In this issue of All Things Alchemical ... the archetype of The Student, inspired poetry, the number of the Studious Intellectual, wisdom from Horse, wisdom from Vedic Astrology, our new Yoga feature, a yummy summer salad recipe and words of wisdom from Mahatma Gandhi.
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Rita Hyland
A Student Testimonial

After ten years of living a successful life by traditional standards but not her own, Rita Hyland made a bold move to leave Chicago’s financial world and start her own business.  Today expert life coach Rita Hyland helps ambitious entrepreneurs and professionals lead their ultimate knock-it-out-of-the-park careers, businesses, and personal lives.  She lives with her husband and three children in Elmhurst, IL.  Find Rita at
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“Live as if you were to die tomorrow.  Learn as if you were to live forever.”
― Mahatma Gandhi


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To coordinate with school being in full session in September, we're exploring the archetype of The Teacher.
Symbolic Living Through the Lens of an Archetype
In case you are new to this newsletter, here is a short description of how archetypes work in our lives ...

If we are to break down the work of viewing your life from a symbolic state, there are a few things to consider.  First, there is an energy body that surrounds you called chakras (for more definition in detail please visit  This energy body contains all the data of your biology and your biography.  If you step away and view the body in this way, you will see that this energy manifests in patterns of archetypes that affect your life.
Archetypes are patterns of intelligence – dynamic living forms of energy that are shared in many people’s thoughts and emotions across cultures and countries.  These patterns, often ancient in origin, populate our minds and lives in ways that affect us deeply.
Each archetypal energy pattern is linked to a characteristic that shows up in crucial behaviors and relationships and often gives you clues to your life’s mission – a running theme, per se, in your life.
The study and teaching of these patterns have become a passion of mine, and I’ve realized that my Teacher archetype plays a significant role in bringing you one archetype a month to explore in your own lives. 


Greetings <<First Name>>!

The month of August always brings the impending school year signaling the end of summer.  It screams “back-to-school” everywhere you look.  It’s the only time of year my daughter stays out of the mall so that she’s not reminded of what is ahead in two short weeks!  Once again, she will be a Student!

All Things AlchemicalFor me, this August marks my 15th anniversary of being a Student of yoga.  I am absolutely in love with my practice right now.  I adore my teachers, the studio, and my fellow yogis.  Yoga humbles my soul.  It is very personal.  It is what centers me and gives me the opportunity to be in touch with my internal measure, where I am in the moment and in my life.  I can tell if I have let too many other things prevent me from “showing up” at class by the way my mind is focused, or not, and by how my body feels.  Through the years it has become a very fluid meditation for me as well. 

I know I am an eternal Student.  I am passionate about continual learning in the areas that are essential for my well-being, and yoga is one of them.  It is one of those things we could practice our whole lives and not fully master, because our bodies and minds and spirits are ever evolving, therefore our practice is as well.  Whether you check out yoga or something else you have been thinking about trying, I encourage you to nurture the Student in you, and ignite the passion to stick with it, not to reach a destination, or completion, but to enjoy wherever you are at with your study.

To round out our newsletter,  I am thrilled to introduce two new contributing writers, David Frenk and Megan Doll, of Your Yoga Minneapolis.  They are Masters of Yoga and happen to be two of my Teachers.  We are excited to share the Wisdom of Yoga with you each month.  This month, David and Megan created a 10 minute video and audio specifically to help us celebrate the Student.  If you cannot visit either of their two locations in Minneapolis, please take advantage of this gift they have created.




Symbolic Living Through the Lens of an Archetype
The Student (Disciple, Devotee, Follower, Apprentice)

The Student archetype suggests a pattern of constant learning, an openness to absorbing new information as an essential part of one’s well-being.  The Student archetype suggests an absence of mastery of any one subject but rather a continual pursuit of intellectual development.  The Student ArchetypeWithin the spiritual aspect, the Student, Disciple, Devotee, and Follower imply that one has found a source of teaching, such as a guru or spiritual master, who becomes the instructor and spiritual guide.

The shadow Student usually manifests in tandem with the shadow Teacher or Mentor, avidly learning all the tools of the wrong trade or misusing the knowledge learned.  This was graphically depicted in Walt Disney’s animated imagining of Paul Dukas’s “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” in Fantasia, in which Mickey Mouse portrays the Student Wizard who gets carried away with his own unperfected talent and wreaks havoc.  The shadow can also show up as the eternal Student who never embarks on the sea of life in earnest, but manages to find new reasons to continue being schooled without ever putting that knowledge to the test.  People who continually use the excuse that they are not ready or have not yet learned enough to advance with their dreams should take special note of this archetype and whether they have a shadow bond with it (416, 417).

