“We Indians are extremely intelligent people but we can progress as a nation only when we learn the secret of unleashing this positive power of the people. Whenever this happens, it disturbs a lot of people - because they know that a giant is waking up.”
~ Verghese Kurien

India was once a milk-deficient nation that was forced to import butter and condensed milk from foreign dairy conglomerates.

In the 1970s, it adopted a cooperative milk-producing model, that spurred a paradigm shift in the dairy industry. This movement engulfed the domestic market with more milk than it could handle, that India began exporting it, generating revenues for over 50 millions farmers.

Since 1998 till date, India has been the world's largest milk producer.

The project behind this revolution was called "Operation Flood," aka the billion-litre idea. And the man that drove it was Dr Verghese Kurien, aka the Milkman of India.

While the world attributed the White Revolution's success to Dr Kurien's innovative ideas, steely resolve, and commitment to the cause, he believed that all he did was tap into the power that was already present in the people of the country.


"I have constantly stressed that the real power of India lies in its people. Projects such as Operation Flood were meant to unleash this power."

In leadership theory, there are two main leadership styles: transactional and transformational.

While transactional leaders focus on the day-to-day progress toward the set established goals, transformational leaders work towards changing the future.

Transactional leaders operate to maintain the status quo and do nothing beyond that. Their transformational counterparts, on the other hand, challenge that status quo and change the face of the world with their work. Leaders like Nelson Mandela, Steve Jobs, and Verghese Kurien belong to this kind.

And right now, we need such transformational leaders to step forward, come together, and take the reins of the Indian SaaS industry.

India is primed to evolve into a SaaS nation. All we have to do is pay heed to Dr Kurien's advice, step into the inherent power that resides in our people, and unleash it.

We need to start playing the infinite game.

We need to wake the giant up.

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In his brilliant biography, I Too Had a Dream, Dr Kurien gracefully passes on the baton of further transforming India to the next generation. And there couldn't be a better way to conclude this edition, than end with his parting words:

"The India of the future belongs to the young Indians and I believe that for all of them there is but one choice – that choice is to put all their abilities and energies into building the India of all our dreams.

If they are to do so – and I am ever optimistic that they shall – they have to recognise one thing: that great change takes place through small, sometimes invisible, steps.

Our dreams were enormous, our mission mighty. But we moved forward gradually, step by step. We knew we must begin by building a small, strong foundation towards change. We knew that this first foundation we built must be our very own. For as Gandhiji said: ‘Be the change you want to see.'"

Jai Hind!

~ Sadhana, on behalf of Team SaaSBOOMi

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