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Happy New Year!

Emily Graslie and Kyle Sisk at ThinkerCon.

It was a great year for accessibility at DCMP! On top of adding accessibility to hundreds of new educational videos, the DCMP team continued to forge new relationships with educators and video producers. Cindy Camp attended several conferences across the country and presented information to educators, in person and through DCMP online QuickClasses, on how to incorporate DCMP's accessible media in the classroom. Kyle Sisk attended ThinkerCon to meet with YouTube creators like Emily Graslie (The Brain Scoop) and Destin Sandlin (Smarter Every Day) to provide information about making content accessible and find new content partners. We look forward to building these relationships and meeting more terrific people in 2019!

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January Holidays and Observances

Motivation and Inspiration Day - January 2

Feelings and Motivation
Covers low self-esteem, pessimism, learned helplessness, depression, and loss of motivation. Teachers and parents share strategies that seek to intervene in the cycle.

Grade Level: Parent Training/Teacher Training

Encourages smiling and positive behavior in the workplace. Signed in ASL with voice-over narration.

Grade Level: 10-12

Achieving Goals! Deafinitely Dynamic
Men and women of different ethnic and social backgrounds come together to discuss how dreams can become reality through motivation, hard work, education and, most importantly, a belief in oneself. 

Grade Level: 10-12

Cut Your Energy Cost Day - January 10

Hands on: Energy Wise
Looks at successful enterprises that are providing some renewable energy solutions.

Grade Level: 7-12

Pursuing Energy Alternatives
What would you think of powering a car using a water fuel cell, a home furnace powered by permanent magnets, or a self-driven electromagnetic engine with enough power to put a spacecraft into orbit?

Grade Level: 4-8

Energy Efficiency
Professional remodeler Danny Lipford offers practical home improvement information to homeowners. 

Grade Level: 10-12

Penguin Awareness Day - January 20

One Cool Friend
When well-mannered Elliot reluctantly visits the aquarium with his distractible father, he politely asks whether he can have a penguin. Then he removes one from the penguin pool and places it into his backpack. The fun of caring for a penguin in a New England Victorian house is followed by a surprise revelation by Elliot's father. Based on the book by Toni Buzzeo and David Small.

Grade Level: 1-4

The Wildlife Docs: Kudos to Kodo & the Penguins
A colony of African penguins moves onto their new state-of-the-art habitat at Busch Gardens Tampa.

Grade Level: 5-12

Crittercam: Emperor Penguins
Join the Crittercam team in Cape Washington as they deploy special cameras to reveal how emperor penguins travel vast distances to feed—and then run a dangerous gauntlet back to their chicks.

Grade Level: 9-12

New Series Arriving in 2019

We're working hard to find new, high-quality content for our members and make it accessible for the students across America who are blind, visually impaired, deaf, hard of hearing, and deaf-blind. Here's a sneak peek into some of the awesome content you'll see in 2019:

In the world of Cyberchase, the dastardly villain Hacker is on a mad mission to overthrow Motherboard and take over Cyberspace with the help of his blundering henchbots, Buzz and Delete. But Motherboard enlists the help of three curious kids, Inez, Jackie, and Matt, and their cyberpal, Digit, to stop him. Their weapon: brain power!

This Old House Trade School
From the producers of This Old House comes a program for the next generation – This Old House: Trade School. See what it’s like to work alongside the pros and learn the tricks of the trades.

Women at NASA
Women@NASA is aimed at inspiring middle school girls to explore education and careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. This series features short films that explore the careers and backgrounds of career women who work for NASA in each of the STEM areas.

New Videos for January

Wilderness Vet Series

Wilderness Vet
Hosted by renowned veterinarian Dr. Michelle Oakley, this series features compelling stories from one of the most rugged areas on the planet, the Yukon. Dr. Oakley travels to homes, farms, and wildlife preserves across the Yukon to help animals in need.

Constitution Hall Pass Series

Constitution Hall Pass
Created and produced by the National Constitution Center, this series features the museum's education staff, distinguished scholars, and even some famous faces who bring the story of America’s democracy to life. Students will explore America's civic holidays and constitutional history.

Ask a Scientist About Series

Ask a Scientist
Scientists answer questions about geographical locations. The various segments include explanations about animal and marine life, ecosystems, vegetation, and geography. In each segment, an expert tackles the specific questions posed by students, which leads to a better understanding of scientific and geography concepts.


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