Work Cited
Myss, Caroline.  Sacred Contracts: Awakening Your Divine Potential.  New York: Three
     Rivers Press, 2002, 2003.  Print.


Using our 'All Things Alchemical' Tools
by Anne and Danielle

From Anne:  "Since the last newsletter was released, I've been thinking off and on about the animal I would share this month.  None was popping out at me; so, I just waited for inspiration.  Then, last week, I found myself arranging, on the spur of the moment, an outing with my niece Danielle to see “Cavalia,” the Cirque du Soleil show featuring horses.  This is a show I've wanted to see since it played in San Francisco two years ago; I had heard such great things about it. 
As Danielle and I were driving to the show last week, I asked her to read aloud from one of my animal medicine books about Horse.  She was barely through the first paragraph when it struck me:  this is the animal I'm supposed to write about in August!  I didn't say anything aloud, and after reading a few more paragraphs, Danielle stopped and said, "This information is exactly what I needed to hear to help with a situation that just came up in my life.”  That confirmed it for me - Horse it is!  As she kept reading, it became even more evident how perfect a choice this was.  I could see how Horse related to the Student archetype.  During the show, as we watched horses run, bow, perform, and just graze calmly on stage, I had the realization that the month of August is the 8th month, and a keyword for the number 8 is “Power,” which is also a keyword for Horse.
I love the synchronicity of life - all we need is here for us exactly when we need it.  And that is what I believe this newsletter is about.  We're providing multiple tools to help readers connect with the information they need, when they need it.  Help is always available to us when we are open and listening…"

From Danielle:  "Minutes before I hopped into the car to see 'Cavalia' with my Aunt Anne, I was having a conversation with my coach about a power hungry player on my team.  We spoke about how she worries more about being the leader then how she plays the game.  She had a horrible tendency of making poor decisions just so she would be the 'star'.  She was really just making herself look worse.  My coach asked me to talk to her about this and how it was negatively affecting our team.  He felt it would be better for her to hear it from a fellow team member.  The problem was I had no idea what I was going to say.  After reading the passage on the horse, I realized that she was using her power over the team in the wrong way.  The passage spoke about the down (shadow) side of the power of the horse.  How it can lead to a high ego and a lack of respect, exactly what was happening to my friend.  I decided to go into our conversation with these personality traits in mind.  I realized that her power was just being used in the wrong way and we just needed to change the flow of negative energy to positive energy.  Because of this passage, I was able to successfully  speak with my teammate with no regrets."


The Student Made Easy ... by Rita Hyland

The Student ArchetypeAs I write this I am watching my daughter learn how to dive into the swimming pool for the first time.  

My husband is a saint for teaching her.  Despite her wanting to learn, she’s scowling, crying, and projecting her frustration on anyone in sight.  

Yikes.  Another belly-flop.  (I am 20 yards away, and she just shouted that it is my fault.)  

I understand.  She’s a Student.  

There is a push-pull to our role of being Student.   We desire to learn.  We want to grow, but it requires risk – the willingness to look foolish.   

Being a Student is rarely glamorous, often challenging, and usually uncomfortable.     

Yet every day we all are called to become Students again and again in order to live the great lives we are capable of living.

So how can we enjoy the role of Student more?  Here are few tips for you to try.
  • Embrace it.  If you woke above ground this morning, it means there’s more for you to learn.  Stop telling yourself you are behind or ahead.   You are exactly where you are supposed to be.  By not fighting reality, you will have the energy and enthusiasm to learn more and soar.
  • Be crazy curious.  Life is strange with its twists and turns as every one of us sometimes learns.  Know that there is a reason.  Be curious.  Ask yourself, “What is this experience here to teach me?  Why is this challenging situation perfect?”  Your answer holds the key to your next step.
  • Love the ‘rub.’   Life is not about getting what you want but who you become in the process.  Look at the difficult experience today for what it really is –the salt that rubs the oyster so it can become the pearl it was destined to be.   
  • Celebrate!  Too often we achieve our goal and don’t pause to acknowledge and celebrate our growth and success along the way.  In turn, we miss out on the best part!  Celebrate what you learn and achieve.  It strengthens your confidence to take on the next big growth opportunity.
“I did it!  Did you see that Mom?  I did it!” my daughter shouts as she gasps for air.  It’s her first successful dive after hours of practice.
“I did see it!  Whoo hooo!  Good for you!” I shout back.

