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Listening is Learning Event

Listening is Learning poster. Text - learn to listen, listen to learn. Be smart like a fox! Image of fennic fox kit with very large ears.
March is International Listening Month, and it's time for DCMP's Listening is Learning campaign, reminding everyone that video with description is vital for students with visual impairments and can increase learning opportunities for everyone. You can participate by ordering free LiL posters, brochures, and certificates, and downloading our lesson guide!

BADIE Contest Winners Announced!

Text - BADIE Benefits of Audio Description in Education. A young girl with a pony tail wears glasses and smiles, sitting at a desk with her hands on a refreshable braille display.
DCMP and the American Council of the Blind's Audio Description Project are proud to announce the winners of the 2018 BADIE Awards! The Benefits of Audio Description In Education Contest asked students who are blind or visually impaired to submit reviews of a described movie or other video, with prizes awarded by the ACB to the winners and to the teachers of the first place winners.

"The young people honored with these awards not only appreciate the ability to enjoy films and television right along with their peers," said Kim Charlson, president of the ACB, "description helps them and their sighted friends develop language skills through exposure to varied word choice, synonyms, metaphors and similes. I love audio description, and wish I’d had access to it when I was growing up!”

The winners of this year’s honors (all young people who are blind or visually impaired) are:  

Grand Prize Winner:

Townsend Stemple – West Virginia School for the Blind, Romney, WV
Review of Moko: The Snow’s Fury and Healing With Animals--Blindness: Living Fully In A Seeing World

Senior Category (ages 16 to 21):

First Place – Michael Gast, South Dakota School for the Blind and Visually Impaired, Aberdeen, SD – Review of Daredevil 

Second Place – Dezmond Ward, Nansemond River High School, Suffolk, VA – Review of The Angry Bird Movie 

Third Place – Kenneth Jacoby, Nansemond River High School, Suffolk, VA – Review of Doctor Strange

Junior Category (ages 11 to 15):

First Place – Townsend Stemple, West Virginia School for the Blind, Romney, WV (see above)

Second Place – Audrey Mattingley, West Virginia School for the Blind, Romney, WV – Review of The Dark, Dark House and The Week Before Christmas

Third Place – Isabella Patterson, West Virginia School for the Blind, Romney, WV – Review of The Dark, Dark House and The Week Before Christmas

Sophomore Category (ages 7 to 10):

First Place – Shaelin Shakespeare, Western Pennsylvania School for Blind Children, Pittsburgh, PA – Review of The Magic School Bus: Inside Ralphie

Second Place – Triston Stemple, West Virginia School for the Blind, Romney, WV – Review of Moko: The Snow’s Fury and ECO-Kids Explore: Wind Power 

Third Place – Wyatt Kuncl, WV School for the Blind, Romney, WV – Review of Do the Penguin Shuffle

Alternate Assessment Category:

First Place – Ryant Vo, Nansemond River High School, Suffolk, VA – Review of Doctor Strange

Second Place – Hayden Miller, West Virginia School for the Blind, Romney, WV – Review of Do the Penguin Shuffle

TIP: Interactive Transcript and Search Function

Screen capture of DCMP video player with text below and a search bar.
When you click the "Transcript" button under the DCMP video player, you will enable the Interactive Transcript feature. This will display a scrolling transcript of the video's captioning file. You can use the "Search Transcript" feature to find specific words within the captioning file, and it will take you directly to that section of the video.

Some teachers and students may wish to use the caption transcript as an additional way to read along with the audio. Sentences are highlighted as they are being spoken. A 3Play Media MIT OpenCourseware study showed that students are able to move at their own pace, learn in a multi-sensory mode, improve comprehension, and stay more focused.

Have you used our Interactive Transcripts? We'd love to hear from you! Email us at

Women's History Month

Patty Jenkins directs actors Gal Gadot and Chris Pine, on horseback in a wooded area, in the 2017 blockbuster Wonder Woman. Patty Jenkins directs actors Gal Gadot and Chris Pine in Wonder Woman. © Warner Bros.

2017 reminded us that history is always in the making. From the Women's March on Washington to the brave women of the #MeToo movement, women and girls made positive, permanent changes in American culture. From the blockbuster movie Wonder Woman, directed by Patty Jenkins, to firsts in space, military, sports, entertainment, and politics, history continues to be strongly shaped by the accomplishments and actions of girls and women.

Related Media Resources

Wonder Women

Wonder Women! The Untold Story Of American Superheroines

Students get a look at how popular representations of powerful women often reflect society's anxieties about strong and healthy women. They will explore the complicated negotiations girls and women face as they attempt to achieve confidence, strength, and agency in a society often at odds with those goals. Not only will students get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of past female superheoroines, but they will also see the everyday wonder women and action girls in our midst.

