In this issue of All Things Alchemical ... the archetype of The Vampire, inspired poetry, wisdom from Bat, wisdom from the cards, a unique pizza recipe and words of wisdom from Eleanore Roosevelt.

Kendra Goheen
Kendra S. Goheen, CPCC
Intuitive Guide
Certified Life Coach

St. Paul, MN

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You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face.  You are able to say to yourself, “I have lived through this horror.  I can take the next thing that comes along.”  You must do the thing you think you cannot do.
- Eleanore Roosevelt




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In November we’re looking at the Athlete archetype

Symbolic Living Through the Lens of an Archetype
In case you are new to this newsletter, here is a short description of how archetypes work in our lives ...

If we are to break down the work of viewing your life from a symbolic state, there are a few things to consider.  First, there is an energy body that surrounds you called chakras (for more definition in detail please visit  This energy body contains all the data of your biology and your biography.  If you step away and view the body in this way, you will see that this energy manifests in patterns of archetypes that affect your life.
Archetypes are patterns of intelligence – dynamic living forms of energy that are shared in many people’s thoughts and emotions across cultures and countries.  These patterns, often ancient in origin, populate our minds and lives in ways that affect us deeply.
Each archetypal energy pattern is linked to a characteristic that shows up in crucial behaviors and relationships and often gives you clues to your life’s mission – a running theme, per se, in your life.
The study and teaching of these patterns have become a passion of mine, and I’ve realized that my Teacher archetype plays a significant role in bringing you one archetype a month to explore in your own lives. 


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A Prayer for Harvest


Completeness can seem incomplete,
yet the completeness that we achieve can be remarkable.
Fullness can seem empty,
yet the fullness that we achieve can be very useful.

Truth can appear as a lie.
Straightness can appear as twisted.
Skillfulness can appear to be clumsy.
Eloquence can sound like foolishness.

But the dialectic of yin and yang is not illusory.
Activity can overcome cold.
Tranquility can overcome heat.
And peacefulness is the natural seed of a violent world.

-Tao Te Ching 45

October 2013

Greetings <<First Name>>!


This month’s archetype – in celebration of All Hallows Eve – is the Vampire.  I have had a long relationship with this archetype, up close and personal.  I didn’t realize the impact of this darling on me, until recently.

There is a lot of symbolism with this archetype, more so than most, in my opinion.  When we think of Vampire, we immediately picture the blood sucking mythic creature.  When you have a Vampire in your midst, you will know, because you will either start to feel drained, or after being in their presence, you will feel completely depleted.  Also, there are Vampires that do not drain you in a dark way, but in way that they cannot contain their boundaries, and their energy is all over the place.  They are excitable and energetic – notably so though, because they just bit you, and now are good to go – full of life and energy!  As you are left wondering what the heck just happened, because you now need a nap.

My experience came after a very long relationship with someone that not only seduced me into a spell, but also took full advantage of that spell period, and went for the jugular every time they were in my presence.  Because I was under a spell for such a long time, and was in the relationship for so long, I became oblivious to what was happening, until I awoke from the spell.  Not unlike having the veil lifted and all of a sudden starting to see things more clearly.  

I was exhausted and started to have health issues due to the exhaustion I was feeling.  I put this together because I started noting the way I felt after I was with them.  It was a toxic feeling, a sick feeling.  I should add, my spirit knew that this was not a match for me energetically, because before I would see them, I would start to feel ill.  My spirit was giving me a heads up – protect yourself if you are “going in”.  So, I did.  Intuitively, without connecting the Vampire to this experience, I was told to wear a magnet for protection.  I wore the magnet, and when I took it off, I noticed for the first time, that it is a mirror on one side!  If you recall, when Vampires look into a mirror, they do not see themselves.  Voila!

OK hang with me (no pun intended for the bats)…Vampires are narcissistic and although, self-absorbed, tend to not take responsibility for themselves. They look outside themselves to get their inner “fix” (the bite). If you want to protect yourself from this type of individual, the only way you will be able to do it, is to stand in your “light” and not let them take your power, (your blood).  They cannot operate in light, so they will eventually go away, or find ways to be around you within the confines of the boundary you have created. 

Protect yourself not only on Halloween from the ghouls and goblins, but from the Vampires that lurk around you!  

