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photo by Mary Beth Artz - Prospect Park, Brooklyn
Animal advocates have worked with the State Legislature to pass S6589/A8790 sponsored by Sen. Tony Avella and Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz this session to mandate a moratorium on Mute Swan eradication plan proposed by the DEC earlier this year.
The bill is pending the Governor's signature to become law. Please contact his office today:

Call: (518) 474-8390 (Press 3)
You can also sign In Defense of Animals' petition to Gov. Andrew Cuomo:

S6589/A8790 will establish a two-year moratorium on the DEC's plan to declare mute swans a prohibited species and eradicate mute swans throughout the state by 2025. The bill will also require DEC to demonstrate the alleged damage caused by mute swans.

This bill not only passed the State Senate unanimously, but it has also strong support among the public, who want to see NY's mute swans protected. The DEC's initial draft management plan was met with widespread opposition, a revision was expected this past spring but the DEC has not moved forward yet.

Procedurally, the bill must be sent from the office of the NYS Assembly to the Governor's office upon request from the governor for bills of that type. The Governor need not request these bills until December if he is so inclined. We cannot tolerate this kind of delay. We must continue to barrage the governor's office with demands the he request these bills now!

Please take action and contact Governor Cuomo right away to ask him to sign this important legislation:

GooseWatch NYC's Next Steps
Please get involved and help us move forward! We are a 100% volunteer-run organization and the only way we can accomplish more is with help from people dedicated to taking a more active role in our efforts. Click here to take the first step and join our organizing group.

We have been using our email listserv to discuss what our next steps will be to end NYC's goose roundups and push for legislative and policy changes that promote humane wildlife management policies. There is much more we can and need to do, and we need your help!  

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Our work must continue year-round. Soon we'll be emailing about a volunteer appreciation event as well as a strategy meeting, and we hope that many more concerned New Yorkers will get more involved. 

Upcoming Events 
W.I.L.D. for Prospect Park Lakeside Cleanup
When: Sat. Aug. 16, 11am-1pm
Where: Prospect Park, Brooklyn
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People's Climate March
When: Sunday, Sept. 21st
Where: New York City
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We received additional photos and details from National Park Service about the roundup of 73 geese at Jamaica Bay "Wildlife Refuge" this summer. Read here:
Predator Defense's EXPOSED - USDA's Secret War on Wildlife is a MUST-WATCH film. In this 30-minute documentary three former federal agents and a Congressman blow the whistle on Wildlife Services and expose the secret and lawless war on wildlife using the taxpayer's dime. This is who we are dealing with.

Click here to watch

We handed out our NEW informational flyers at the annual The Seed event about health and plant based diet and animal rights held in Manhattan to spread awareness about our work.

You can help! We need volunteers to help distribute literature at parks, street fairs, restaurants, and other places. Please email us if you are are interested, we can deliver a stack to you. 

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