SPED Transactions in AzEDS for FY2016
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Special Education Transactions for AzEDS for FY 2016
This year, the Arizona Department of Education (ADE) has been carrying AzEDS data into SAIS via the AzEDS to SAIS Bridge, also known as “AzEDS-to-SAIS.” ADE has updated the bridge and the new AzEDS-to-SAIS “2.0” will be more efficient to assist in closing the gap between the two systems before deadlines in July 2016.

SAIS is the system of record for ADE for FY 2016; this means reports from SAIS will give you the best picture of the data ADE has on record for your public education agency (PEA). More information can be found on School Finance’s website section for the new data bridge.
After evaluating special education (SPED) student data in AzEDS to be transitioned to SAIS, there are three issues from PEA submissions that are causing SPED transactions to be invalid and thus, causing processing to fail.
  1. Some PEAs are using ELL exit codes for SPED participation programs. Incorrect ELL values being populated as reasons for a student exits a SPED program are as follows:
    1. Withdrawn by parent request
    2. Transferred to a different program
    3. End of school year (This year end code verbiage is identical to SPED year end code verbiage, however SPED exit value for this code is SPED13, whereas the ELL exit code is ELL06; this will have to be examined with your vendor or IT department.)
    4. The SPED10 report will not show the specific code values, but will show the exiting description for those values (ex., “Withdrawn by parent request”). Any student data which has ELL exit codes must be changed to the correct SPED exit code for a SPED participation submission to be valid.
    5. Valid SPED exit codes can be found on pages 9 and 10 using this link:
  2. A significant portion of PEAs are submitting only a SPED exit code or a SPED exit reason into AzEDS. Both of these values are required in a SPED transaction. These values should be verified to ensure they both exist if one or the other is currently assigned to a student.
  3. The majority of PEAs have transactions providing a null (or no value) for whether the SPED service site is the primary or secondary location. The primary or secondary value is explicitly required for SAIS and will be required going into AzEDS to pass integrity.
If there are students who exist in your student information system but are not showing up on your SDSPED 71-1 or SDSPED 71-2, it could be a result of one or more of the issues outlined above.

Please coordinate with your IT department, registrars, staff, and vendors to ensure you are not submitting student transactions with these known issues. If further guidance is needed, you can contact ADESupport at or ESS Data Management at

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