My little Student becomes my teacher once again, reminding me to take the risk, dive in head first, and celebrate my wins – big and small..


by Yola Dunne
Little Earth Angel
I heard you Beloved
In the voice of a young girl,
Telling me to be gentle
And patient,
That it's no big deal.
So Stop worrying and practice
Being who you are.
Look at me she says - 
I've been practicing all my life.
Look what I can do!
My soul shines in you.
Do not let it get tarnished
By your unwillingness to learn.
If I can be patient with myself
So can you, she says.
Her smile is radiant
Her small body flexible
Her will strong, her mind clear.
Little Earth Angel I am
She says
And knows.


The Student Archetype in Numbers
by John Morris
When I first started studying numerology, I focused on learning about the different characteristics found in each of the single digits, one through nine.  I eventually learned that each of these numbers has an essential nature that distinguishes it energetically from the others.  All I needed to do was understand that essential nature, and I would be able to apply numerology to any aspect of life.
The Student Archetype and the Number SevenWhen I think of the student archetype, I immediately think of the number seven and its energy.  Seven is the number of the researcher, the studious intellectual.  People with this energy strongly featured in their numerology chart often end up as researchers, private investigators, scientists, specialists – or even numerologists!
Seven is also considered one of the spiritual numbers, along with eight and nine.  How does that relate to the Student, you might ask?  Because seven also represents the energy of the inner researcher.
So… if you are driven to understand yourself - what makes you tick, who you really are, and why you are here – take a look for that seven energy somewhere in your chart!  Think of the long tradition of spiritual exploration by Christian contemplatives, Buddhist monks, and similar figures from many other wisdom traditions.
You could call them “Students of Spirit,” couldn’t you?
If you are thinking that a lot of those Students probably led solitary lives, you have stumbled on another quality of seven energy – a tendency to spend a lot of time alone. People with seven energy can be quite comfortable alone and, in fact, may need to guard against becoming isolated.  If they get drawn into that desire to know, to understand and to refine that understanding, you may not see them for weeks on end!
Take note if you have this quality in yourself.  That intense focus on learning can be a great strength, but it can also give you tunnel vision if you aren’t careful.  You may also need to guard against perfectionism.  I should know; I have a prominent seven in my chart, and my masters thesis on creativity was twice as long as it needed to be!  I just kept going, and going, and going…
I often remind my clients that none of these single digit energies exist in isolation.  So the seven energy of the Student will always be combined with other energies in the chart.  For example, someone with prominent seven energy combined with the energy of the number three may have a strong creative drive that will influence the way his or her Student energy is channeled and expressed.  Since three can also have a strong social component, it may balance out the seven tendency to become isolated.
On the other hand, someone having seven energy combined with the energy of the number five – a very curious energy driven by the desire for freedom – may struggle to stay focused or may be bold, as well as methodical, in any quest for knowledge.
The beauty of numerology lies in revealing the balance of energies in your life.  And no matter how it is balanced, the energy of the Student represented by the number seven is a powerful energy indeed.  You may be very focused on concepts in life, rather than material things, and driven to develop real expertise in one or more areas. You may be very self-reliant (in fact, sometimes a little too much so!) and you may thrive on quiet.
If your Student energy does fall more in the realm of spirituality, you may develop a method of healing or teaching.  You may be the metaphysical or philosophical equivalent of a scientist or technician.  You may be fascinated by the bigger patterns of life.  The challenge, again, is not to become the perpetual Student, always striving to learn the one more thing that will make your theory perfect!
Finally, it is important to remember in numerology that none of the single digit energies are inherently good or bad.  What counts is how you choose to work with the energies and how you consciously balance them in your life.  The Student energy of the number seven is no exception.  If this energy does prominently influence your soul’s blueprint, it may well be that one of your contributions in life lies in exploring a body of knowledge and making discoveries that will benefit the world.
If you have this kind of desire, trust it and nurture it without letting it dominate you, and it may take you far.  It may take longer to unfold than some desires, because the process of deeply studying anything takes time, but ultimately many people may benefit from the Student within you!


