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 Bulletin 36, November 11, 2015
Unions Against Fracking (UAF)
November 11th, 2015


Bruno Dobrusin, Central de Trabajadores de la Argentina <>
Fernando Losada, National Nurses United, US <>
Josua Mata, Sentro---Philippines <>
Bishnu Rimal, General Federation of Nepalese Workers  <>
Sean Sweeney, Trade Unions for Energy Democracy <>

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Thirty trade union bodies representing tens of millions of workers have issued a statement calling for a "global moratorium on hydraulic fracturing (fracking) for shale gas, coal seam gas, and shale oil."

Among the thirty first-signers are national trade union centers from: Argentina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Nepal, Peru and he Philippines; two Global Union Federations representing education and public service workers, and key unions in health care, energy and water utilities.

If you or your union would like more information about this initiative, please contact UAF here

Local, national and international level unions are all invited to sign on.

Unions are also among more than 1,000 organizations that have signed the Global Frackdown for Paris.

Adolfo Aguirre, Secretary of International Relations, Central de Trabajadores de la Argentina"In Argentina we have witnessed the heroic resistance to fracking being led by the Mapuche people in Neuquén province. The YPF-Chevron agreement to frack for shale gas and oil has led to heavy police repression of activists, and homes of Mapuche residents have been burned to the ground. The prospect of high-volume fracking in Argentina will lead to even more resistance--we need a global response."

Jean Ross, RN Co-President, National Nurses United, US: "Nurses around the world are standing up to all forms of extreme extraction. In the US, we have seen the health impacts of fracking for shale gas and oil on workers through rig fatalities and silica exposure. And we have seen the health impacts among our patients--particularly children--in communities across Texas, Pennsylvania and now California due to chemical exposures from nearby fracking operations. The ban on fracking in New York state was largely based on health concerns both from water contamination and from air pollution; this precautionary principle should apply everywhere."

Bishnu Rimal, President, General Federation of Nepalese Workers"We do not have shale gas or oil in Nepal, and therefore no fracking is taking place. But we do have glaciers, and farmers and urban dwellers who depend on the water provided by them. These glaciers are retreating; in fact glacial retreat in this region is happening faster than anywhere else in the world. Fugitive methane from drilling sites in countries like the US is warming the atmosphere and the effects of this on the eco-systems of Nepal and other countries is indisputable."

Josua Mata, Secretary General, Sentro, Philippines: "It is a scientific fact that tropical cyclones in the Pacific are getting more intense as ocean temperatures rise--two thirds are now a category three or stronger, and Yolanda was the largest to ever reach land. Fugitive methane from fracking is making a contribution to these extreme weather events, and poor countries like the Philippines are paying a high price. With climate change, there is no such thing as 'not in my back yard' because we are all impacted by actions taken elsewhere. Today it is the poor countries that are the most vulnerable, but tomorrow it will be everybody. Which is why we need to show international solidarity around a commitment to stop fracking and other forms of extreme extraction."


About getting involved
For unions considering being formally involved TUED, most of the information you need is here.  To discuss on Skype, please send a contact request to Sweeney112

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