In this issue of All Things Alchemical ... the archetype of The Addict, inspired poetry, wisdom from Frog, wisdom from the cards, a yummy burger recipe and words of wisdom from an Indian proverb

Kendra Goheen
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A candle is a protest at midnight. It is a nonconformist. It says to the darkness, "I beg to differ."  

- Indian proverb


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In October we’re looking at The Vampire


Symbolic Living Through the Lens of an Archetype
In case you are new to this newsletter, here is a short description of how archetypes work in our lives ...

If we are to break down the work of viewing your life from a symbolic state, there are a few things to consider.  First, there is an energy body that surrounds you called chakras (for more definition in detail please visit  This energy body contains all the data of your biology and your biography.  If you step away and view the body in this way, you will see that this energy manifests in patterns of archetypes that affect your life.
Archetypes are patterns of intelligence – dynamic living forms of energy that are shared in many people’s thoughts and emotions across cultures and countries.  These patterns, often ancient in origin, populate our minds and lives in ways that affect us deeply.
Each archetypal energy pattern is linked to a characteristic that shows up in crucial behaviors and relationships and often gives you clues to your life’s mission – a running theme, per se, in your life.
The study and teaching of these patterns have become a passion of mine, and I’ve realized that my Teacher archetype plays a significant role in bringing you one archetype a month to explore in your own lives. 


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A Prayer for Support

A terrace nine stories high begins with a pile of earth.


Imagine yourself with a pile of dirt in front of you and building plans for a one-story structure.  It would be easy to think, "Oh, this is impossible - it will never get done."

But the architect hires people to help.  A foundation is built, and then the frame. From there, step-by-step, the rest is filled in.  We have all watched a building take shape and become a finished product.

Building plans are like the goals we all have. We want to be a better person or friend, a better artist or athlete, or stop doing something that has become self destructive to our spirit.  Reaching a goal is like putting up a building.  Once we have a goal, we need a strong foundation to support us. All of us need the help of others to reach our goals, or help us in our journey to change.

What small step can I take toward shifting a pattern that no longer serves my higher self today?

God, grant me the serenity

To accept the things I cannot change,

Courage to change the things I can,

And wisdom to know the difference.


September 2013

Greetings <<First Name>>!


Meet My Monkey 

“Just cause you got the monkey off your back doesn't mean the circus has left town.”  --George Carlin

When I read this quote I literally laughed out loud.  The thing is, it is so true.  I have done more research on the archetype Addict than you would want me to share.  The brain is entrenched with a pattern that is not easy to ignore.  What I have found most interesting, as Caroline Myss points out, is that “Every one of us is touched by the Addict archetype.”

Myself included. I was hit between the eyes this week with a pattern of my own.  And sure enough I was thrown into shame, guilt, bargaining, and at last, today, surrendering - giving it up and over to the light.  “Wow and holy cow!”  Those were my words as I sat silently staring out the window one morning this week.  I looked at my behavior and what I’ve bought into for so many, many years of my life - what I would do to attempt to control and fulfill my desire for love.  What I found is that I came up feeling empty, time and time again.  Fragmented.  When the high of the moment would end, so would the illusion of what I thought was love. 

Even with the monkey gone, I could still feel the pattern, and I could not figure out why I was still being drawn back into something that was so unfulfilling.  As with all addicts, the lure of what could be is seducing but, in reality, short-lived.  I needed to stay present with the reality of what is and allow myself to feel the pain. I had to force myself to ask for help to change my mindset, a deep-seated belief that no longer served me.  I wanted to feel better, fulfilled, and whole from the inside out.  I made a decision to believe I can create a new way of life that sustains me for more than a moment.  

Every day is an opportunity to go within and ask for grace to stay present, stay true, and to exercise gratitude for the beauty of the gifts that have been given me.  Feeling whole, I can ask my Divine Father to, “Please, make the most of me today” - one day at a time.

Peace to you and May the blessings be –



Symbolic Living Through the Lens of an Archetype

The Addict (Conspicuous Consumer, Glutton, Workaholic-see also Gambler)

Every one of us is touched by the Addict archetype… Besides the usual suspects -drugs, alcohol, food, and sex - one can be addicted to work, sports, television, exercise, computer games, spiritual practice, negative attitudes, and the kind of thrills that bring on adrenaline rushes. In its positive aspect, this archetype helps you recognize when an outside substance, habit, relationship, or any expression of life has more authority over your willpower then does your inner spirit. Confronting addiction and breaking the hold that a pattern or substance has on you can impart great strength to your psyche. Discovering the empowerment that comes with perseverance has a lifelong impact, becoming a reference point for what you are able to accomplish. In the words of one former alcoholic, “I know now that if I can quit drinking, I can do anything.”

From a symbolic perspective, the shadow aspect of the Addict represents a struggle with willpower in the absence of self-control. People who are extremely intellectual or emotional frequently have a close link to this archetype, because they struggle to balance these powers. Without this internal balance, the will may give up its power to the external substance that exerts authority, providing shadow order to your life. The shadow Addict compromises your integrity and honesty. Many addicts, for example, steal as a means of supporting their habits.

