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Exchange a Blade
King Canada
KMS Tools
Lee Valley
Next Wave Automation
Pony Jorgensen
Rubio Monocoat
Works Big in Small Spaces
The rail-mounted handle is now offset from the point of contact and allows a wider variety of assembly applications in comparison to more traditional clamps. The GearKlamp reduces or eliminates the need for awkward glue-up workarounds. The BESSEY GearKlamp also offers a more compact solution than the classic bar clamp. Broad movements of the clamping arm are done with a quick-adjust button that allows one to get to the right clamping position quickly and productively. The final clamping action is completed by turning the handle, which is uniquely positioned around the rail.     Where to Buy
Durable Long Lasting Impact Bits
StaySHarp by EAB offers this amazing Torsion Impact Bit Set that comes in a durable case with 41 pieces. The torsion zone is designed to withstand the high impact forces of today's powerful impact drivers, making these bits impact rated. The hardened S2 steel makes them more efficient, lasting over 10X longer than standard bits. With a magnetic tip and precision matching for a perfect and secure fit. Great gift as this set will simplify any job!    Where to buy
Get the Smoothest of Rip Cuts
Forrest’s dedicated 30-tooth Woodworker II ripping blade yields surprisingly smooth cuts right from your saw, eliminating the need for second-step finishing. It’s perfect for low-resistance, easy-feed ripping of soft or hard woods of any thickness, and for fast ripping of plywood sheets without splintering the veneer. The 7-1/4" diameter, thin kerf version is designed for lower-power handheld circular saws. Its standard bore fits 5/8" and diamond-shaped arbors. It also removes 25% less material than other blades. It's an affordable and highly useful addition to your shop.     Where To Buy
Super Clean Cutting Router Bits
Freud Quadra-Cut 4-Cutter design router bits deliver a flawless finish time after time. Standard two cutter router bit designs leave a rough finish on delicate material. Freud's 4-cutter design includes two large cutters that shear upward and two smaller cutters that shear downward to produce a splinter-free flawless finish.    Where to Buy

Full-Featured Bandsaw
The King Canada KC-1402FX offers just the right blend of precision, capacity, and power in a 14" bandsaw. It features an adjustable upper/lower ball bearing blade guide system, belt tension adjustment knob that makes it easy to release blade tension when the saw is not in use to help prolong blade life, a rack and pinion height adjustment system, a flexible LED light to increase work piece visibility, along with a cast aluminum miter gauge and rip fence with 5” high face.     Where to Buy

The Versatile Angle Grinder Accessory
When it comes to freehand carving on your larger projects, no other tool gets the job done better than Kutzall Shaping Wheels. Paired with a quality right angle grinder, these wheels have helped skilled craftsmen create truly remarkable things. The rugged tungsten-carbide coating allows for superior material removal and outstanding wear-life. Minimal clogging and effortless control, you’ll use them project after project.   Where to Buy
Woodworking Books

Need a project idea? Interested in learning new techniques? KMS Tools has an excellent selection of woodworking books—and they're all on sale this holiday season. With titles that cover a range of topics and disciplines—from cabinetry to intarsia and beyond—KMS has something to suit woodworkers of every grain. Popular books include guides to jig making and wood finishing, project books for woodturning and hand carving, and essential reference material about joinery, furniture building, toy making and more.     Where to Buy
Limited Edition 40th Anniversary Veritas Pocket Plane
To celebrate Lee Valley’s 40th anniversary, they have produced a special version of their pocket plane. Instead of cast steel, this limited-edition version has a stainless-steel body with a satin finish and a nickel-plated lever cap. More than just cosmetic differences, these changes also make the plane more resistant to corrosion – an appropriate way to commemorate a long-lasting tool company. 4-1/2" long and 1-1/4" wide overall, and weighs less than 10 oz.     Where to Buy
Compact Moisture Meter
Mini-Ligno moisture meters are made easy to use and sturdy. They give accurate and reliable measurements due to Lignomat’s advanced measuring technology. The unique LED display is virtually unbreakable and bright enough to read even in poorly lit areas. The mini-Ligno MD provide a measuring range of 6-25% – wide enough to cover all applications from woodworking to home construction, and water damage repair, and lumber drying.     Where to Buy

