Heart Star Portal at Disclosurefest Downtown LA - June 22

Casa Estlan with Alcyone Portal for Rent in Yucca Valley CA

Introducing Xi Earthstar Healer And No First Name Aurora

1:44 Turquoise Portal in Taos, NM August & Sept.
Sacred Geometry Video Presentation Online

3D Printed Portal Outline Pendants

Portal to the New Earth Book

"Portals" Hardcover Book




Evolutionary Interfaces
by Harlan Emil Gruber
1:44 Alcyone Portal with Xi Earthstar and Aurora Presenting
Heart Star Portal at Disclosurefest

Heart Star Portal at Disclosurefest June 22

Disclosurefest is a free festival held in the Los Angeles State Park near Downton LA. In its third year, it hosts an incredible line up of music, speakers, artists, vendors and other activities all focused around a Mass Meditation Initiative that takes place midday.
If you are able to come to downtown LA this Sat. its well worth checking out.
See the full schedule and map here.
Casa Estlan w/ Alcyone Portal

Casa Estlan with Alcyone Portal for Rent

I'm renting my Airbnb "Casa Estlan" with the 1:44 Alcyone Portal in Yucca Valley, CA (next to Joshua Tree) for July and August for $1600 a month.

It is newly renovated, fully furnished with linens and has all new high end appliances. There are two bedrooms with queen size beds, one bath, outdoor shower, hot tub, gas fire pit, waterfall.

It also includes the 50 foot open air carpeted 1:44 Alcyone Portal with a full range sound system for playing sound healing and meditation recordings. There is even a built in projection screen and video projector for night time viewings. We host gatherings in this space periodically, you can join the Facebook page for it to be kept updated on future events.

You can see the listing online here and email me directly if you are interested in renting it.

It will be back on Airbnb and VRBO starting Sept. again if you just want to come for a few days. You can contact me directly to book it in the fall
Xi Earthstar Healer
No First Name Aurora

Xi Earthstar & Aurora

I recently connected with and featured at my event Portal to the New Earth two of the most incredible people, Xi Earthstar Healer and No First Name Aurora and her Flying Rainbow Lasagne. Check out their websites to learn about thieir transformational work. Xi does a wide range of services and Aurora has an incredible collection of artwork available both as prints and made into clothing.

What they do is perfectly aligned with the intention of the TransPortals: to shift the Earth into the next dimension, so I encourage everyone reading this to connect with them and their work.

Xi Earthstar and I are collaborating on creating regular online content for Portal to the New Earth. You can watch  many of her recordings on her Youtube Channel and interviews with her on Quantum Conversations.

NFN Aurora has just launched her second semester of her online class "Full Spectrum Humans", so its not too late to enroll and catch up! Full Spectrum Human Online Class.
1:44 Turquoise Portal will be featured at
two events in Taos, NM August & Sept.

1:44 Turquoise Portal in Taos, NM August & Sept.

The 1:44 Turquoise Portal will be in Taos, NM this summer for two events.
It will be featured at Meow Wolf's Taos Vortex August 16-18 along with their art installations and a 3 day line up of music.
It will also be part of the 6th annual Taos Paseo Outdoor Art and Sculpture Festival Sept. 13-14 that takes over the Historic Downtown District for 2 nights.
Portals to the New Earth:Sacred Geometry for Personal and Planetary Evolution

New Sacred Geometry Video Presentation from Arcosanti Convergence

"Portals to the New Earth: Sacred Geometry for Personal and Planetary Evolution" presentation at the Arcosanti Convergence was videoed and added to the TransPortals website Presentation page, updating it to include the new section on "Conceiving Future Environments".
Contact me to book this presentation
New Portal Outline Pendants
available from Shapeways

New 3D printed Portals

My new friend and 3D artist extraordinaire David Dreamwalker Diamondheart has modeled the Portal outlines as small pendants available from in a variety of metals including sterling silver.
The 11:11 Diamond Portal Outline pendant is exactly 11 golden ratios smaller than the full size 11:11 Diamond Portal.
The Heart Star Portal Outline pendant is an exact scale replica of the full size one that you may have climbed on at countless festivals.
The 12:12 Emerald Portal Outline pendant contains a cuboctahedron inside the truncated cube, showing the relationship between the 60º coordinate system and the 90º degree system.
They are available in a number of different materials for varying prices. Please see the rest of David's incredible 3D printed sacred geometries at his Ascension Arts Shapeways store website with 8 pages of super powerful ascension tools.
Casey House Illustration

Portal to the New Earth: Sacred Geomtery for Persoanl & Planetary Transformation Book

I've been working on writing a book based on my presentation about sacred geometry, the Portals and their ultimate goal of inspiring future sustainable environments . Its coming along and I plan to have it ready to publish by this fall, with the help of Xtreme Writing and Publishing of Jonathan Talat Phillips.

I have also employed the incredible graphic designs of Casey house. Please see his website of all his work and the piece shown here depicting the 11:11 Diamond Portal
"Portals" Hardcover Book

"Portals" Hardcover Book

A 72 page full color photographic hardcover "Portals" book featuring seven Portal projects from 2004 through 2013: Diamond, Emerald, Sapphire, Amethyst, Heart Star, OctaPortal and Turquoise Portals.  It consists mainly of full page photos and two page photo spreads. It has descriptions of each Portal and a section at the end of all the testimonials that have been received from participants of their experiences in the Portals. There is also a list of all the exhibitions that they have been in.

It is available from at cost. You can preview the entire book on their website as well.

It makes a great coffee table conversation piece or a unique gift.
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