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  ISSUE 14  //  February 2016 //  General edition  

Message from the Chair

The new annual declaration for tax and BAS agents commenced on 1 January. The annual declaration replaces the previous obligation for registered agents to notify us how they meet the TPB's professional indemnity insurance requirements each year. It is also a simple way all tax and BAS agents show they are meeting other registration obligations, including continuing professional education, fitness and propriety and personal tax obligations.
It is important that you complete your annual declaration when we email you to advise that it is due. As it is a formal request from the Board, your registration could be suspended or terminated if you fail to respond to our request.
Of the 371 annual declarations that were due by 1 January, the three agents who did not complete it on time are now being investigated. Of the 2,770 annual declarations that were due by 1 February, 82 agents did not complete it on time and are now being investigated.
If your annual declaration is due in March or April, please make sure you submit it on time to avoid an investigation.

Avoid an investigation
Complete your annual declaration when we email you 45 days before it is due. It is a simple form that takes around five minutes to complete online. Do not risk putting it off and forgetting to complete it later.

You can make sure our email appears in your inbox by adding us to your email contacts list.

Your annual declaration is due each year on the anniversary of your renewal date except in the renewal year. If you are unsure when it is due you can check your renewal date on the TPB Register.

Ian R Taylor
Chair, Tax Practitioners Board




$81,500 penalty for providing and advertising tax agent services while unregistered

The Federal Court of Australia has ordered Ms Lorraine Amede of Brisbane and her company, Lamede Group Pty Ltd, to pay $81,500 in penalties for unlawfully providing and advertising tax agent services.

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Email requests and reminders

We use email to advise you when it is time for you to respond to us on important matters such as your registration renewal or to complete your annual declaration. You can make sure you receive our email requests and reminders by adding and to your email contacts list or address book.

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RSS feed update

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We have recently updated the RSS feed for our website.  Please subscribe to our new RSS feed to be alerted about updates and news on our website. You may need a feed reader application to subscribe to a RSS feed.

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Labour hire or on-hire firms

After extensive consultation with stakeholders, we have finalised an information sheet to assist labour hire or on-hire firms to understand the tax agent services regime and decide if they need to register with us.

TPB(I) 26/2016 Labour hire/on-hire firms

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