Welcome 2015!  Let Our Games Begin!


Come create your life, out loud and in community inside of the V.I.B.E. Sacred Circle.

What Do You Really Want?

Have you ever asked yourself what you really want in your life?
What would you absolutely love to do/be/have?
Many people never ask themselves this question, and the result is that they drift through life, busy with the day to day grind, but they never fully realize their purpose or live their dreams.
We all have a purpose!
Bronnie Ware worked as an end of life home carer in Australia and she did a study with some of her terminally ill patients who were nearing the end of their lives. She found that the TOP regret among those on their death bed was “I wish I'd had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.”  ~full article

Other top regrets were wishing they had worked less and allowed themselves to be happier.

If You Could Have Anything You Want—and Even Choose the DAY You Would Have It—How Would that Change Your Life?  Maybe . . . .

You would never worry about money again.
You would spend more time with your family and friends.
Your relationships would improve.
You would be happy and content.
Your health would improve.
You would take another vacation.
You could even change the world!

CLICK Here to watch a Special Invitation VIDEO from Dian Daniel.

Do You Believe You Can Have It?
Before you can have anything in your life you have to be able to see it in your mind first. You have to be able to conceive it, and to believe that you could have it.
If this seems impossible to you right now, don’t worry, that is exactly the kind of thing we support each other with inside of the Raised Vibration "V.I.B.E." Sacred Circle.

Introducing Raised Vibration
“You are the product of the 5 people you are closest to.” ~ David Neagle
Raised Vibration is a complete system to allow you to manifest anything you want in your life. It has two parts to it, the Raised Vibration online platform and the V.I.B.E. Sacred Circle Community.
Included within the Raised Vibration online platform is a suite of online life purpose tools and also access to the Raised Vibration online community. You can even get support from a certified Raised Vibration coach. There is a directory of trained coaches there who offer one-on-one support to help you manifest your biggest desires.
The online platform contains the following life purpose tools:

The V.I.B.E. Sacred Circle is a special group of high vibrational individuals, who come together with the purpose of supporting one another to live their best lives. They meet both in real life, at gatherings and online. This is a mastermind group of creative and successful people, to support you in the fulfillment your highest potential.
The Raised Vibration system is unique because it provides ALL the tools and support you need to create your life on purpose, in one place.

We Don’t Have A Hook!
If you know anything about marketing then you know that marketers advise you to have a ‘hook’. Here at Raised Vibration we have chosen not to do this. We made this choice because we believe that people are smart, they know when something is right for them on a deeper level.
Instead of a ‘hook’ we chose that we would just share our system organically, relying on word of mouth and testimonials from our users, because after all what can be better than a recommendation from someone you know and trust.
We don’t lead with any one aspect or unique selling point because we truly believe you can have it all and what we do here is completely unique. Whatever success means to you as an individual, we support you to create that success in your life. Whatever you desire to manifest will be individual to you, and so we have designed a space that is as unique as you are, to allow you to flourish.

So if you are ready to play, click the red button below and sign up today.

CLICK HERE to watch a Special Invitation VIDEO from Dian Daniel.


"I’ve been “Vibing” for about a year and it has truly changed my life. I’ve taken a lot of personal growth and development courses only to return home and not implement them into my daily life. Thus feeling stuck in the same place yet again. The Raised Vibration tools have brought my hopes and dreams for my life to the forefront. They are now top of mind. I’m able to stay focused on what I want….I’m creating the life of my dreams quicker than I ever dreamed possible. My two sons are also creating vision boards and manifesting their desires too. As a mom I love watching them do this and I think how much easier their lives will be since they are learning to create the lives they want at such a young age(10 and 14)."
~ Dana, Phoenix, AZ

"My number one reason for being a part of the Sacred Circle, or any similar group really, is to keep me in the conversation of acceptance…abundance…gratefulness…living my purpose…and manifestation of my dreams. However, if it were not for this particular group, with these particular people, and these particular souls, it would not be “sacred.” These people have enriched my life significantly. Have I manifested some of my dreams? Absolutely! Am I sill waiting for others? Absolutely! And while waiting, I want to fill my life with good people and great joy!"
~ Karri, Scottsdale, AZ

“Raised Vibration has given me the tools to create what I want to show up in my life. I added tasks like “new job search,” with future dates like “get a job offer,” “give my 2-week notice,” “start a new job that is the perfect fit.” All of these things showed up in my life. I started a new job that I love within a few days of the date I chose on my calendar. This is a powerful tool.”
~ Amber, Hurst, TX