In evaluating your connection to the Addict, review how many of your life’s challenges concern an external substance or a consistent, domineering pattern of trying to maintain order in your life. Although that challenge is a part of all of our lives, the degree to which an addiction controls you and your lifestyle determines whether the Addict is part of your intimate family of twelve. For instance, you can be inconsistent in your exercise program yet quite disciplined in your spiritual practice. Needing a substance or practice or person so intensely or regularly that you compromise relationships, finances, integrity, character, or emotional and psychological well-being, however, indicates that you should look very seriously at this archetype as a possible choice.

Films: Jack Lemmon and Lee Remick in Days of Wine and Roses (alcohol); Ben Stiller in Permanent Midnight (heroin); Dom DeLuise in Fatso (food); Claire Bloom in The Chapman Report (sex).
Drama: A Long Day’s Journey into Night (morphine) by Eugene O’Neill.
Fiction: The Basketball Diaries (heroin) by Jim Carroll; Under The Volcano (mescal) by Malcolm Lowery.
Religion/Myth: Soma (Vedic God of intoxication, as well as the intoxicating drink itself and the plant from which it is made); Tantalus (a son of Zeus and King of Sipylos in Greece, he was invited to share the food of the gods but abused the honor and was punished by being “tantalized” for all eternity by food and drink he could not reach).

Work Cited
Myss, Caroline.  Sacred Contracts: Awakening Your Divine Potential.  New York: Three Rivers Press
       2002, 2003. 365. Print.



From the Dr. Phil Show...

Leaving Life in the Tunnels

September 4, 2013
Dr. Phil enlists the help of professional locator Troy Dunn to help find Cindy and her husband, Rick, a homeless couple who have been living in the flood tunnels beneath Las Vegas for two years. Cindy’s four daughters say they desperately want a relationship with their estranged mother — if she can clean up her life. After finding the couple in their underground home and learning how they survive day to day, Troy offers them a chance at redemption, and Cindy and Rick pack up their belongings and travel to Los Angeles. Will Cindy have the courage to face her four daughters and answer their tough questions? And, Cindy opens up about her past — learn what happened in her childhood that may play a part in the destructive choices she’s made. Then, Dr. Phil offers Cindy and Rick a plan to get their lives back on track, clean and sober. Will they grab onto the lifeline?  Click here to watch the video




 By Yola Dunne 

Make Yourself Known

I need quiet Mother.
The solace of the deep blue,
Mingled with the beating of my heart
Takes me into your loving arms.

Day to day activities have taken hold of me.
I am ashamed to show myself in this neurosis intensified
By my addiction to the gods of production. 

I long to be in the silent embrace of creation,
In the place where I belong.
Does this world have room for me, for you?
It is taking all my strength to remember you.
The glory of life in its splendour
Takes hold of my breath,
And out comes the song of my soul.
Without effort you make life what it is
And still I resist you.
I keep myself occupied with a thousand responsibilities that cloud my wisdom eye
And my heart grows cold.
My womb craves the dance of fire, bellied and naked and swirling
Harmoniously with all living creatures.
What has become of me, beloved Mother? 

The battle of reason has left me dead in the garden.
I am no more than a drop of dew longing to be dissolved back into the Great Fire.
Even my soul’s pleading cannot comfort me,
As I search for the words to express
How much I feel like I have abandoned you to the rogue forces
That are destroying the beauty of the world.

I am but one small soul in this vast ocean of consciousness,
A child of the universe I am, and in You I was born
For a purpose

Make yourself known





What’s Your Suit?
by Anne Barton

Last month I introduced a unique and accurate system of card reading.  I hope you have taken the opportunity to look up your cardIf not, here is where you will find a chart to help you do that.  Just look up your birthday, and you’ll find your Birth Card (and do it for your friends and family too!).   


So now that you know your Birth Card, here’s a little more about what this card means…

As you by now can see, we’re talking about a simple deck of playing cards.  The basic meaning of any card is a combination of the elemental and natural energy of the suit of the card combined with numerology.  My Birth Card is the Nine of Clubs.  So a simple overview of what this card means comes from a knowledge of what Clubs represent combined with the meaning of Nine energy.

This month I’m going to talk about the 4 suits.  Each is related to a natural element, a time of life, a season, and specific occupations or aspects of how we might choose to share our gifts in this lifetime.



