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Blending Accuracy

Appropriately measuring accuracy has often been debated in the plastics industry. Regardless of which method is actually used, blender manufacturers all agree that samples, obtained from a blended mixture, as a percentage, should be grouped together about the set point of the feeder. This grouping is known as dispersion or deviation from the set point percentage. A producer needs to understand the importance of an accurate blend system in relation to the feeder set point, so they can observe, financially, the blender's performance with respect to the amount of resin being used in a recipe blend. Users of inaccurate and unstable gravimetric blend systems are forced to actually overdose additives to avoid the low percentage variations that produce an unsatisfactory product. Thus, overdosing costs large sums of money to the user. Process Control designs electronic and mechanical feed controls to minimize blend deviations, creating a more stable set point for blender accuracy.

Guardian Blender

New at the Guardian blenders can be delivered a drain chute for emptying the material hoppers. The major advantage of this feature is, that a blender can run with e.g. with 3 dosing elements and the fourth hopper can be discharged and prepared for doing the next job.  A color change can be done without time loss and stopping the machine. Many of our customers have asked for this option and we have developed this feature. The solution is well proved under working conditions at many places. Available for all sizes Guardian Blenders 1,25 – 2,5 – 5,0 – 12,0 – 18,0 and 25,0 kg

New user interface
-back lighted-full color-access to all functions 
-with 5.7” touchscreen.
-feature for MHS-interface access to all common connections-USB connectivity

Process Control at Fakuma

To see the latest technology in Batch Blending make sure that you visit us at Fakuma next week. Our experienced technical staff will be onsite to demonstrate how our products could benefit your company and help in reducing downtime in manufacturing.

Bag emptying and pick up box

For use of pellets from bags often a emptying station with a sucking stub for conveying of the material is needed. This Emptying station is as a standard solution from PROCESS CONTROL GmbH made from stainless steel, pickups 40, 50, 63 and 76 mm diameter are standard sucking air inlet with intake protection against sucking in any dirt.

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