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The X Series Continuous Gravimetric Blender

offers unsurpassed blend accuracy and blend homogeneity in a wide range of configurations to meet the needs of any application. For extruder throat-mounted applications, the X Series Blender comes equipped with an integral down-comer to preserve the blended material all the way to the extruder without demixing. For mezzanine or off-line mounting, the blender does not include the down-comer and is designed to work with a number of different options for storing the blended material prior to its use. It is possible to use a remote down-comer. Or for use with starve feed extruders.

The operator enters the desired blend recipe at the operator station. All ingredients are simultaneously metered in the correct blend ratios by inclined augers from individual weighed material hoppers.
The ingredients flow through a cascade chamber which produces the best blend homogeneity.

Mechanical Features
• Individual weighed ingredient hoppers with easy-to-use drains
• Interchangeable metering units with quick disconnect
• Servo gear motors with PWM drive control and closed-loop speed regulation
• Integral loading platform for mounting vacuum receivers
• Designed for easy cleanout and quick changeover
• All material touching parts made from Stainless steel.

Control Features
• Powerful control system with user friendly operating software
• Blender monitors weight loss of each ingredient hopper for precise control of blend ratios
• Weighing system resolution is 1:1,000,000 for maximum accuracy
• Good viewable display for easy watching of inventory and performance data
• Storage for 400 blend recipes in battery-backed memory

• Multiple alarm levels with visual display and contact closures

• Gravimetric Extrusion Control
• Steep-wall hoppers for regrind and other sluggish materials
• High temperature design

Power: 400V / 3 Ph / 50 Hz, or other on request
Picture shows a XCG-Series compact 6 element blender incl. material handling system for a rate of about 550 kg/h or less.



The new ENERGYcut controls with frequency converter and self-adapting intelligent power control for a maximum of energy savings, installed at the pump frame. With this controls the main material will be feed with the max power. If there are difficult materials to convey, the convey power will be reduced to the absolute required minimum and in time without any convey request the energy consumption will go down to the lowest possible level. The line will be in this case still in stand by for accelerating speed up in case of a request.
With this method beside of the energy saving the noise level will be reduced significant.

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Guardian® Gravimetric Batch Blenders improvements

The Guardian® Series Gravimetric batch blenders provide an efficient and cost-effective alternative to feeding raw materials to your plastic process. The modified Version WXA025-Ext for producing up to 550 kg/h Blend is designed to generate a higher quality product at a lower cost. This size can substitute the next bigger sized blender. Cost saving with a great performance was the development target. The Guardian® blender has been designed to meter the individual ingredients, in the desired proportions, into one main weighed hopper. Each individual material is measured and controlled, by weight, to an accuracy of +/- 0.02% for each and every batch. After being weighed, the materials are dropped into an agitated mixing chamber where the blend is thoroughly homogenized prior to entering the plastic process.

The tight control methods used allow processors to reduce the excess amount of raw material used, resulting in savings with every batch made. The blender can be delivered as full stainless steel version.

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