Peace ,

PS.  If you are interested in specific techniques to protect yourself from unwanted energy, read my November blog post coming in a few weeks.  In the meantime, you can send anything you want to the light and be gone with it! 



Symbolic Living Through the Lens of an Archetype

The Vampire is a mythic creature associated with both bloodsucking and eroticism. Vampires require blood, which they get by biting the neck of their victims during anocturnal visit. The female victim has been portrayed in the paradoxical circumstances of wanting to repel the vampire while at the same time welcoming the erotic nature of the connection. The Vampire returns every evening to his source of life until there is no more to be had. The parallels between human lust and vampire blood-lust are rich: as the Vampire satisfies his thirst for blood, his host grows increasingly helpless and submissive, eventually being drained of any capacity for self-protection. Symbolically, this relationship speaks of the power dynamics that frequently drive male-female relationships, in which the male drains the power of the female for his own psychic survival, and, once bitten, the female submits even though this will eventually take all of her power. (In some relationships, of course, the roles can easily become reversed.)

Beyond the sexual level, we sometimes form psychic attachments to others because we desire their energy, a desire that manifests through a need to have the “other” take care of our survival, and a fear of being abandoned. What has been defined as a co-dependent relationship could easily fall under the Vampire template. You may find it hard to identify yourself as a Vampire, yet it is essential to review this archetype personally. Patterns of behavior such as chronic complaining, overdependency, holding on to a relationship either emotionally or psychically long after it has ended, and chronic power struggles are all indicators of Vampire patterns. Holding on to someone at a psychic level is as real as holding on at the physical. 

Interest in the Vampire archetype has reemerged through the literary and entertainment fields. It may well be that the archetypal opening of humanity’s psyche during the past five decades has resurrected the Vampire, empowering it with a force on the psychic plane of consciousness that was not engaged prior to this time.

Films: Bela Lugosi in Dracula; Tom Cruise in Interview with the Vampire.

Fiction: Dracula by Bram Stoker; The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice; “The Vampyre: A Tale” by John Polidori.

Religion/Myth: Vlad Tepes, aka Vlad the Impaler (in fifteenth-century Wallachia - modern Romania - a bloodthirsty count who reportedly impaled and beheaded his enemies); Langsoir (Malayan vampire, a woman who died in childbirth and now assaults infants and children).


Work Cited


Myss, Caroline.  Sacred Contracts: Awakening Your Divine Potential.  New York: Three Rivers Press,

     2002,2003.  419-420.  Print.








 By Yola Dunne 

This month I am moved to share this Navajo Prayer.
It goes like this:

In Beauty, I walk.
With Beauty before me, I walk.
With Beauty behind me, I walk.
With Beauty above me, I walk.
With Beauty beneath me, I walk.
With Beauty all around me, I walk.
With Beauty within me, I walk.
It is finished in Beauty.
It is finished in Beauty.




The Evolution of Numbers
by Anne Barton


Last month I shared an overview of the 4 suits.  Each is related to a natural element, a time of life, a season, and specific occupations or aspects of how we might choose to share our gifts in this lifetime.

This month, I’m going to put the next piece of the puzzle in place for you: the numbers.  Life Cycles readings combine Numerology and Astrology to form a unique system for helping us navigate our lives.  I have been studying Numerology and Astrology as separate sciences in recent years.  Before that I knew a little about both, but only as they applied to the particular system of card reading I use for Life Cycles readings.

Here is a brief description of each number from a purely numerological standpoint.  The first time I learned about the numbers in this way, it made such sense and seemed to be applicable to many life situations.  

Basic principles of numbers:  Odd numbers are masculine (fire) and Even numbers are feminine (water).  The Masculine upsets balance.  Odd numbers represent change, activity, and lack of ease.  The Feminine brings stability.  Even numbers provide calm and balance.

0 is the 1st even number: round and smooth like an egg and the moon.  This represents the feminine potential for everything, fertility waiting to become, balance, and ease.

1 is the first odd number: the pointer, seed, the word that is the distinguisher, separating ONE from another.  To create is to distinguish what we want from what we don’t want.  Ones (or Aces in the cards) represent creative energy, passion and desire, loners, needing time to study Self; also, ambition towards making something happen, being career-oriented.  

2 fulfills the passion of the One, bringing a complement to create balance, a partner.  Sharing and being with others is important.  Two also represents fear, which comes from a fear of being alone.  There is more comfort being with others with this energy.

