Sink Into Slow Week 2: Channel that restful energy, <<First Name>>.
Sink Into Slow: Weekly prompts, activities and inspiration to help guide your personal unfolding into Slow.
Hi <<First Name>>!

I hope you've been able to incorporate some of your Basics into your week. Maybe you've even started to notice a difference in outlook and energy?

I have noticed a difference. Even on days that are less than stellar - and there are some - there's an awareness that keeps me in check.

Slow is at the forefront.

Today I want to share a little trick I used that led to one of the best. days. ever.

Last weekend, in an effort to live Slow, I channeled the energy of a favourite, restful place and asked myself: "If I was at the cottage right now, what would I do?"

One thing was certain, I wouldn't be vacuuming, working or doing laundry!

That day I wrote in my journal, I watched the birds and I read. I spent two hours in the woods and field with my beloved and my camera. I co-created a delicious dinner, I danced in the kitchen and relaxed the night away.

I channeled the relaxing energy of one of my favourite healing spaces right here at home for an entire day and just went with the flow.

As a result, I incorporated several of my Basics into my day: Morning Pages, healthful food, time with loved ones, time away from the computer and time in nature.

I felt soooooo rested. So light and happy.

Where do you go to recharge? Whether it's the campground, the spa or a lakeside retreat, do you think you could channel its energy for one day in your own home?

In spirit of discovery, flexibility and simplicity,

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