Sink Into Slow Week 4: You're well on your way <<First Name>>!
Sink Into Slow: Weekly prompts, activities and inspiration to help guide your personal unfolding into Slow.
Congratulations <<First Name>>!

For FOUR weeks you put Slow at the forefront.

acknowledged your desire to slow things down and you gave yourself the gift of doing something about it.

You articulated what "sinking into slow" would look and feel like for you, and why you felt called to do so.

You identified your personal Basics - a list of routines or activities that are fundamental to your self-care to which you can scale back at any time to rest & regroup.

You explored practices to still the mind, creating space for your intuition to be heard, and then you added a few tools to your life navigation toolbox, to help you approach your everyday schedule and activities through a lens of Slow.

Um, WOW!

I really don't have much to add today. No matter where you are on your journey, I think you are well on your way to sinking into Slow just by being here.

Yes you have a few extra cues and tools for the journey, but most importantly you have your Self. You have your intuition.

Trust and listen to your intuition.

It knows when you need to slow down just as much as it knows when you're ready to forge ahead again.

YOU know.

This journey has been good to me, I am forever grateful that you chose to come along for the ride.

So grateful.

During the next week or so I will be sending you a questionnaire to gather feedback on the e-workshop. You can also send me your initial thoughts via email if you'd like. I've shared some of my insights here & there along the way, I look forward to hearing some of yours!

Until then I wish you a great weekend and continued sinking into Slow. I'll talk to you soon.

In spirit of discovery, flexibility and simplicity,

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