3 represents not being satisfied with just 2, restlessness, looking for someone or something else.  It’s a very creative energy, coming from jumping from balance to change and finding something better.  Three brings excellent communication and the need for self-expression, as well as indecisiveness.

4 provides stability from the three’s creative energy, but it’s even stronger than with the 2; there are now four walls that build a solid foundation and a sense of security.  This is an energy of abundance and sticking with one thing until it’s finished.  It also may bring stubbornness and not being able to see the bigger picture.

5 seeks change, new experience, and freedom.  The 4 walls start to feel like a prison.  The 5 energy is about getting experience in this world.  There can be an overload of energy, creating adventurers and wanderers who are gathering wisdom from experience (rather than knowledge from just information.)

6 begins the process of leaving the mundane and pursuing the spiritual.  This is the energy of stasis, little change, stability, and even monotony.  By accepting the down time of 6, where the physical is on hold, one can look within and find a purpose in life.  Six is also a karmic number that may represent debts to be paid from previous deeds (in this life or a past one).

7 is the first truly spiritual number.  As an odd number, insecurity is back and one’s purpose and attitudes are tested.  There will be challenge on a spiritual level and an opportunity to reach a higher level of consciousness.  Faith and gratitude are the key to finding the higher energy of 7.  Seven brings problems if you are fearful and only operating from a mundane state.  There is always a way to find success from the challenges presented by a 7.

8 is the number of power and abundance.  It represents reaping the rewards of the work done from 1-7.  It is the stability of the 4 times 2.  We have what we need and more with which to build.  This power requires responsibility, or it may be misused.  

9 is the number of endings.  The fruit reaped at the 8 stage is now decaying.  It has reached its peak, served its purpose, and now it’s time to let it go and end the cycle.  This is a graduation and an ending that is meant to be.  Recognizing that all endings are a part of every process and that a new start soon follows makes accepting the end easier and healthier.  In addition, sharing the learning acquired from the progression of the numbers with the world, finding a sense of universality, is a part of this number’s energy.

In straight numerology, the cycle of numbers ends with 9 and begins again with 1.  Multi-digit numbers are added together to reduce down to a single digit.  For example, 75 becomes 12 (7+5=12) and 12 then becomes 3 (1+2=3).  However, in the readings I do, the two-digit number 10 and the 3 crown cards have special significance:

10 is the number of success.  Think of it as the 1 (passion and desire) combined with the 0 (ease and balance) as well as the accumulation of power and learning acquired from the previous 9 numbers.  This combines to create success and recognition as well as a bit of obsessive energy.

Jack is the prince, waiting to become the King, and in that waiting he gets into mischief.  Jack energy is highly creative, fun, and youthful but can also be irresponsible and even dishonest.  Jacks can be artists, salespeople, and spiritual initiates.

Queen is a ruler equally powerful as King, but her power comes more from within.  She represents self-mastery, as well as the energy of mother, service, intuition, and nurturing.

King is the master.  He holds the potential of all of the qualities of all numbers in his Suit.  King also bears the responsibility of leadership and must accept that responsibility in order to fully realize his power.  He is the Father to all in his realm - taking this role very seriously, protecting all those in his 'family,' which may include his actual children as well as employees, friends, and colleagues. 

I hope you have taken the opportunity to look up your card!  If not, here is where you will find a chart to help you do that.  Just look up your birthday and you’ll find your Birth Card. (And do it for your friends and family too!)  

Next month, I’ll provide an opportunity for you to see how your card can reveal the potential, challenges, and gifts you were born to express in this life.  And we’ll also look at how Astrology fits into this puzzle!


by Anne Barton

As I relearned the wisdom of Bat this month, I recalled a simple and profound poem I read recently… 

Do I
Listen to others?
As if everyone were my Master
Speaking to me

-       From The Gift by Hafiz

BAT/Rebirth, Listening Intently

Key Concepts when Bat is Present:

  •  Honor tears; they cleanse the soul.
  • Use your ability to give support and energy where needed.
  • Clean negativity from your environment.
  • Replenish parched spirit, body & mind.
  • Find peace and joy in taking time to give to yourself.

Originally, Bat was not a flying creature.  She had webbed forefeet and roamed the earth seeking earth-bound insects.  Looking to the skies and the freedom they represented, Bat took the leap and used those webbed feet to glide.  Eventually those feet evolved into winged hands, and Bat realized her dream.  Along with this rebirth came new skills, like sending sound as a pressure wave and reacting to its echo in 6 millionths of a second guiding his flight and locating insects 50 feet away.  

