Weekly prompts

  1. What are your Basics? Write them down.
  2. Try to incorporate a few of your Basics in your schedule this week. Notice how that feels.
  3. Do you feel a need to drastically scale your schedule back to Basics for a while? What would you need to shift in your schedule to do it this week? Or, if a full week isn't practical right now, the next two days?

Suggested activities

Complete the weekly prompts.

Choose one of your Basics and indulge. If you wrote down healthful meals, see if you can find a gourmet health food eatery that offers take-out. If sleep is on the agenda, claim your favourite napping spot for an hour and use it. Run a favourite trail, find a cleaning buddy, buy some new paints...


"Sometimes the most urgent thing you can possibly do is take a complete rest." ~ Ashleigh Brilliant

"When going back makes sense, you are going ahead." ~ Wendell Berry

"We are vulnerable and exquisite creatures, complex mechanisms intended to move at a human and humane pace. We elect that pace every time we slow down to gather - and feel - our strength." ~ Julia Cameron, Walking in this World


In spirit of discovery, flexibility and simplicity,

Stephanie : )