT Charlotte is:
  • A day for people interested in dialing the richness of their existence up to 11;
  • A day for people desiring a life that is conscious and mindful, healthy and happy, authentic and empowered;
  • A day for people brave enough to harness the collective power of our city’s visionary speakers, teachers, healers, readers and practitioners toward improving their own body, mind and spirit;
  • A day for people who get lit up by the excitement and deep value of an immersive day-long experience, exploring life-changing holistic, alternative and integrative practices;
  • A day for people who enjoy making new like-minded friends that share your same values, aspire to your same ideals, and call your same city “home.”
Join Kendra and her team at this conference. Learn more here

Your Goddess’ Soul Retreat – June 23-25
A weekend retreat filled with ceremony, creative soul collage, food for your soul and an abundance of love and laughter. Please join me along with my beautiful colleague Chris Geith to engage in an enlivening weekend of celebration and ceremony in an incredible retreat north of the Twin Cities. Book the date in your calendar now and inquire for more details to Space is very limited for single rooms so if that is your desire please let me know. 
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