by Anne Barton

The Student ArchetypeIn the section above, titled In My Experience, I talked a little bit about how I came to choose Horse as this month's featured animal.  I mentioned that I could see how the lessons of Horse related to the Student Archetype.  At the time I originally considered this connection, I didn't know what I do now about this archetype (thanks to Kendra's description above).  I simply thought about what it means to me to be a Student in life.  My answer to that is that the ultimate learning pursuit is to know myself and I do that through my relationships with other beings - whether human, animal or spiritual.  And these words from the wisdom of Horse, "Remember your total journey and the importance of the path of others," help to remind me of how understanding and respecting the path of others clarifies, and enriches, my own path.  Marianne Williamson, one of my favorite teachers, says "Relationships are our primary teacher.  They are the context in which we either grow into consciousness of God, or deny ourselves and others the opportunity to do so."
Power  *  Speaking Passion Aloud
Key Concepts when Horse is Present:         
  • Strive for balanced medicine
  • Compassion, teaching, loving, and sharing gifts and talents are gateways to power.
  • Remember your total journey and the importance of the path of others.
  • Abuse of power may be a necessary lesson that leads to true wisdom.
  • Horse will guide you, in the magic of dance, to set your spirit and body free and find your being transformed.
Horse is physical power.  We measure the capacity of engines with the term “horsepower,” a reminder of the days when Horse was an honored and highly prized partner with humanity. 
Horse is unearthly power.  In shamanic practices throughout the world, Horse enables shamans to fly through the air and reach heaven. Or think of Pegasus, the noble, fluidly graceful winged horse of mythology.
If you watch a horse in full gallop, you will see all four legs, for a second, off the ground as if poised for flight.  But those hooves return to the earth so the wisdom of Horse can continue to be shared with humankind.  Horse played such an esteemed role in Native American culture that it was said, “stealing horses is stealing power.”
The Stallion is quick to defend his harem, fighting off the attention of others with quick bites. In doing this, he openly declares his passion and intention.  This is another message from Horse: to use our mouths to speak out for those we love, declaring our feelings and protecting them from others who may cause harm.
True power is wisdom found in remembering your total journey.  Wisdom comes from remembering pathways you have walked in another person’s moccasins.  Compassion, caring, teaching, loving, and sharing your gifts are the gateways to true power.  Find a way to allow all pathways to have equal value and see the power and glory of a unified family of humanity.  Every human must follow this pathway to power.

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Another Astrological Phenomenon
By Vidya Dasi

Rare Eclipse of the Sun by Venus
Opportunities for Improving Career and Love Life

Hi everyone.  August 4th has passed; so, I hope that you have identified the places in your life where you are experiencing victimizations, conundrums, and fearfulness (from the presence of debilitated Rahu in your chart) and are ready to heal those difficulties with the sagacious and deep energy of exalted Saturn.  Remember, we have a small window from now until January 14th to discover how we can correct these areas in our lives, which in many cases have followed us even from previous lifetimes.
Venus Eclipses SunThis month we are going to discuss the rare opportunity that the conjunction of Sun and Venus has created for us.  This eclipse of the Sun by the relatively tiny Venus happens only every 107 years.  So, we are lucky to have this happen in our lifetime, particularly while we are adult thinkers attempting to improve our consciousness.
The overall effect of Venus eclipsing the Sun enhances the Sun’s power in your chart by imbuing it with artistic, creative, and more loving abilities.  You will most probably experience a greater love for your career, work, father, authority figures, your body, and your own personality.  The fruits of your actions can be fully realized with this added impetus from Venus by its addition of devotion, wisdom, and spiritual power in your life.
The eclipse also may bring manipulating tendencies, which we must always guard against, as well as the desire to master over material nature or others.  We must be careful to control our temper and become aware of self-indulgences. We must be careful not to become immersed in worldly sense gratification.  Finally, we must be vigilant to guard against undue stubbornness, which may make us miss rare opportunities this conjunction can bring.
This rare eclipse, however, is guaranteed to bring inspiration, particularly in areas of your career and romance.  New options may be presenting themselves as we speak.  Self-improvement ideas should be flowing.  There may be a new- found love for others and self, which gives flourishing energy to your career and love life.  This conjunction brings with it a yearning to travel and learn something new.  It will increase your environmental awareness and increase your romantic nature, either with some aspect of life or with a love object.  It should also give new ideas for personal productivity.
An interesting aspect that this eclipse can manifest in your life is feeling more intensely the presence of guardian angels or spirit guides.  For some it may be your first experience in channeling higher energy. 
Contentment and happiness can prevail as a result of Venus’ energy on the Sun.  We must all guard against procrastination and laziness and should expect our desire for beauty and comforts to increase more than usual.  We will probably be more charismatic for the next year or more.
In whatever house Taurus resides in our charts, we can expect beautifying activities and improvements.  According to one’s individual chart, this eclipse may bring an end to a love relationship or the beginning of a new one.  As we move ahead in the upcoming issues and begin to discuss specific astrological aspects that can affect you individually, you may want to follow along by having your basic Vedic chart calculated.  I can send you your chart, your aspects, and the dasa’s (periods) you are experiencing.  Please email me at


Your Yoga MinneapolisThe concept of the Student is central to yoga, but its meaning in that context is quite different from our ordinary understanding. The emphasis our society has placed on technology and productivity has put the Student in a difficult position: study takes up more and more of his time, and yet involves fewer and fewer of his faculties. The Student is forced to sit in an uncomfortable position for hours on end staring into a computer screen, narrowly focused on purely intellectual exercises. While this may be the best way to foster economic and scientific productivity (though that’s far from proven), it certainly isn’t the best way to nurture and develop a whole and healthy human being.

