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Are you an ocean innovator? Sustainability ambassadors from the world's largest organization for divers safety, Divers Alert Network (DAN Europe), are currently on their European Sustainable Tour and want to hear about your innovative and unique solution to improve ocean health. 

Expand your network, make alliances with the diving community, connect with relevant partners, and share your ocean-knowledge with the world by joining the DAN Sus Tour.  
The TOOL team will link you up!
We Still Have Openings In: 
Oslo - w/c 9th August
Arendal, Kristiansand, Stavager, Bergen - w/c 16th Aug
Trondheim - w/c 23rd Aug
Lofoten/Vesterålen - w/c 30th Aug
Nordkapp  - 5th Sep
w/c: week commencing

DAN Europe is currently in Brussels and will be meeting with ocean conservation group Oceana, Hyundai, the civic NGO Pew,  the diving community and more. 

Who should DAN's sustainable ambassadors 
meet when they come to Norway?

Nominate yourself or someone you know NOW!

Event with Marine Experts: Mastering Salvage Operations

Ever Given; Image credit: Suez Canal Authority
Last March, the Ever Given, one of the largest container ships in the world, got stuck in the Suez Canal, bringing global trade to its knees. Young Ship Dubai now invites young professionals in shipping and all those interested to learn how to master salvage operations in a situation like the Ever Given and beyond.

Tuesday July 13th,
16:30 CEST (GMT+2)
Register and Join
The event is hosted on TOOL's interactive networking and event platform, TOOL Aquarium!

New Startups on the Global
Ocean and Renewable Energy Map

TOOL is building the world's first map of innovators and entrepreneurs in Ocean and Renewable Energy on our platform TOOL Spawn

Seastainable Ventures 🇪🇸
Building an ecosystem that sustainably restores and enhances  marine natural capital. 
Check them out
CalWave Power Technologies  🇺🇸 
Bring superior power-generating technology to the market with a global reach through their proprietary wave energy converter.
Read more
The Seaweed Company  🇳🇱 
Cultivate certified seaweed at open sea, and produce seaweed in the quantities needed to benefit from commercial CO2-reducing applications.
Get to know them
Innovator in Ocean & Energy? Get matched with like minded companies and join ocean opportunities as a part of the global map on TOOL Spawn.
Join the Global Map Too

Meet TOOL's Summer Interns

We have recruited five fantastic students and recent graduates that will help us populate the world's first interactive map showcasing sustainability-oriented entrepreneurs and innovators around the world. 
Get to know our star team
The Ocean Opportunity Lab

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