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July Newsletter

Hi everyone, and welcome to the July 1st (more or less) newsletter. My life is getting back to what passes for normal here following the release of “Contact Sport” on February 1st in both hardcover print as well as all eBook electronic formats.

Almost immediately, I “went on the road,” flying to Orlando, Florida for the “HamCation” ham radio convention there (5-10K people),  back here for a major book-signing at BookPeople, the largest book store in Texas (and an Austin version of Powell’s in Portland), then off in May with my wife,  Diana, for the largest ham radio conference in the USA (25K more or less) in Dayton, OH followed by two smaller stops at non-radio book-signings in southern West Virginia, and finally back home and on the road again in June to the Dallas, TX area to the HamCom at the Irving Convention Center. I got used to getting up very early and driving to convention centers I was unfamiliar with, unloading my car with up to ten cartons (heavy!) of books, tidying up a sales table/booth and getting up posters on the rear curtains, etc. Then “making nice” for eight hours or more as people passed by. Since I was the only person selling books at these events (usually), my little table was not the high-traffic center, but people did stop by. Those who knew about “Contact Sport” definitely wanted to buy a copy, and I had plenty of discussions with people who had not heard of the new book. Interestingly, my first book, “Reunion,” sold fairly well too, since the cover is very attractive and the story is compelling. I found that women are good readers, generally are attracted to books, and were attracted to “Reunion.”

If you are reading this in the general area of Central Texas, please consider “Contact Sport” as a book club selection. I have a “special offer” and will travel up to two hours to your gathering if you wish in order to answer any questions about the book and the writing process. Note: “Reunion” has been selected by six area book clubs that graciously invited me. Every one of these was a delightful experience. The offer of course remains open for “Reunion” as well as “Contact Sport.”

Speaking of the new book, it’s interesting, naturally, to check the sales numbers and the geographical distribution. No geographic data are available for eBook downloads. “Contact Sport” print sales have been primarily in the Austin area, which is usual with the large book-signing here in March. But taking that out, the largest sales numbers have been as follows: Boston, Washington DC, New York, Los Angeles, SF/Oakland/San Jose, Indianapolis, Seattle/Tacoma, and Dallas/Fort Worth.

In the past month alone, the top three sales areas have been Boston, Norfolk/Newport News, and Washington DC. It’s nice to see the interest over the entire country and also not surprising to see the number one area as New England, since the majority of the volunteers and key players in the World Radiosport Team Championship in 2014 are from that area.

Sales are holding up fairly well in the “big picture,” with the Hard Cover in the top 50-60K and the Kindle in the top 60-70K of all books. These may sound anemic but they are out of eight million, and represent good activity, or so I am told. I am biased, of course, but consider the story to be well told and compelling.

Upcoming activities include an appearance on a widely viewed ham radio Internet broadcast, which is seen in many countries and has a viewing audience in the thousands:

The program also is broadcast on international short wave station WBCQ on 5130 KHz. I’m tentatively scheduled for the Tuesday night round table (July 5th) at 8 PM Central and need to get my Skype set up working well. This entire “new media thing” is amazing, and I’m overwhelmed by the interest and the audience so far.

My previous interview on the international podcast was a clear success, with loads of listener comments and additional sales. My interview was #89 and you can listen to it at any time here:

The host of that podcast lives in Israel and does a marvelous job of interviewing. Frankly, the podcast resulted in more feedback than the sum total of the six AM/FM radio interviews in February and March. Things, they are a–changing, ain’t they?

In addition, I am committed to bringing out “Contact Sport” as an audio book. My son, Jimmy, owns and operates an excellent small recording studio in this area, and he will record, produce, and master the book. I will be the reader. More information on this to follow!

If you’re still with me, please do check out my blogs, which are posted about every two weeks on my author’s web site:

The last four blogs are shown on this URL: Click on any of them for a great read. In addition, look for my upcoming blog on “Aliens” in a week or two. It’s gonna be amazing.” Oops, a little over the top. Where did I get that?

This is probably too long already. It’s hot in Austin, really hot. Those who can take the time off are scurrying to New Mexico and Colorado to the high country. We will be here until an August trip to Portland, Oregon to visit the grandsons. That will be wonderful. Until next month, I’m scheduling some overdue maintenance on my ham radio station (in the heat!).

Please let me have any comments and feedback by email. Thanks to everyone for your interest and support. Be well, and a happy 4th of July to all!

JK (Jim) George


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