Season: Spring
Element: Fire (Creation)
Stage of Life: Youth/Childhood
Ruling Planets: Venus and Neptune
Vocation: Art, music, poetry, pursuit of beauty
In the Positive: Kindly, affectionate, friendly, hospitable
In the Negative: Selfish, greedy, self-indulgent, promiscuous


Season: Summer
Element: Air (breath)

Stage of Life: Education and Learning years
Ruling Planets: Mercury and Mars
Vocation: Education, legal matters, literature, journalism, communications
In the Positive: Brilliant, mentally magnetic, thoroughly informed, safe counselor
In the Negative: Aggressive, pugnacious, tricky, unreliable, clever in dishonesty


Season: Fall
Element: Water (abundance)
Stage of Life: Adulthood (Sowing and Reaping)
Ruling Planets: Jupiter
Vocation: Merchants, manufacturers, mine owners, big business, producers, investors, bankers, brokers
In the Positive: Generous, philanthropic, power for good in community, dispenser of plenty
In the Negative: Material-minded, avaricious, penurious, miserly, willing to cause hardship/misery for profit


Season: Winter
Element: Earth (Labor and Wisdom)
Stage of Life: Wisdom/Death and Rebirth
Ruling Planets: Saturn and Uranus
Vocation: Labor, physicians, nurses, guardians of the dead, students of the Inner School
In the Positive: Self-disciplined, self-sacrificing, tireless worker, example of wisdom and truth
In the Negative: In a rut of drudgery, bigoted, relentless disciplinarian, bent on showing power

Next month I’ll share more about the numbers, and hopefully in combination with this month’s information, you’ll be able to start painting a picture of your key characteristics and true nature!


by Anne Barton

All I really can say about this animal – no long story relating to my choosing of it this month! – is that it feels like the medicine of Frog is needed by so many of us in the often challenging, overly busy, and stressful times we live in.  Any ritual that cleanses our body, mind, and soul is important and valuable…



Key Concepts when Frog is Present:

•  Honor tears; they cleanse the soul.
•  Use your ability to give support and energy where needed.
•  Clean negativity from your environment.
•  Replenish parched spirit, body, and mind.
•  Find peace and joy in taking time to give to yourself.

It makes sense that Frog medicine is directly associated with water energy.  This highly adaptable creature is uniquely built to thrive in water while also being able to maneuver on land.  In some overly-dry environments, frog still survives by encasing herself in a special barrier of mucus to protect against dehydration.  In high altitudes, the skin becomes baggy to allow oxygen to be absorbed directly into her body.  The lesson here is that the key to survival is adaptability.  As Susie Green puts it in her book Animal Wisdom, “Conserve your vigor instead of depleting it and grow strong in the face of adversity, all the better to influence events when opportunity arises.  Transformation comes through adaptation and the cleansing of energy negatively used.  This is the wisdom of Frog.”

Frog teaches us to honor water in all of its forms.  The rain comes to refresh, purify, and refill the treasury of the soul.  Our tears come to cleanse the soul.  All water rites belong to Frog, including all initiations by water.  Water prepares and cleanses the body for sacred ceremonies. 

If you were to look at where you are today, would you use any of the following words to describe your condition:  tired, overloaded, stressed, frustrated, guilty, nervous, at a loss, empty, or weakened?  If so, take a break and allow yourself to bathe in the waters of Frog medicine.  This could mean a long, relaxing bath; turning off the phone; yelling, “stop”; or taking in deep, cleansing breaths.  In my many years of personal growth and spiritual development, I’ve discovered that most spiritual disciplines recommend breathing as a key tool for simple and immediate cleansing.  When we are nervous, stressed, or afraid, our breathing is affected, and by simply being aware of that, we can instantly transform our situation.

If you have Frog medicine within you, you very likely are called often to provide support and energy where it is needed.  A Frog person can clean negativity from any environment.  We often hear the early stages of a human’s development described as a tadpole.  We evolve into something much more complex, but imagine how we might transform the state of the world if we all embraced the Frog within us!  

Works Cited & Resources
Green, Susie.  Animal Wisdom:  Harness the Power of Animals to Liberate Your Spirit. 
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Sams, Jamie, and David Carson.  Medicine Cards.  New York: St. Martin’s
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To learn more about my Animal Guide readings, as well as other readings I provide, visit     


This month's recipe from Alexandra Topp

Southwestern Chipotle Burgers


  • 1 pound ground turkey
  • Half of a red onion
  • 1/2 cup cilantro
  • 2-3 chipotle peppers (more peppers= more spice)
  • 1 teaspoon cayenne
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 teaspoon pepper
  • Southwestern shredded cheese, or Colby jack shredded cheese


  1. In a food processor blend onion, cilantro and chipotle peppers together
  2. In a mixing bowl place ground turkey and chipotle paste together
  3. Add in cayenne, salt and pepper. Mix evenly.
  4. Form 4 patties from ground meat.
  5. In a large skillet heat a small amount of oil and place over medium heat. Place each patty into skillet and cook both sides for about 5-6 minutes. Once cooked, keep in skillet and turn heat to low.
  6. Place shredded cheese (amount you desire) on top of each patty and cover skillet with a lid. Keep lid on until cheese is melted.
  7. Place on a bun and enjoy! 


Kendra Goheen is an Intuitive Guide, Spiritual Director and Certified Life Coach in the Twin Cities. To learn more visit
Yola Dunne, Yola Dunne is a Poet, Intuitive Healer and Archetype Consultant with a private wellness practice in Chelsea, Québec, Canada. For more information visit and
Anne Barton, a California native currently living outside of San Francisco, has dedicated more than 30 years to her journey of personal growth and spiritual development. Visit for more info.
Alexandra Topp, a Registered Nurse who lives in the Twin Cities, has a special interest in nutrition and healthy eating.

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