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This week we announce the current top 10 ocean and energy startup hubs. Check if your city is on the map! We also present exclusive opportunities for innovators in aquaculture, shipping  and biofouling. All companies on the map and matchmaking platform TOOL Spawn can apply.  Lastly get to know two of the innovators which you can connect and collaborate with on TOOL Spawn. Remember that you can join the platform for free until the end of 2021!
Top 10 Ocean and Energy Startup Hubs 
Illustrated: The current top 10 global hubs for ocean and energy innovators.
Last week we announced a new milestone - 1000 Ocean and Renewable Energy Startups have been pinned on the global map. This week we present the current listing of top 10 startup hubs on the map.

The Top 10 Hubs So Far
  1. Oslo, 45 startups
  2. London,  41 startups
  3. San Francisco, 34 startups
  4. Boston, 19 startups
  5. Los Angeles, 18 startups
  6. New York, 17 startups
  7. Sydney, 16 startups
  8. Amsterdam, 15 startups
  9. Bergen,16 startups
  10. Cape Town, Paris, Stockholm: 12 startups each
Is your city also a hub for ocean and energy innovators and not on the current top 10 listing?
Or do you want your city to maintain its position on top?
Nominate Ocean and Energy Startups in Your City
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The Hottest Opportunities in TOOL Spawn Right Now
All members of the global map and matchmaking platform, TOOL Spawn, have access to a wide array of specially curated opportunities and projects. Check out some of them below. 
Ocean Harvest Seeking Norwegian and Swedish Partners
Ocean Harvest is establishing a trans-Nordic Sea Harvest cooperation and is therefore seeking local people and organisations passionate about sustainable oceans to help activate local sea farming entrepreneurs and innovators in Sweden and Norway. Read about Ocean Harvest further below ;) 

World Ocean Council Seeks Partners for Biofouling Project
Our partner World Ocean Council (WOC) has put a specific focus on the issue of biofuling: the accumulation of microorganisms, algae, or small animals on wet surfaces with a mechanical function, causing a degradation in purpose of that item. WOC and its global innovation network is now looking for corporates and startups with problems and solutions within biofouling.

Call for Student-Led Solutions within Decarbonisation of Shipping
The Ocean Exchange Collegiate Award 2021 of US$25,000 will be given to the student-led solution that advances the decarbonisation of the maritime shipping industry.  Seeking solutions that are globally scalable, and applicable across segments.

Winners will be selected in Fort Lauderdale, Florida October 24-25.

Deadline: Register by 11:59 GMT, September 20th

Do any of these opportunities sound interesting to you?  Get on the global  map and matchmaking platform, TOOL Spawn, for free until the end of the year and be eligible to apply. 

How to join TOOL Spawn:
1. Press the button below
2. Redeem the coupon code: FIRSTMOVER under subscriptions and get free access until the end of the year
3. Register your organisation/company in the platform
4. Start applying to opportunities and projects 
Join TOOL Spawn and Apply
We Help You Find the Right Match
As a professional matchmaker we work hard to help you find the right match. This is what Andreas Lavik from Seaweed Solutions had to say about about the meeting we facilitated between them and sustainability ambassadors Alana and Manuel from Divers Alert Network Europe when they stopped by their facilities in Trondheim, Norway:
"It was great to meet other enthusiastic ocean lovers! We are a sustainable company very much working towards creating sustainable solutions, so meeting people with the same goal, but with a bit of a different approach is always interesting."

You will of course find Seaweed Solutions on the TOOL Spawn map!

Catch of the Week
Check out this week's featured profiles. You can connect and collaborate with them by joining TOOL Spawn, our business "Tinder" for Ocean and Energy Innovators. 
Havhøst – Danish for “Ocean Harvest” – is the largest member organisation for regenerative ocean cultivation in Denmark. The organisation encourages the use of the blue areas in and around cities for people of all ages to try their hand at local, sustainable food production.

Mimbly creates sustainable water solutions with a focus on laundry. Their product The Mimbox,  connects to laundry machines, saves energy, up to 70% of water and filters out microplastics when washing. 
 Find your reef and spawning ground on TOOL Spawn.

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