Final Deadlines for Local Education Agency Transitions to AzEDS
Arizona state seal
State of Arizona
Department of Education
Office of Diane M. Douglas
Superintendent of Public Instruction
 To:             Arizona School District and Charter School Administrators,
                   Business Managers, and SAIS/AzEDS Data Administrators
From:         Mark Masterson, Chief Information Officer, Arizona Department of Education
Date:          March 11, 2016
Subject:      Final Deadlines for Local Education Agency Transitions to AzEDS

As many of you have experienced firsthand, the move from SAIS to AzEDS has come with challenges. We appreciate the willingness you have shown throughout this process to work with us and develop solutions.

With the end of the school year rapidly approaching, we wanted to provide clarity to the following priorities that our IT team must complete:
  1. Work with Local Education Agencies (LEAs—districts and charters) and their student information system vendors to fully prepare all LEAs to submit student data to AzEDS starting in fiscal year 2017.
  2. As required by current law, ensure the timely implementation of current year funding for all districts in fiscal year 2017.
All LEAs must complete their transition to AzEDS by June 30, 2016.

Transitioning to AzEDS
The Department has the necessary resources and is committed to transitioning all LEAs to AzEDS before July 1. By supporting your LEA’s transition to AzEDS, you will be contributing to our mutual success in meeting the June 30 deadline. Please let us know as soon as possible if you will need extra support to make this deadline; we are committed to helping all LEAs avoid any payment delays in fiscal year 2017 that could result from not submitting data to AzEDS.

For more information on the transition process, please visit the AzEDS Transition web page at
Implementation of Current Year Funding
The Department must stay in compliance with current law; therefore, we have transferred the necessary resources to enable AzEDS to account for current year funding starting in fiscal year 2017. Although the Department will be able to meet this statutory requirement, we understand that it may be a challenging conversion for you.

Though funding for the entirety of fiscal year 2017 will be based on current year funding, such an implementation requires a degree of phase-in. Initially, for a month or two, some LEAs will receive funding based on prior year numbers until the AzEDS system receives student counts upon which to base current year funding. By the fiscal year 2017 40th day count at the latest, ADE will have enough data to move every LEA to current year funding. At that time, a reconciliation process will take place to recoup or repay any difference between the first few monthly estimates and the actual student counts.

This phased-in approach is the only practical way to transition to current year funding on a new system such as AzEDS. The same process was originally used to bring on charter schools, so that there is adequate cash flow while waiting for actual enrollment data.

Please contact me directly at if you have any questions or concerns about your LEA’s transition plan. I will personally ensure that we will work together to get you or your team an appropriate response.

Thank you for all you do every day to give Arizona students access to an excellent education.
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