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Dear LEA:

As part of the Arizona Department of Education’s (ADE's) efforts to keep you aware of all technology updates, we would like to inform you that currently all 13 vendors in the state have LEAs submitting data to AzEDS. Infinite Campus, which partners with 13 LEAs but accounts for 15 percent of Arizona’s student population, has four LEAs processing through AzEDS at this time.

The four LEAs from Infinite Campus have already submitted over 50,000 successful transactions, which means that every vendor in the state has LEAs submitting successfully to AzEDS. It is the latest milestone in the statewide transition from the SAIS to AzEDS data system, which converted 33 new LEAs to AzEDS this past week.

With 465 LEAs currently submitting to AzEDS and 70 percent of the state in the process of transitioning, the new system has already processed nearly 62 million transactions in FY16. In fact, only 21 LEAs in the state have not received notification of their transition date to AzEDS.

In addition to these transition efforts, an “always on” data solution was implemented this past weekend to correct LEA timeout issues with reports. The timeout issues have since been resolved.

Also, the data that is being submitted from AzEDS to SAIS continues to process in a stable manner. While the transition continues to move forward rapidly, ADE IT outreach and implementation teams are focused on troubleshooting the specific 12 LEAs that are experiencing significant error issues with AzEDS.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact ADE Support at

Thank you,

Mark Masterson
ADE Chief Information Officer

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