Grades 11-12
Includes Discussion Guide and Curriculum Guide


Related Learning Center Resources

Footsteps to Inspire Us: Women Who Are Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Blind and Low Vision, and Deaf-Blind

By Cindy Camp

There are many inspiring women who are deaf, blind, or deaf-blind, and too numerous to name them all. This article touches on several dozen, and we have also provided additional websites and resources to be explored with your class or on your own.

Your students can choose from lots of fun avatars in their Student Account!
Student account avatars, superhero with tiara, fairy, warrior, superhero with face mask, superhero with eye mask, superhero with visor.

Deaf History Month

Mandy Harvey on stage. Mandy Harvey performed original songs on America's Got Talent. © NBC

History continues to be made by deaf and hard-of-hearing Americans. In 2017, Mandy Harvey, who lost her hearing at age eighteen, appeared on America's Got Talent. She became a pop sensation and took 4th place, singing original songs and playing her ukulele.

On April 4, Avionic Systems Engineer Johanna Lucht became the first deaf engineer to carry out an active role in a NASA control center during a crewed research flight. She was responsible for observing and evaluating data for the first NASA aircraft to fly with a twisted wing flap configuration.

Julia Velasquez, a student from UC San Diego, became Xploration Station's #StudentAstronaut contest winner. "As the first deaf #StudentAstronaut, I aim to share with the world that we are a thriving community, rich in culture and language,” she signed. “This will send a powerful message on the importance of inclusivity in science and space exploration.” 

In the short film The Silent Child, four-year-old Maisie Sly, who is deaf, played a deaf girl struggling with communication. The film was nominated for an Academy Award in the Live Action Short Film category, and Maisie (now six years old) will be attending the awards ceremony March 4.

Related Media Resources

Deaf History That

Deaf History That

Performer Linsay Darnall, Jr. provides information about important events in deaf history. In authentic period costumes, he uses his knowledge of history and storytelling skills to recreate past events. Some topics covered include: education, religion, transportation, and employment.

Grades 7-12


Related Learning Center Resources

Finding Deaf Herstory and History: Resources for the Classroom

By Dr. Harry Lang

Deaf people were involved in many important events throughout history, and these stories need to be told, not only to children, both hearing and deaf, but also to their teachers and parents... Read more...

New Releases

Litton Entertainment Channel

Logos for Litton Weekend Adventure, CBS Dream Team and One Magnificent Morning.
The Accessible Television portal continues to grow with new network programming from Emmy award winner Litton Entertainment. Visit Litton's DCMP channel to find Dr. Chris Pet Vet, Journey With Dylan Dreyer, Lucky Dog, Ocean Treks With Jeff Corwin, The Open Road With Dr. Chris, Rock the Park, The Voyager With Josh Garcia, and Wilderness Vet.
Grades 4-12


Dylan DreyerJourney With Dylan Dreyer: Secrets of Ancient Egypt - Dylan leads an epic exploration back in time to learn about ancient Egyptian life, beliefs, and traditions, as well as a history of archaeological efforts.

Colton and JackRock the Park: Washington, DC - Colton and Jack explore the nation’s capital, visit Ford's Theater, and get a behind-the-scenes look at the Washington Monument. 

Brandon McMillanLucky Dog: Dakota - Brandon McMillan rescues a malamute, helps him overcome insecurities, and hopes to unite the dog with a teenager struggling with anxiety.

Smart Puppy! and Friends Series

Smart Puppy and Friends
Smart Puppy and his friends introduce viewers to the basics of material science in these video clips. With guest vignettes featuring Nobel Laureates and other science experts, the talking Labrador puppy and two cuddly kittens have fun explaining concepts like nanodots, super conductors, and spinning electrons.
Grades 7-9

Going Strong Series

Professional development experts explain how personality assessment tools such as the “Strong Interest Inventory” and the “SuperStrong” can help students determine a career path. Students using these tools are able to focus on careers that suit their interests and values. Furthermore, the assessment tools are beneficial as students begin the process of identifying a possible major in college or when seeking an internship.
Grades 10-12


Cindy Camp stands behind an exhibit table and DCMP banners are on each side of her. Cindy Camp at the 2018 Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) Conference and Expo.



CSUN Assistive Technology Conference

Manchester Grand Hyatt Hotel, San Diego, CA
DCMP will be exhibiting and presenting.  #CSUNATC18 CSUN site


American Foundation for the Blind Leadership Conference

Oakland City Center Marriott, CA
DCMP will be exhibiting and presenting. #AFBLC18 AFB site


Conference of Educational Administrators of Schools and Programs for the Deaf

St. Augustine, FL
DCMP will be exhibiting and presenting. #CEASD CEASD site


National Outreach Conference

St. Augustine, FL
DCMP will be exhibiting and plans to present. NOC site


Coming Up in April

   Earth Day: April 22

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