“I’ve lost 16 pounds over the past 10 weeks since becoming a V.I.B.E. member and active user and have never seen that dramatic of a difference in my weight loss efforts before. I think the real key was using the Life Purpose tools to document my health as the most important priority in my life and giving myself just 3 months to do it. After all, I can only accomplish anything else in my life if I’m alive. Once I realized that, the rest was easy. My immediate goal was met ahead of time and now I’ve used the system to create new healthy goals and journal the results along the way. The more I use it, the more I want to use it! The only question I have is where were you 10 years ago?”
~ Paul Martin, Denver, CO

“Since joining Raised Vibration in November, I’ve not only completed my first book that was buried inside me for 10 years, but just launched my SECOND book! Both are selling on Amazon just like I planned in the Intentions and Declarations area. Only five months later and book #3 is already in the works! RV was the missing component I needed to see my ideas were possible and that I could complete them too.”
~ Susan Lee, Boulder, CO

(Additional Testimonials below the Special Invitation Video and on the Raised Vibration Website.)

A Special Time-Sensitive Offer
This is the best time of year to step into your power and step up into a sacred space dedicated to supporting you in creating, manifesting and living a life you truly love. For the next few weeks, the doors are open to join us in utilizing the Raised Vibration System and the V.I.B.E. Sacred Circle Community, to begin creating all that you desire.
Here are a few of the reported benefits from our members:

  • Feeling connected, loved & supported
  • Clarity around your life and what you want
  • Expanded sense of self – Self awareness
  • Knowing who you really are and why you are here
  • Discovering your gifts & talents and sharing them with the world
  • Being a part of a sacred community
  • Realizing your greatness and owning your personal power
  • Empowered by becoming 100% responsible for yourself & the creation of your reality
  • Sense of peace within, regardless of the circumstances
  • Being in alignment with your true divinity
  • Manifesting with velocity
  • Real Self-Mastery
Plus anything else you want and can imagine!
We are inviting you to join us, and step into the Raised Vibration system AND the V.I.B.E. Sacred Circle for the next 6 months, to co-create your new life right along with us.

What Have You Got To Lose?

So ask yourself:
  1. Are you ready to manifest your heart’s desires?
  2. Are you ready for real change and transformation in your life?
  3. Would you love the support of a sacred mastermind group to help you raise your vibration and get there quickly?
If you answer a resounding YES to the above questions then the only other question is:
Are you ready to let your Highest-SELF shine and start creating the life of your dreams?
Don’t worry – we will be with you every step of the way.

Your Commitment
Commitment is important. Without it NOTHING changes. So it is vital that you are committed to creating and living a life you love. In becoming part of the V.I.B.E. Sacred Circle and gaining access to the online tools, support and platform, you will be expected to make a commitment.

Firstly you will be committing some of your valuable time, to working with the tools and getting clear on what you are going to create. You will be required to make a commitment to step into this for 6 months, so that you can really experience the results you want.
This is a very organic process, meaning that there are no set amount of hours that you have to put in, only that you must be willing to spend time on changing your life for the better and come with an open heart.  
The second part of the commitment is a small financial investment in the form of $39 per month. 100% guaranteed, and fully refundable if within the first 30 days you decide this just isn't your cup of tea.
So all there is to do is . . . Come Out And Play!
If this calls to you come and join us.
What does your heart say?
When our intuition whispers to us, it tells us whether a particular action is in alignment with our true purpose.
Would you LOVE to be a part of this community of high vibrational people? Do you want ‘in’ to the online platform? If this is for you, we are looking forward to welcoming you and can't wait to support you as you begin creating the life of your dreams.
Don’t wait, procrastination is the enemy! You can start creating your most amazing life TODAY!

So if you are ready to play, click the red button below and sign up today.

CLICK HERE to watch a Special Invitation VIDEO from Dian Daniel.

A Note from Dian Daniel, Founder of Raised Vibration

“I believe there are no accidents. For those daring souls who are ready to take the leap and take their lives to a new vibrational level, the time is NOW. It takes something special to dig deep inside yourself to rediscover who you really are, and become your very own EXPERT, creating and living a life YOU love. That is what this journey is ALL about! I believe you are ready, or you wouldn't be reading these words right now. So, let's do this! 2015 is waiting for the BEST YOU YET! I am committed to THAT, without question."


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