Jorgensen E-Z HOLD Expandable Bar Clamp
“Look, Ma! One hand!” Unique Jorgensen E-Z HOLD bar clamps allow for rapid and easy clamping and can easily be converted to spreader clamps. The contoured comfort grip and quick-release lever make it simple to get a firm grasp, and our exclusive patented feature lets you join two clamps together to create a clamp with more than double the opening capacity of a single clamp. Deep-reach pads help protect your work.     Where to Buy

The Award-winning Professional Cabinet Saw
With SawStop’s legendary safety system that stops on contact with skin, the Professional Cabinet Saw is ideal for craftsmen, woodworkers and hobbyists. The SawStop 10" Professional Cabinet Saw provides superior performance to meet the demands of discerning craftsmen, woodworkers and hobbyists. With SawStop’s legendary diagnostic system that ensures the saw is ready to respond, ground-breaking 99 percent dust collection and peerless fit and finish, this saw is built to satisfy the toughest expert users, and ready to help you get the job done.  The result: quality, precision and durability.      Where to Buy
Pinless Moisture Meter
The Award-Winning Orion 950 Smart Pinless Wood Moisture Meter combines a dual depth moisture meter, ambient conditions monitor, and equilibrium moisture content calculator into an indispensable woodworking tool. It connects via Bluetooth to a smart device app for even more features. Orion wood moisture meters feature true in-the-field calibration exclusive only to the Orion line.     Where to Buy
Combination Worktable and Sawhorse
The WORX Pegasus is a space-saving worktable that quickly and easily converts into a sawhorse that supports up to 1,000 pounds. It has a 31" × 25" tabletop that supports up to 300 lbs and features integrated quick clamps and slots for four clamp dogs. A lower storage shelf holds tools and materials, and includes a place to attach a power strip. Can be interlocked with another Pegasus to get an expanded work surface.     Where to Buy
User-Friendly Rotary Tool
Designed for beginners in mind, the Dremel Lite is a user-friendly solution for a wide range of projects. Making projects like sanding wood or engraving metal easy. The Lite is a handheld cordless rotary tool that features 8,000-25,000 RPM of rechargeable battery powered by an efficient USB system that holds its charge. The four different speed settings offer better control for different applications, plus the lightweight design and soft grip make it easy and comfortable to use. The Lite is compatible with Dremel’s entire line of rotary accessories, making it a must-have for busy homeowners and new DIYers.     Where to buy
Still the Oscillating Tool of Choice
With a soft-start motor for super smooth speed acceleration, electronic speed control that delivers constant speed under load, exceptional build quality for maximum durability and long tool life, and the game changing QuickIN tool clamping system for super quick accessory changeover, it's no wonder the FEIN MultiMaster FMM350QSL is so popular among cabinet installers, renovators, finish carpenters, flooring installers, and trades people. Reliable, durable, unbeatable.     Where to Buy
Premium Saw Blades

