Everything you need to Sink Into Slow in one handy dandy spot...
Sink Into Slow: Weekly prompts, activities and inspiration to help guide your personal unfolding into Slow.
Hi Stephanie,

Things have started to pick up now that September is here - at least in my neck of the woods they have. There are e-courses to be taken, extra hours at my office job and so many projects wanting to be brought to life!

Luckily last month's Sinking Into Slow is still manifesting through...
  • quicker recognition that it's time to scale back,
  • increased awareness of what works well and what I need to restore my energy, and
  • a more deliberate approach to action and activity.
I'd be willing to bet your schedule amped up a notch too; have you noticed anything different in your approach?

I thought I'd check in.

I also want to make sure you have everything you need to Sink Into Slow right here, in one handy dandy spot.
Here are the links to all the e-workshop mailouts, starting with Week 4:

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Sink Into Slow: Feedback Questionnaire
Sink Into Slow Week 4: You are well on your way.
Sink Into Slow Week 4: Slow in Your Everyday World
Sink Into Slow Week 3: Two Favourite Books on Stillness + A Request for Your Favourites
Sink Into Slow Week 3: Practicing Stillness
Sink Into Slow Week 2: Channelling that Restful Energy
Sink Into Slow Week 2: Back to Basics

We've come a long way haven't we?

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The feedback questionnaire will come soon. In the meantime, enjoy your weekend!

In spirit of discovery, flexibility and simplicity,

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