Our message from Bat’s rebirth is that we have the power within us to become anything we want.  But we must recognize that there is a period of gestation for any rebirth, and in this time we must face our fears and continually repeat our efforts until we are reborn.  As Bat takes comfort in the community of caves, remember to enjoy friendships to ease the effort of this renewal.  Also, honor the rebirth process by taking care of yourself, cleaning negativity from your environment, recognizing that when you become something new, you will let go of the old, and with this comes feelings of loss.  Honor your tears; they are cleansing your soul and replenishing a parched body, mind, and spirit.  Giving to yourself assures that you have plenty to give others.  Providing support and energy to those around you who are also in the process of rebirth completes the cycle.

With her new abilities, Bat had to stretch her senses and expand into a new way of being.  Our lesson is to seek the stillness that allows us to listen deeply as we expand our way of being in the world.  Everyone around us holds an important message, and it is only when we are in the open state of listening that we receive those often hidden messages that we most need right in that moment.

Here is how the concept of rebirth evolved in the lore of Bat in the Americas, from Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams and David Carson:  “Steeped in the mystery of Mesoamerican tribal ritual is the legend of Bat.  Bat embraces the idea of shamanistic death.  The basic idea of ancient initiations was to break down all the former notions of ‘self’ that were held by the shaman-to-be.  This could entail brutal tests of physical strength and psychic ability and having every emotional ‘buttons’ pushed hard.  The final initiation step was to be buried in the earth for one day and to be reborn without the former ego in the morning.

This ritual is very similar to the night of fear practiced by natives of Turtle Island.  In this ritual, the shaman-to-be is sent to a certain location to dig his or her grave and spend the night in the womb of Mother Earth totally alone, with the mouth of the grave covered by a blanket.  Darkness, and the sounds of animals prowling, quickly confronts the initiate with his or her fears.  As the darkness of the grave has its place in this ritual, so does the cave of Bat. Hanging upside-down is a symbol for learning to transpose your former self into a newborn being.”  

The Universe is always asking us to grow and become our future.  To do so, we must die the shaman’s death.  Remember, if we resist our destiny, it can be a long, drawn out or painful ‘death.’ The path to our destiny is to use our talents to the fullest.  This is vitally important, because we each hold the future of generations to come in our hands.  What we do today – the efforts we put into our evolution – affects the next seven generations.

Works Cited & Resources
Green, Susie.  Animal Wisdom:  Harness the Power of Animals to Liberate Your Spirit. 
     London: Cico Books Ltd., 2005.  Print.
Sams, Jamie, and David Carson.  Medicine Cards.  New York: St. Martin’s
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To learn more about my Animal Guide readings, as well as other readings I provide, visit     


This month's recipe from Alexandra Topp

Taco Pizza


  • 1/4 pound ground turkey (I cooked 1 pound and used the remaining meat for taco salad the following day)
  • 4 ounces tomato sauce
  • 4 tablespoons taco sauce
  • 1 teaspoon cumin
  • 1 small pre-made pizza crust
  • 1 taco seasoning packet for the meat
  • Shredded cheddar cheese
  • Shredded lettuce
  • Diced tomatoes
  • Dollop of sour cream


  1. Cook ground turkey thoroughly and add taco seasoning once done
  2. Mix tomato sauce, taco sauce and cumin in a small bowl
  3. Cover small pizza crust with sauce. Then add cooked meat and cheese.
  4. Cook pizza per crust packaging instructions (usually about 10 minutes).
  5. Once cooked, remove from oven and add lettuce and tomatoes and top with sour cream. For each of these three ingredients add as much or little as you desire.




Kendra Goheen is an Intuitive Guide, Spiritual Director and Certified Life Coach in the Twin Cities. To learn more visit
Yola Dunne, Yola Dunne is a Poet, Intuitive Healer and Archetype Consultant with a private wellness practice in Chelsea, Québec, Canada. For more information visit and
Anne Barton, a California native currently living outside of San Francisco, has dedicated more than 30 years to her journey of personal growth and spiritual development. Visit for more info.
Alexandra Topp, a Registered Nurse who lives in the Twin Cities, has a special interest in nutrition and healthy eating.

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