Freud saw blades are recognized as the best in the business. Their blades feature Premium TiCo HI-Density Carbide teeth for sharper edge retention and flawless finish with a dramatically longer cutting life, Laser-Cut Anti-Vibration Slots drastically reduce vibration and sideways movement in the cut extending blade life and giving a crisp, splinter-free flawless finish. Available in a full kerf two-blade pack (#P410 and #LM74R010) and in a thin kerf two-blade pack (#P410T and #LM75R010). P410 blades are ideal for crosscutting, while the LM74/75R010 blades excel at heavy duty glue line ripping.     Where to Buy
Superior HVLP Spray Systems
For the professional woodworker or cabinetmaker looking for a spray system with enough power and portability for fine-finishing projects, the award-winning Fuji Spray Mini-Mite PLATINUM Series is a must-have. Exclusive to Fuji Spray is a unique Heat Dissipation Chamber that removes any heat build-up in the turbine case, and Noise Reduction Covers to reduce sound. The benefits of a cooler running unit results in a longer life for the turbine motor compared to standard turbines.     Where to Buy
Super Smooth Jointing
To plane a board smooth, it must have one flat side. For great glue joints, your pieces must have perfectly flat and square edges. Coupled with your planer, the jointer makes your material sizing abilities complete. The KC-6HJC delivers flat, square and smooth and is the best choice for all your jointing requirements. This 6" benchtop machine has a dozen double-sided inserts providing an excellent finish, minimal tear out and effortless production. Even spalted or heavily figured woods return exceptional results from this helical style cutter head.    Where to Buy
The Ultimate Man-Powered, Hand Shaping Instrument
Kutzall Hand Rasps strike a fascinating balance between the shaping and smoothing function of a conventional file and the aggressive stock removal of a wood rasp. The Half-Round Rasp is a versatility specialist. With the combination of a rounded side for concave surfaces, edges and holes, and a flat side for quick leveling and rounding over, you’ll find this rasp will come through for you in just about any situation.     Where to Buy
Give a Gift Subscription
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Lee Valley Replica Bevel Square
This replica functions as a typical combination square. A lip on the long side of the head registers against a workpiece for easy marking of ±45°, while the rule is used more conventionally for 90°. Although the 8" long by 1" hardened (Rc40-45) stainless-steel rule is without graduations, it works well for taking and transferring dimensions referentially. The investment cast stainless-steel head is about 2-1/2" high by 4- 7/8" wide by 9/16" deep and weighs about half a pound. Made in Canada.     Where to Buy
Robust and Feature Rich CNC Routing
The new CNC Shark HD5 has everything you need for quick set-up and running, and it's built with industrial grade components in the USA. Use it with your 2-1/4HP router or a Next Wave Automation water-cooled spindle [not included]. The HD5 is available in a standard size with an XYZ travel of 25'' x 25'' or in an extended size with an XYZ travel of 25" x 50". Both include the exclusive Virtual Zero Unlimited software and Vectric VCarve design software (the extended comes with VCarve Pro) and have lifetime technical support.   Where to Buy
Colour and Protect in a Single Coat
RMC Oil Plus 2C is a two component finish, available in 40 standard colours that can be applied to any wood surface. It’s comprised of an oil and an accelerator that you mix together and then easily apply with brush, pad or cloth for a quick drying superior finish that is wear, water, and heat resistant and 100 percent VOC-free. It cures fast, and after 5 days the surface can be cleaned with water and soap. Available in 350 ml, 1.3L and 3.5L duo cans. (Use the Promo Code 'Happy Holidays' and Save 10%)
New Generation Low Profile Respirator 
The light and compact Trend Stealth is a new generation N100 half- mask respirator with dramatically improved features that will benefit users in low and strenuous activities for extended periods of time. It provides a 99.99% filter efficiency (to 0.3 microns) due to a special HEPAC filter material (exclusive to Trend) in combination with a unique protective grill that deflects dust away from the dual filters. The downward facing exhaust valve greatly reduces fogging of glasses and shields. The Trend Stealth is over 3 times easier to breathe with than other N100 half masks.     Where to Buy
ExacTrack Cordless Circular Saw
ExacTrack helps to make straight cuts easier by keeping the blade flush against the cutting guide board. The flush-mount blade design on this 6-1/2" saw increases visibility, and an easy-to-use bevel gauge enables precise angles as needed. In standard mode, the saw will be set up for regular 90-degree or bevel cutting. A blade guard lever and bevel gauge improve control and efficiency.     Where to Buy

Ten FREE Easy Gift Projects

All of these projects can be made over a weekend or a week of evenings. For those who like to build from plans, we’ve included many projects from previous issues. They include play blocks, toy trains, cutting boards, a tool box, a display stand and more. If you’re really pressed for time, make sure to select finishes that dry fast. Shellac, water-based finishes and acrylic paint are good choices.
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