Issue 20 | Special edition (AFS licensees) - March 2017

Message from the Chair

Welcome to this special edition of eNews for Australian financial services (AFS) licensees.

In this issue we are talking exclusively to you in recognition of your important role in the tax (financial) adviser profession.

All of us have a busy year ahead, given that around 19,000 tax (financial) adviser notifiers must renew their registration by the end of this calendar year.

Since late last year we have been working closely with AFS licensees to streamline processes and find out how we can best assist you and your representatives with registration renewals within this timeframe. We are keen to ensure you understand what is required for your authorised representatives (including individual and corporate authorised representatives) to renew their registration.

In addition to the TPB’s ongoing work to assist authorised representatives renew their registration, we continue to work closely with AFS licensees to assist you understand the requirements that you need to meet to ensure a timely renewal of your registration.

We recently offered a bulk renewal process to AFS licensees with 10 or more individual authorised representatives and this is now well underway, with TPB key client managers providing assistance. We have had a pleasing take up of the bulk renewal process. Other AFS licensees who qualified to participate in bulk renewal have instead chosen to encourage their individual authorised representatives to submit their renewals directly with the TPB and we are supporting those separately.

An email has recently been sent to all of you as TPB-registered AFS licensees as a reminder that if any individual or corporate authorised representatives are providing tax (financial) advice services for a fee or other reward, they must seek registration with the TPB as soon as possible.

We have also sent a letter to all those AFS licensees that are currently not registered with the TPB, approximately 5000, asking them to check whether they and their authorised representatives are providing tax (financial) advice services for a fee or reward. If they are, we are letting them know they need to be registered with the TPB to provide those services legally.

During April we are also running an advertising campaign on finance industry websites with the message – ‘Do you provide financial advice? Are you registered with the TPB?’

Our objective is to reach as many unregistered financial adviser entities as possible and alert them to the need to register, encouraging them to consider the transitional option before 30 June 2017.

Read on to find out how we are working with you to develop resources and provide other support in renewing the registrations of your authorised representatives over the next nine months.

Ian R Taylor
Chair, Tax Practitioners Board

First TPB live-streamed event

Over 700 financial planners and advisers Australia-wide joined our first live-streamed event presented by TPB Board member, Julie Berry. The presentation entitled Everything you need to know about your tax (financial) adviser registration was recorded and is now available. The video includes Julie and TPB Chair, Ian Taylor, answering questions sent by participants during the session. Watch the video, make a diary note and add 90 minutes to your CPE/CPD.

Join upcoming webinars

Events designed to assist tax (financial) advisers as they approach registration or renewal, are presented by the TPB on a regular basis. Go to our website for more information about upcoming webinars for tax (financial) advisers and to register for sessions on topics including renewing your registration and the Code of Professional Conduct.

Latest newsroom articles

Keep an eye on the TPB website for newsroom articles of interest for your authorised representatives. Why not use the links or copy the full articles and tailor them for your communications as required?

Information kits available

Two information kits have been developed to assist you and your authorised representatives to renew their TPB registration. Let them know these resources are available on the tax (financial) advisers section of the TPB website:

TPB video

You and your authorised representatives can quickly learn how the TPB works with tax practitioners to maintain the integrity of the tax profession by watching a short new video.

Your feedback

We invite your feedback on topics or issues you would like us to address in future editions of TPB eNews.


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