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All Things Alchemical is the monthly E-newsletter of personal transformation for those seeking grace and clarity. Enjoy discoveries centered on health, spirit, purpose, archetypes, symbology and artistic expression that will guide you dancing through life.

Note From Kendra

Dear Friends,
Not often do I find myself writing about the shadow aspect of an archetypal energy, but the Servant this month struck a cord with me given what I wrote in last week’s blog post about the love of self. Click 
here if you missed it. There is something profound – a significant shift that occurs - when we awaken to becoming of service to ourselves and focus on the value of our own life, as Caroline Myss writes in Sacred Contracts.

What we fail to see as a society is that we need to discover what nurtures us and takes care of our spirit in every aspect of our lives. Is there a longing to be free? How do we find freedom from whatever binds us: our negative belief patterns, our fear to be vulnerable, our inauthenticity or lack of integrity? What helps us to feel alive and whole and enthusiastic about the possibilities of our lives?
As you allow yourself to give pause to these questions, consider for just one day (and Valentine’s Day may be the perfect day) what keeps you bound and feeling heavy. When you discover the source of your heaviness, gently tap on your heart and say, “I am worthy of letting this go.” Then with intention, let it slip out of your mind and into the hands of the universe …  and simply be
We absolutely can live in the present by shifting our perspective on situations that bring discord and discomfort to our lives.  The shift into heart centeredness and authenticity is where we feel joy and happiness and self-worth. That sweetness reverberates throughout every cell in our body, bringing us back to our birth, remembering that the world is our oyster and nothing exists except pure love of self and the divine.
Happy Valentines Day!

Peace and all my love,


(Indentured Servant)

We all serve someone or something. Because the spiritual path is essentially one of service to others, anyone can relate to this archetype. The Servant engages aspects of our psyche that call us to make ourselves available to others for the benefit and enhancement of their lives. This task can be done in a healthy manner only if the Servant is simultaneously able to be of service to the self. Without the strength to maintain your own well-being, the Servant becomes consumed by the needs of those around you and loses all focus of the value of your own life.
From a mundane perspective, the Servant is associated with money because servants are hired help. This aspect is witnessed within the psyche of the Indentured Servant, a person who sees himself bound by conditions of service that are not of his choosing or preference because of an inability to “buy his freedom,” or symbolically coming into his own power. Therefore, the core challenge with this particular archetype is making choices that serve your highest potential. If this describes a substantial personal issue for you, then consider this archetype as a possibility for your own chart.
Films: William Powell in My Man Godfrey; Anthony Hopkins in Remains of the Day; Morgan Freeman in Driving Miss Daisy; Dirk Bogarde in The Servant (shadow).
Fiction: The Turn of the Screw (Mrs. Grose) by Henry James.
Religion/Myth: The names of many spiritual masters and teachers often contain a reference to service. The Sanskrit word dasya, for example, means “servant,” and appears in the names of modern mystics such as Ram Dass, Bhagavan Das, and Lama Surya Das; Obadiah (Hebrew prophet whose name means “servant of God”); Ganymede (in Greek myth, the beautiful young boy who was one of Zeus’ lovers and the cupbearer to the gods); Thialfi (Norse servant of Thor and the messenger of the gods).

Fairy Tale: Cinderella.

Myss, Caroline.  Sacred Contracts: Awakening Your Divine Potential.  New York: Three Rivers Press, 2002, 2003. 413. Print.



