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That's right - the 1000 most innovative Ocean and Energy startups are now on the map! Get into the platform and connect. Listen to our Chief Mermaid talk about how we are matching students with industry innovators and meet game changers in the mining industry on TOOL Spawn. This is only the beginning 
1000 Ocean and Energy Startups Visible to the World 

We are excited to announce that we have now finished mapping  a total of 1000 startups on the first interactive matchmaking platform for Ocean and Energy change makers.

Where are the key global hotspots, and which sustainability challenges are the startups focusing on? Which resources are they currently seeking, and which resources are seeking startups? Click below and find out more.

Explore the full map of 1000 startups

"With the vision of connecting the world's most innovative Ocean and Renewable energy startups, we are happy to announce that we have taken a huge step in creating the global map of these amazing startups for you! Get into the platform, activate your profile and connect! This is only the beginning."

Emelie Meurk Demerud, 
Captain of Strategy and Operations
Join our Global Map and Matchmaking Platform
Through our matchmaking platform TOOL Spawn, Ocean and Energy startups can post about their projects and needs, find like minded people to collaborate with and the resources they need to grow.

Who is it for?
➡For you running an ocean or renewable energy startup
➡Investor interested in these industries
➡Corporate with opportunities in these industries
➡Projects you need resources and collaboration partners for in these industries

Look up your company & check if you are on the map
How: After clicking on the button above, click the search icon on
TOOL Spawn on the top menu bar on the right and type in your company's name. 

I found my company in the platform :)

Did it say "TOOL Listing" behind the name of your company? This means that your company has been put on the map by us but nobody from the company has activated the company profile in the platform.

To get the full matchmaking and interactive functionality of the platform
contact the Spawn team  to claim and activate your company profile.  They are looking forward to help you!

My company is not in the platform :(

Using our code FIRSTMOVER you can join our global map and matchmaking platform, TOOL Spawn, for free until the end of the year. 

How to register:
1. Go to TOOL Spawn
2. Redeem the coupon code: FIRSTMOVER under subscriptions and get free access until the end of the year
3. Register your organization/company in the platform
4. Start making connections and exploring ocean opportunities 💫

Matchmaking Students with Cutting Edge Industry Projects
OsloMet, Erasmus University Rotterdam and University of South-Easter Norway all represent university-environments eager to collaborate with Ocean and Energy companies in the TOOL community. 
Did you know that we do matchmaking between innovative Ocean and Energy companies and students on TOOL Spawn?

Our Chief mermaid and founder, Birgit Liodden, answers how this works in practice:


"In the past year we have worked with connecting the newest and most exciting projects from the ocean and renewable energy industry with students that want to write about these topics at Oslo Met, University of Southeast Norway and Erasmus University Rotterdam, digitally on our platform."

 Listen to Birgit talk about our interactive map and matchmaking platform in this 10 minute podcast with Western Norway University of Applied Sciences - HVL (in Norwegian). 
Tune into the podcast
Game Changers in the Mining Industry Join TOOL
Meet, Vulcan Energy Resources (VER) and Kuniko - two disruptive, players in the mining industry that can be found on our global map. Both will be facilitating a completely emission free mining exploitation process from A-Z to deliver sustainably sourced metals for the European battery industry. 
While VER will focus on lithium in the Rhine valley, Kuniko focus on cobalt, nickel and copper in the Nordics.

Vulcan Energy Resources ⚡ is aiming to decarbonise the transition to electric mobility by producing the world's first Zero Carbon Lithium for electric vehicle batteries.  The way the metal Lithium has been produced up to now yields an excessive carbon and water footprint.

Kuniko, a spinout of Vulcan Energy Resources, targets Cobalt, Nickel and Copper, three fundamental metals for electromobility.  They are 100% committed to an electrified net ZERO CARBON production process.

Did you know: the Kuniko stock exploded on its debut in the Australian Stock Exchange

Birgit Liodden, TOOL's Founder and Chief Mermaid, is the Chair of the Board of Directors for Kuniko Norway! Here's what she has to say:

"These companies mark a disruptive game changer for an industry known to be dirty and associated with terrible performance on environmental impact and human rights."

TOOL Joins Exclusive ScaleUp Program 
TOOL participates in the FAUNA Experiment in good company. Here with Seas of Norway // Packoorang As // Trefadder // TotalCtrl // Healthy EATS // Empower // Surplusmap
TOOL is among eight sustainability focused companies accepted into The Fauna Experiment - a ScaleUp program focused on circular solutions with high potential.

The Fauna Experiment is a philanthropic circular funding initiative by Siv & Tore Gjedebo (formerly Hitec Vision). 

Program partners include Innovation Dock, Nordic Edge and Norway's Leading Bank DNB

Our chief mermaid comments on the value of joining the FAUNA Experiment:


"In a time where we are finally preparing for including external investors and scaling up, joining this program is perfect for TOOL."

It´s greatly valuable for TOOL to have the support of passionate and resourceful people like Tore Gjedebo through the FAUNA Experiment.

The Ocean Opportunity Lab

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