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November 2017

All Things Alchemical is the monthly E-newsletter of personal transformation for those seeking grace and clarity. Enjoy discoveries centered on health, spirit, purpose, archetypes, symbology and artistic expression that will guide you dancing through life.

Note From Kendra


Dear Friends,

For the past year I have been working closely with a half dozen millennial groups guiding them through weekly lessons of a curriculum I have written. I mention this because as I was sitting at the water’s edge this morning reflecting on these incredible young adults, I realized how much they have impacted my life this year.
I have always known that my work would take me down this path, but I had no idea how incredibly enlightening it would be. I really am the fortunate one. I am learning so much from these young adults that at times I find myself wanting to forgo the lesson for the week and listen to them the entire 75 minutes instead. This magical generation is wise beyond their years and yet misunderstood by so many. They are intelligent, insightful, worldly, kind and compassionate, and driven to make a difference in the world. 
Yet, I truly have not met anyone in a generation before them that is as stressed out as these millennials. They are stressed and exhausted and yet seeking. Seeking what? They seek to be heard, to be seen, and to be acknowledged. They seek clarity and balance and a playing field that allows for creativity. Actually they are no different than most of their parents at some level, except they are open – much more open – to learning a sustainably healthy lifestyle of balance at a much younger age.
What got my attention years ago were these statistics:
Each year:

  • 72,000 adolescents and young adults aged 15-39 are diagnosed with cancer.
  • That's one every eight minutes.
  • 10,000 young adults die annually due to cancer.
  • That's one every hour.

Over the past 30 years:

  • Cancer incidence in young adults has increased more than any other age group.
  • Survival rates have not improved at the same rate as other age groups.
  • Cancer has become the number one disease killer in young adults.
  • Young adults are now the most underserved patient population by age.

And this one:

  • Thousands of teens commit suicide each year in the United States. In fact, suicide is the third leading cause of death for 15- to 24-year-olds.
  • The overall suicide rate rose by 24 percent from 1999 to 2014.
  • Each year 44,193 Americans die by suicide.


Although the last statistic shown is an overall percentage of suicide, we can help prevent suicide across all age demographics by learning to utilize skills that can help create a sense of well-being in the midst of an emotional, imbalanced experience.
Astonished as I am to learn these stats, I am more enlivened today and inspired by these beautiful young people to help them make a difference in the world as they become incredible leaders of change for a healthier, balanced, and loving humanity for today and future generations.
Stay tuned for an unveiling of this project in early 2018, at which time you or someone you know will be able to apply for the spring enrollment.

Love to you,

P.S.  Please email me directly if you would like to know how you can become a guide of this curriculum. 


Attila, Mad Scientist, Serial Killer, Spoiler) 

Destruction and Reconstruction is another way of describing the Death and Rebirth cycle of life. Systems and structures must be dismantled so that new life can be born. Myths and legends about gods and goddesses bringing destruction to the earth are common to all traditions. Yahweh destroyed the world through the great Flood and rained fire and brimstone on Sodom and Gomorrah. In the Hindu tradition, the goddess Kali, generally pictured wearing a belt made of dismembered arms and a necklace of human skulls represents the positive power of destruction, annihilating ignorance and maintaining the world order. The god Shiva, Kali’s male counterpart, destroys in order to create.
The impulse to destroy and rebuild is archetypal. We are bound to that cycle and therein lies the learning. Destruction also refers to releasing that which is destroying us, and, so, many therapists and other healers serve the role of the Destroyer by assisting others to release destructive emotions or behaviors. The power of positive destruction is enormously healing and liberating.
In its shadow manifestation, destruction becomes an end in itself, and one becomes intoxicated with one’s own destructive power and addicted to it. The Destroyer generates death, madness, and abuse and targets individuals and groups. It can manifest as a nation that destroys other nations or people who destroy the environment. To count this shadow archetype as part of your support group, you must be able to recognize a pattern within your psyche that destroys relationships or promotes attitudes and opinions that destroy others’ dreams or potential.
Films: Jack Palance in The Sign of the Pagan; William Holden in The Wild Bunch; Anthony Hopkins in The Silence of the Lambs; Ralph Fiennes in Schindler’s List; Richard Basehart in Hitler.
Religion/Myth: Angra Mainyu or Ahriman (in Zororastianism, the eternal destroyer of good, personification of evil, and conveyor of death and disease); Kalki (in Hindu belief, the final incarnation of Vishnu, who will descend from the sky on a white horse to destroy the wicked, renew the world, and restore righteousness); the Furies or Erinyes (avenging deities of Greek myth who pursued and persecuted anyone who killed a parent, brother, or fellow clansman by driving the murderer mad); the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (allegorical figures in the New Testament Book of Revelation or Apocalypse, who symbolize war, pestilence, famine, and death).

Myss, Caroline.  Sacred Contracts: Awakening Your Divine Potential.  New York: Three Rivers Press, 2002, 2003. 366. Print.


Prayer of Gratitude Video
Contributed by Anne Barton

In this month of Thanksgiving, this is a simple, beautiful visual prayer of gratitude  (6:10)


Green Goddess Repost

I get asked just about weekly what I do for a juice cleanse or if I have a recipe. I was even approached yesterday by a health coach about this recipe I posted 3 years ago and so I thought hey maybe in between the turkey and pies and mashed potatoes and the Christmas season of cookies and treats and parties, maybe this is a good one to throw into the mix a couple times a week. If nothing else – to help alkalize your bod. Click here read more about this recipe. Happy juicing!
1 large Cucumber
1 Green Apple or Pear
1 Kiwi – peeled
1 medium Lemon or Lime
8 Dandelion leaves or small bunch
2 big handfuls Spinach leaves
Kale (There are so many varieties. If you use small-leaf salad kale-2 handfuls; curly leaf-2 to 3 handfuls-steam removed; dino kale – 6 leaves and stems can be juiced. Use what you can find easily.)
A small bunch of Parsley
A small bunch of Cilantro
1 medium piece of peeled Ginger Root


Waiting for Signs: Story People by Brain Andreas

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