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Lies, Damned Lies & Statistics

Even in light of the facts in this opinion piece, “CDC’s Latest ‘Best Estimate’ of COVID Death Rate Is 13 Times Lower Than Initial WHO Claim”  Democrat Governors and left-leaning un-elected bureaucrats have stubbornly stuck to their false narrative and ignore any fact that doesn’t advance their agenda.  Is there anyone who still believes them? […]
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Kataline Guest Hosts On the Alan Nathan Show 5.20.20 Hr. 2

Karen Kataline Guest Hosts On the Alan Nathan Show 5.20.20 Hr. 2 Why are Democrats acting to curtail our freedoms and Republicans acting to restore them? GUESTS:  Dr. Steven Grant, Curtis Ellis, Dan Eberhart, Tim Andrews
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Kataline guest-hosts, The Alan Nathan Show 5.21.20 guests: Alan Dershowitz, Victor Davis Hanson

Karen Kataline guests-hosts on The Alan Nathan Show, 5/21/20 Are forced vaccinations coming? Why is there such a difference between “big city” America and small town America? GUESTS: Ed Martin, Alan Dershowitz, Dr. Victor Davis Hanson       photo credit: trendingtopics dershowitz (Trending Twitter Topics from 07.07.2019) via photopin (license)
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Kataline guest-hosts on The Alan Nathan Show 5/21/20 hr. 2

Karen Kataline guest-hosts on The Alan Nathan Show. Is there a rule somewhere that the most incompetent and corrupt people in government are the ones most likely to use force on others? GUESTS:  Former State Senator, Ted Harvey, Former Congresswoman Nan Hayworth, MD, Trevor Loudon
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Kataline Guests Hosts on The Alan Nathan Show 5.20.20 hr. 1

Karen Kataline guest hosts on The Alan Nathan Show, 5.20.20  hr. 1: The first step to standing up for Liberty is to recognize when it is under attack GUESTS: Lauren Boebert, Kathy Barnette
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Spouting Off #113 Guest: John O’Connor

Karen talks about free will and individualism as a primary threat to the avowed and secret socialists now attempting to forever change our country.  Hey, isn’t that cultural appropriation? Guest, John O’Connor, San Francisco attorney who revealed the identity of Deep Throat; the source who leaked the key details of President Richard Nixon’s Watergate cover-up. […]
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