“Even the best slogans, ads, landing pages, PR campaigns, etc., will fall down if they are not supported by the experience people have when they first begin using the product and when they start using it day in, day out.”
~ Stewart Butterfield, co-founder and CEO, Slack

Slack became a $1.1 billion company before hiring a CMO.

They went from being valued at 0 to $4 billion in less than four years, without a single salesperson.

In their latest report, their revenue has grown 49% year-over-year to $181.9 million.

Slack is a success story because its product fits its market like a glove. Its product has growth baked right into it. It's practically selling itself.

Sales-first companies conceive what they can sell, and then build that. Marketing-first companies figure out what will go viral, and then build that. Product-first companies like Slack, on the other hand, start with a real problem and then solve that.

A solid product is the bedrock of a SaaS business.

In an industry that thrives on recurring relationships and negligible switching costs, the product sets the difference between success and failure.

And this July, we at SaaSBOOMi want to help set you up for product-led success. SaaSBOOMi Build is our special ode to celebrate and learn from the best product and engineering minds in SaaS, over a day-long virtual summit.

This month's MRR brings you more details on that and other insightful stories from the SaaS builders themselves.

Dive in!

- Sadhana, on behalf of Team SaaSBOOMi


SaaSBOOMi Build | 25th July 2020

Presenting a first-of-its-kind online program that brings together passionate product and engineering leaders who build and scale global products that customers love. Applications are now open.


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