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The second edition of my book, Moon Time, has LANDED! And until Saturday, there is a FABULOUS LAUNCH BONUS… read on for details… and grab it whilst you can.

*STOP PRESS* THE NEW EDITION HAS HIT #1 on Amazon in its genre ALREADY!!!

Tell Us More...

If you haven't read the first edition, let me tell you a little more about it...

Originally self-published back in 2012, Moon Time was my first book. It has been recommended woman to woman, being hailed as ‘life-changing’ by readers around the world, and is consistently #1 in Menstruation on

Moon Time shares a fully-embodied understanding of the menstrual cycle whether you’re struggling with PMS, coming off hormonal birth control, getting your periods back after pregnancy… or simply wanting to deepen your understanding of your body. It is packed full of practical insight, empowering resources, creative activities and passion. Including:

  • Guidance on living and working in sync with your cycle.
  • Natural approaches to healing PMS.
  • Self-care practices to nurture and support.
  • How the moon impacts our cycles.
  • How to celebrate a girl’s first period.
  • How to start your own red tent or moon lodge (it was the first book in print to document the rise of the red tent phenomenon!)

Get it now from, or a signed copy from the Womancraft Publishing store.

What's New?
The second edition is YOUR book. I have read every email, Amazon and Goodreads review, every letter, card and Facebook comment and incorporated your valuable feedback. This new edition has been lovingly revised, with a beautiful new cover and subtitle… and contains over 45 pages of additional material including:

  • Fertility charting.
  • Much more on creating ceremonies: menarche, mother blessing, menopause…
  • Moon phases and celebrations.
  • Healing modalities for the womb.
  • More on the red, white and wise woman cycles.
  • A hugely expanded and fully-updated resource section.

The Moon Launch

Back in 2012 I launched the first edition of Moon Time with one simple email to all my friends and family.

This time, things are a little different. Nearly 40 female bloggers, teachers and authors dedicated to women's work have joined the Moon Team to help launch the second edition. I have become acquainted with every single one of these women via Moon Time – I honour their support and am deeply grateful for their willingness to stand shoulder to shoulder with me and share my work with their people.

Get the Missing Chapter

In revising it I actually doubled it in size… but then thought some of that new content would be better off in a new book… so I took it out… but the new book has taken on a life of its own in quite a different direction… So long story short… for one day only… I’m giving it away!

You can get your hands on my favourite missing chapter: Welcome to your Womb… plus access to a live group call with me next week.

But hurry! To qualify you need to buy a paperback or e-book copy on FRIDAY JUNE 5!

How to claim your bonus features

1. Buy a copy of Moon Time: harness the ever-changing energy of your menstrual cycle on launch day FRIDAY June 5 2015. (Paperback or ebook format – it doesn’t matter which.) Get it now from, or a signed copy from the Womancraft Publishing store.

2. Simply fill in your name, email address and your Amazon order code, or order number from the Womancraft store on this handy form.

3. We’ll look after the rest! You will receive a bonus e-chapter this weekend of the book plus an invite to a video call with me: Living in Flow – harnessing the power of your menstrual cycle will take place on Wednesday June 10 2015 at 8pm GMT.

(Don’t worry if you aren’t available – we’ll send everyone a link to a recording of the session that will be available for 7 days after the event.)

With love to you,



Lucy your book is monumental. The wisdom in Moon Time sets a new course where we glimpse a future culture reshaped by honoring our womanhood journeys one woman at a time.
ALisa Starkweather, author and founder of the Red Tent Temple movement.

A beautiful, inspiring book full of practical information and ideas. Lucy not only guides us through the wisdom inherent in our wombs, our cycles and our hearts, but also encourages us to share, express, celebrate and enjoy what it means to be female.
Miranda Gray, author Red Moon and The Optimized Woman

This book could change your life!
Rachael Hertogs, compiling editor Thirteen Moons and author Menarche: A Journey to Womanhood


We have an amazing list of titles from extraordinary women coming up in the next year from every corner of the world ... watch this space!

Our next title will be out this October: a new edition of Lucy's much-loved Reaching for the Moon: a girl's guide to her cycles we are delighted to be bringing into the Womancraft catalogue.

  • Lucy is the author of four life-changing non-fiction books for women including the #1 Amazon bestsellers The Rainbow Way and Moon Time. Her soulful girl's book Reaching for the Moon: a girl's guide to her cycles has been read and loved by thousands of daughters and their parents around the world.
  • Moon Time: harness the ever-changing energy of your menstrual cycle is now available in print and ebook format on Amazon and for wholesale on IngramSpark.
  • Womancraft Publishing is an independent publishing company based in Cork, Ireland founded in 2014 to give voice to paradigm-shifting books written by women, for women.
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