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ADEConnect Update
December 8, 2015

Dear Entity Administrator,
Visit the ADEConnect web page for the latest training resources and news!

This is your update on all things ADEConnect. You can also find the indicated documents and past issues of the update on the ADEConnect web page in the News and Notifications section.

Direct Sign-on Password Reset
This is a reminder that users who directly log into ADEConnect (instead of going through a student information system) are able to do their own password resets. NOTE: The reset only applies to users' ADEConnect direct sign-on password, not to SIS passwords or Common Logon. Exception to 1% Cap (Alternate Assessments)
The Exception to 1% Cap application allows public education agencies (PEAs) to apply for an exception to the current cap on how many students can be tested using alternate assessments.
Make Sure You (and your colleagues) Are Receiving These Emails
Here are some suggestions to help ensure the entity admin notifications make it through your system’s spam filters:
  1. If you can find any of the emails in your junk mail or spam folders, simply click on the email and mark it as Not Junk. (This assumes you are using Outlook for your email. If not, there should be a similar mechanism in whatever program you are using.)
  2. Add the email address – – to your address book/contacts list.
  3. If the emails are being filtered out before they even get to you, you can try to have your IT folks “whitelist” the domain.
  4. If you still aren’t getting the emails, your IT folks can “whitelist” the following IP addresses:

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