In yoga, on the other hand, the intellect – while valued – is understood to be the servant of the heart. Specifically, if our thinking doesn’t contribute to the enlightenment of the heart, and an ever-increasing capacity for love, it is regarded as an obstacle. This doesn’t mean we should brainwash ourselves into thinking only “positive” thoughts. Rather, yoga practice enables us to take brief pauses from our normally unbroken stream of thoughts. These moments of peace tend to give us a newfound clarity, in which we are able to distinguish the thoughts that actually serve us from those which merely make us miserable.

The yogis of old recognized that to break the habit of a lifetime – self-identification with our purely intellectual capacities – takes some work. Consequently, they developed various practices to help the Student evolve, and to balance heart and mind. Some of these practices are mental, but others are purely physical. This physical component is crucial: it’s hard to think your way out of an addiction to over-thinking! Many people are over-hasty to dismiss yoga posture practice as “mere” exercise, but its effects on all levels of our being can be profound. In this video, we’ve tried to share with you some of these practices. We hope you will find them of use in developing your own approach to studentship. The key is to *actually practice*, and to do so regularly. We’ve included an audio file that guides you through the exercises without all the explanation in the video, so once you’ve watched it you can just practice them straight through. The whole thing takes less than 10 minutes, and if you try it out for several days in a row we’re confident you’ll feel a big difference. Good luck!

- Megan and David


This month's recipe ...

Mixed Berry Salad with Candied WalnutsMixed Berry and Candied Walnut Salad
from Alexandra Topp

Ingredients - Candied Walnuts
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1 1/2 cups whole walnuts
Ingredients - Dressing
  • 1/2 cup olive oil
  • 3 tablespoons balsamic vinegar
  • 1 teaspoon minced garlic
  • 1/2 tablespoon dijon mustard
  • Juice of halve lemon
  • 1/2 - 1 tablespoon salt
  • 1 teaspoon pepper
Ingredients - Salad
  • 1 container of mixed greens
  • 1 cup raspberries
  • 1 cup blueberries
  • 1 cup sliced strawberries
  • 4 oz container of crumbled goat cheese
Prepare Candied walnuts:
  • Spread walnuts out on a baking sheet.
  • Bake for 5 minutes in the oven at 350 degrees.
  • Make sure to only toast the walnuts, not burn them!
  • Mix the sugar and cinnamon in a saucepan and cook over medium heat.
  • Once the sugar is melted quickly mix in the walnuts.
  • Once the walnuts are well coated with the cinnamon sugar mixture, then place walnuts on parchment paper to cool.
  • Try to separate walnuts as much as possible but be sure not to burn your fingers in the process.
Prepare Balsamic Vinaigrette:
  • In a glass container, that you have a lid for, mix the olive oil, balsamic vinegar, garlic, dijon mustard, salt and pepper and lemon juice.
  • Tighten lid to container and shake well.
Assemble the Salad:
  • In a large bowl place your mixed greens and pour over the balsamic vinaigrette (use the amount to your liking).  
  • Mix well.  
  • Place portion of dressed mixed greens on a plate.  
  • Place berries, goat cheese and candied walnuts over greens. 
This refreshing salad is perfect for a warm summer night!



Kendra Goheen is an Intuitive Guide, Spiritual Director and Certified Life Coach in the Twin Cities.  To learn more visit
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John Morris, a Numerologist, Intuitive Mentor, and blogger about intuition, divides his time living in Maine and Shetland, UK.  To find out more about John’s work, go to
Anne Barton, a California native currently living outside of San Francisco, has dedicated more than 30 years to her journey of personal growth and spiritual development.
Alexandra Topp, a Registered Nurse who lives in the Twin Cities, has a special interest in nutrition and healthy eating.
Vidya Dasi currently lives in Southern California but honed her skill as a Vedic Astrologer while living in India for over 25 years.  You may contact Vidya about her readings at
David and Megan are owners and teachers at Your Yoga Minneapolis.  To learn more, visit their website at

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