"For me, it’s about showing up every day and sucking a little less at something. That’s enormously satisfying to me."
~ Anthony Bourdain

Frank Shattuck is a legendary tailor. According to the late Anthony Bourdain, he makes the best bench-made suits in the world, that could "transform the men who wear them into demigods."

What makes Frank stand out is his unequivocal respect and commitment to his craft.

He spent 15 years training with some of the greatest tailors around the world and marinating in the craft of hand tailoring, before even starting on his own.

It takes Frank 65 hours to make a single suit and he only makes about 10-15 of them in a year; he works up to 1200 stitches just to turn a lapel the right way. And a customer can see none of these intricate details underneath the surface.

"There's so many stitches in the suit I could cut corners on. I could cut it down to twenty hours," while Frank admits that it's not the easiest way to earn a living, he does have his reasons. "You may know, you may not know, but I'd know. I'm making a suit for myself first, second, and third."


"You know, sometimes when you get the opportunity to do it right — to take the slow, painstaking way — the customer doesn’t even get it always. Maybe they don’t know everything that went into creating this thing, to making this thing. But you know what? I always do.

And when you do a plate of food right, there is this moment where it sits there in the slide before it goes out to the dining room, and it’s a moment of satisfaction. I don’t need them to come back into the kitchen and say, ‘Oh that was really great,’ or ‘I really get what you did there.’ I know. I know."

~ Anthony Bourdain

And that is the quintessential perk of being a maker—to revel in the purest form of satisfaction when you send your creation out for the world to witness.

Of all things we are, we are makers. In our own rights, working with our own tools, bringing ideas to life in our own ways. We are constantly gathering, forming, and growing things. Whether we're hand-sewing a bespoke suit, programming a chatbot, crafting a landing page, or putting together a team, we are—all of us—makers in essence.

And for this month's edition, we've put together a handy collection of resources to help the SaaS-maker in you.

Dive in!

~ Sadhana, on behalf of Team SaaSBOOMi

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Sathya, our database guru. He manages and crunches our ever-growing data of founders and startups that are part of the SaaSBOOMi ecosystem. For the past four years, Sathya's biggest driving force has been the dream to start up and create a place where people love coming to work, contribute their best and believe in something bigger than themselves. And he reckons that being part of the SaaSBOOMi community makes that dream that much more achievable.

"No other organisation rallies Indian SaaS startups into believing that they too can do it, as much as SaaSBOOMi does. We have this group of founders who're being vulnerable, opening up about their mistakes, and are genuinely committed to helping the upcoming founders. It's much more meaningful than a generic SaaS conference. SaaSBOOMi is a true champion for Indian SaaS. "

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