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A Win for Geese in North Hempstead!
photo courtesy of LION (Long Island Orchestrating for Nature)
Thank you to everyone who spoke out against North Hempstead's plan to kill the town's geese - from writing and calling the town board, attending the board of trustees meeting, and last week's demonstration - it made a huge difference! There's no question that North Hempstead's geese would be in the USDA's cross-hairs this summer if not for the collective resistance to the town's original plan.

As a result of our collaborative efforts, John Di Leonardo of LION, Edita Birnkrant from FoA, and town resident Terry Pratt of Stars in the Forest Wildlife Rehab were invited to meet with Supervisor Jon Kaiman last Thursday before the rally pictured above (photo credit: LION). Special thanks also goes to NYCLASS's Allie Feldman who connected us with political consultant Scott Levenson who has a longstanding relationship with Supervisor Kaiman and worked behind the scenes to help win him over. 

While we await an official statement from the Town, here is LION's announcement: 
LION President John Di Leonardo met with Jon Kaiman this morning to discuss alternatives to the proposed goose slaughter... Unofficially, we are victorious! Jon Kaiman verbally committed to us that he will not gas the geese for the 2013 year, and LION has offered to continue working with him to find alternative methods so gassing these beautiful creatures is never an option again.
We thank you to all those who came to the rally outside of the Town of North Hempstead Town Hall, even in the rain! It was very nice meeting such amazing and wonderful activists and I look forward to seeing and working with you all in the future. We also would like to thank all of those who have worked behind the scenes, collecting signatures and sending out press releases. We appreciate you all more than you know.
Congratulations to everyone involved in this hard fought victory for the geese! Please stay involved and in touch with LION ( because Supervisor Kaiman will not be seeking re-election, and it will be important to remain vigilant to ensure that geese in North Hempstead remain safe from USDA roundups.

Goosewatch NYC was formed in Brooklyn, NY after local residents discovered that Prospect Park's geese had been wiped out by the USDA. Our next email will relate directly to our campaign to end the killing of geese in NYC, please visit our website or stay tuned to find out how you can get involved.  

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