Nature has provided an alchemical, magical pantry in the plants that grow all over our planet. Since ancient times these plants have been used in alchemy – the practice of causing change by natural powers.
Medicinal properties of plants are fairly well known; many prescribed drugs are synthesized versions of substances originally derived from plants. In addition to being physically healing, many plants have symbolic qualities that can help one heal emotionally and spiritually.  Take, for example, ginger.  You might be familiar with its ability to ease an upset stomach.  But did you know about its magical, or alchemical, properties?
Symbolic Nature:
(Zingiber officinale) Dried root +F:P;
Sg Fresh: G
Folk Name: African Ginger
Gender: Masculine (possess strong, fiery vibrations)
Planet: Mars
Element: Fire
Powers: Love, Money, Success, and Power
Magical Uses: Eating ginger before meditation will lend clarity since you have been “heated” up by the ginger. This is especially true of meditations around love, where ginger is used in sensual aromas and teas.
Whole ginger roots can be planted and grown to attract money.  The powdered root, sprinkled into pockets or onto money, can serve the same purpose.
Ginger is also used in “success” intentions to ensure that the intentions are carried out.
In many cultures, ginger is known to have magical, alchemical properties. In the Pacific, the Dobu islanders make use of ginger in their magic. They chew ginger and spit it at the “seat” of an illness to cure it.  While at sea, they spit chewed ginger at an oncoming storm to halt it.
So, the next time you have a glass of ginger ale or a cup of ginger tea, think about the mystical qualities of ginger. Enjoy this fiery root and let your abundance begin!

Happy Sipping!


A Cup of Tea
Contributed by Anne Barton

I was given a wonderful gift for Christmas... a book and a canister of Peach Ginger tea. The book, Life by the Cup, is Zhena Muzyka's story of building a successful company selling organic, handcrafted tea and was inspired by her Gypsy grandmother's teachings. This is one of those books that you don't want to end. I read one chapter at a time to savor the story and its lessons.  
Each chapter, telling Zhena's story of building a business while taking care of her son with special needs, is inspired by one of her teas. I have six canisters of this tea in my cupboard now! I've been drinking tea for years but haven't been a solid devotee. I drink green tea because I know it's healthy. But until now, I'd never found a brand that really wowed me like this tea does. Coconut Chai is my favorite, but Peach Ginger is amazing too, as is the Ambrosia Plum. You can taste each element of this tea, and I think it's because Zhena has combined her knowledge not only of tea but also aromatherapy and herbs into the making of her unique blends. The essence of each ingredient comes out clearly in each combination.   
In the process of building her company, Zhena became a socially responsible entrepreneur, becoming closely involved with the growers and pickers of the tea she uses, and she is now an inspiring motivational speaker. Her book shares tips and practices that will support any entrepreneur in building a meaningful business and life.  
This excerpt from the book expresses why organic matters... 
It’s the sun, she said. While the artificial flavor might be ‘nature identical,’ it was never grown in nature. It was made in a beaker, fed by fluorescent light, not sunlight. Many people might not detect the difference, but those of us who know, know. And as you grow your business, more and more people will know what sun tastes like – but most important, you will know you are doing what is best. I think that can be sensed in tea leaves, roses, just about anything that people put in their bodies.
This is my personal philosophy about buying organic: It often costs more (right now), but I am willing to spend my money on building my health because I know it saves money on healthcare costs. It is actually a small price to pay considering the devastating possibilities down the line if ill health sets in.
And here is something to consider... When you start eating whole, organic, real food, it only takes days for your body to start to release toxins and repair itself. And those cravings for unhealthy foods will start to go away, as well. The healthy cycle perpetuates itself, just like the unhealthy one!
~ Anne Barton

More Resources for Healthy Living



TEDTalk by Brené Brown: The Power of Vulnerability

Click the image above to watch. 

My Favorites

Take a peek into a few of my current favorite reads, websites, and tea accessories.

In The Know:
The tea industry has been growing by leaps and bounds over the past few years and for this reason, I want to share a link from Food Babe when she released her investigation about this industry. You will be blown away.

Favorite Websites:
Zhena Muzyka, author of Life by the cup, has a beautiful website that is full of interesting links about what she is up to in the world as well as phenomenal insight to life. She is a graceful woman as well as a stellar businesswoman. Please don’t skip over this gem. Click here to access her website. 
Tea Infuser:
One of the best things I have ever been introduced to by my brother was his stainless thermal tea infuser mug. I love the design and the best part is, it fits into my car cup holder, which never seems to fit anything. Click here to shop it. 

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