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ADEConnect Update
June 1, 2016

Dear Entity Administrator,
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This is your update on all things ADEConnect. You can also find the indicated documents and past issues of the update on the ADEConnect web page in the News and Notifications section.

Early Childhood Education Tab Now Available in AZDash
Fantastic news! The Early Childhood Education tab is now live on AZDash!
  • What’s the big deal? The big deal is that our state longitudinal data system now includes data on children as young as 3 years old! LEAs will now have a regular means to assess the state of their early childhood special education services when making important decisions that affect all of their students.
  • How is the data collected? All LEAs who provide special education services to preschool age students (3 & 4 year olds) must use an on-going progress monitoring tool to collect data and gather evidence of learning for those students. Currently, the state-mandated tool is Teaching Strategies GOLD (TSG). The aggregated data collected by GOLD is now accessible in AZDash for those LEAs who provide early childhood special education services and will be updated at three intervals during the year.
For more information about Arizona’s early childhood education program, visit
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IMPORTANT: Administration of Federated and Non-Federated Roles
Beginning July 1, 2016, ADEConnect will strictly enforce the following policies:
  1. The following six roles are the only SIS-assigned roles ADEConnect will recognize:
    • Superintendent
    • DistrictAdmin
    • SchoolAdmin
    • Principal
    • Vice-Principal
    • Teacher
  2. All other ADEConnect roles (i.e. application-specific roles) must be set up and managed from within the Entity Admin Portal in ADEConnect.
Why do we need these policies?
Management of application-specific roles via the Entity Admin Portal provides centralized application tracking and reporting. ADE program areas will also be able to extract consolidated access lists, enabling them to provide timely notifications and updates to their users.

What do entity admins need to do?
Entity administrators need to assign their users any application-specific roles in the Entity Admin Portal. Of the roles assigned within an SIS, only the six roles listed above will be recognized by ADEConnect as of July 1.

What does this mean to users?
If a user's application-specific role has been assigned via their SIS rather than in the Entity Admin Portal, the user will no longer be able to access the application beginning July 1. Conversely, if the user's role has been assigned via the Entity Admin Portal, the user will not be affected by the change.

Need Help? 
  1. Review the ADEConnect Entity Admin Manual (click here), which includes links to video tutorials and how-to guides.
  2. Contact ADE Support at 602-542-2222 / 866-577-9636 or

Make Sure You (and your colleagues) Are Receiving These Emails
Here are some suggestions to help ensure the entity admin notifications make it through your system’s spam filters:
  1. If you can find any of the emails in your junk mail or spam folders, simply click on the email and mark it as Not Junk. (This assumes you are using Outlook for your email. If not, there should be a similar mechanism in whatever program you are using.)
  2. Add the email address – – to your address book/contacts list.
  3. If the emails are being filtered out before they even get to you, you can try to have your IT folks “whitelist” the domain.
  4. If you still aren’t getting the emails, your IT folks can “whitelist” the following IP addresses:

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