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ADEConnect Update
Common Logon Edition
October 17, 2016

Dear Entity Administrator,
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Welcome to a special Common Logon edition of the ADEConnect Update! ADE has created an interactive, web-based Common Logon & Entity Profile Requests Form to handle two very important Common Logon-related tasks:
  1. Submitting Common Logon user and access requests
  2. Requesting changes to an Entity Profile
Common Logon User and Access Requests
This form replaces the old process of emailing ADE Support to requests user profile or permission changes in Common Logon. Now, Common Logon entity administrators need to submit the web form for each user-entity pair, indicating exactly what needs to be done. The form automatically creates a ticket in ADE's support-tracking system, with a confirmation of the ticket sent directly to the entity administrator's email. This process provides entity administrators and ADE both with user-level ticket monitoring and ensures that the entire system is auditable.

Entity Profile Requests
In place of the old PDF form, all requests to create or change an entity profile will now be submitted via the Common Logon & Entity Profile Requests Form. When submitted, the form will automatically route to School Finance for approval and fulfillment, with an email copy sent to the requestor. 

Quick Answers
-- The term "user-entity pair" means the record for any one user at one entity. Since in Common Logon, all users exists as users within an entity (rather than independent users assigned to entities), user profile and access updates must be requested for each entity affected.
  • For example, if Mary Jones works for three different entities, she has three separate records in Common Logon, each listed first by entity. To update Mary's email address at all three entities, the entity administrator(s) will have to submit three requests.
-- Entity administrators can no longer request one user's permissions be "copied" to another user. In practice, such "copying" has never been possible in Common Logon. To fulfill such requests, ADE employees have had to find the first user, write down that user's permissions, then find or create the second user and add the permissions they wrote down before. The new process requiring the entity administrator to specify permission for each user at each entity places responsibility for tracking user permissions back where it belongs: in local hands.

-- Since some application permissions are managed by School Finance, the new request process requires separate forms to be submitted for School Finance-related user requests. While this may seem like a duplication of effort, it will actually speed up request fulfillment times. Rather than passing the same ticket between ADE divisions, which can lead to delays and miscommunication, each team will have the details it needs to complete its assigned tasks.

-- As applications move from Common Logon to ADEConnect, the web form will be updated to reflect current Common Logon offerings. 

--Note: The process has not changed for the School Lunch Program or Child and Adult Care Food Program. 
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