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Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make me a match,
Find me a find, Catch me a catch

Matchmaker at your services! And with a special gift to all our early birds
😍You can now try out our digital matchmaking platform, TOOL Spawn, for free until the end of the year. We'd love to see you there.  Did you know we are building the first interactive Ocean & Renewable Energy Startup-Map? We almost have 800 companies on the map! Have a look and find out if you're there. Happy reading!
It's a Match!
Photo by Alana and Manuel, DAN Europe.

They don't call us the Tinder for Ocean for no reason! Last week, we matched up representatives from impact startup Ogoori, e-boat pool Kruser, e-boat charging infrastructure Plug, Freepower Solar Boat and Oslo Badstueforening with sustainability ambassadors Alana and Manuel from Divers Alert Network (DAN) Europe.

These ocean innovators shared their ocean solutions with the European diving community, through DAN Europe's Sustainable Tour

Manuel and Alana have now moved to Arendal, Norway for the political conference Arendalsuka, to meet change-makers in the ocean industry - but more on that next week!
Make Your Own Connections...
..don't leave it someone else!
Meeting with DAN Europe and FreePower Solar Boat in Nøtterøy, Norway. Photo by Alana and Manuel, DAN Europe.

Do you also want to connect with ocean innovators and meet like minded people that can help your ocean solution grow?

We invite all early movers to join  our matchmaking and opportunity creating platform for ocean & renewable energy innovators - TOOL Spawn 🐠🧩

Try TOOL Spawn for free until the end of the year as an early mover. 

Who is it for?
➡For you running an ocean or renewable energy startup
➡Investor interested in these industries
➡Corporate with opportunities in these industries
➡Projects you need resources and collaboration partners for in these industries

How to register:
1. Go to TOOL Spawn
2. Redeem the coupon code: FIRSTMOVER under subscriptions and get free access until the end of the year
3. Register your organization/company in the platform
4. Start making connections and exploring ocean opportunities 💫
Try TOOL Spawn
Some of the Innovators You'll Meet
Curious about who is on TOOL Spawn? Meet some of the members below.

Pangea Accelerator📈
Norwegian accelerator lifting startups from Africa and matching them with investors. Contributing to job creation, poverty reduction and economic development by advancing the sustainable blue economy in Kenya. 
Kelp Forest Foundation🌿
 Addresses the gap in science and public knowledge around kelp forests to help restore the health of the planet 
ECOsubsea 🚢 
The leading supplier of ECOfriendly hull cleaning. 

Do you want to connect and collaborate with these and other leading ocean innovators? Sign up to TOOL Spawn by clicking the "TRY TOOL SPAWN" button above and follow the registration instructions.  
Are You on the Map?
Through the TOOL listing we hope to give you a better overview of the actors involved in the global Ocean & Energy startup ecosystem and accelerate collaboration among them.
TOOL's summer interns have spent all summer mapping leading startups in ocean and renewable energy for the TOOL Spawn platform. We call this the TOOL listing.
TOOL listings are not active or fully functional TOOL-community members, but rather fills the "wikipedia" function, providing better transparency and insight into the world of startups.
We have nearly mapped 800 startups and innovation hubs 
over the summer on TOOL Spawn ! Check out the map below and see if you are listed. Remember to press map view ;) 

Check out the global map

SEA You Next Week

The coming weeks we will keep presenting all the exciting companies and opportunities in the TOOL Spawn platform. 

Have a great rest of your week💙 

The Ocean Opportunity Lab

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