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Evolutionary Interfaces
by Harlan Emil Gruber
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Regen•era Rising
R. Buckminster Fuller
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Regen•era Rising
March 21-28

Regen•era Rising

I'm part of the Buckminster Fuller Institutes’ Design Science Studio, an art and design-driven accelerator to empower global creators, systems thinkers and organizations to work together to imagine, collaborate and create a regenerative future. The first 6 month session with 144 artists and designers from around the world concludes with a week-long online event March 21-28 called Regen•era Rising, a virtual online event showcasing our work to connect with other trailblazers who are also designing a future that is regenerative, equitable and just. I will be doing live presentations throughout the week.
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I have just launched the new Portal to the New Earth website. It features my upcoming book by the same name, my new YouTube channel, an archive of the Portal to the New Earth event that I produced in Joshua Tree 2014-2019 and a link to the TransPortals website.
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Portal to the New Earth - Intro

Portal to the New Earth Youtube Channel

To start off the New Year 2021, I created a new YouTube channel called Portal to the New Earth that will feature videos with all the background information on the Portal installations, as well as my lifelong research and concepts conceiving future environments that are in sacred harmony with the Earth. This is in conjunction with the book I'm finishing writing that will be released later this year.
It will also have interviews with all sorts of guests relating to the creation of the New Earth.
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1:44 Inter-dimensional Space Time Portal
Designed in Collaboration With Maraya

1:44 Inter-dimensional Space Time Portal at Burning Man 2021?

I received an Honorarium Art Grant to bring the 1:44 Inter-dimensional Space Time Portal to Burning Man 2020 before it was cancelled. It will be carried over to 2021 IF Burning Man happens. I have been contacted by Burning Man to confirm that I will build it if they go ahead. I designed it in collaboration with Maraya, click to see her website on it. I will have to scale it down from 48 feet across to 32 feet, if I do build it, but I feel the smaller size will work better than the original size, making it more intimate and less grandiose. Stay tuned!
Heart Star Portal Outline

Portals in Production

I'm working on having an edition of Heart Star Portal Outlines produced at a friend's metal fabricating company.
One will be on display at the Revolt Gallery in Taos, NM
Another is going to a sculpture garden playground in Eagle Point Utah
The remaining ones will be available for purchase,

I have a commission for a "Crystalline DNA Activation" OctaPortal for an incredible private property being developed in La Selva Beach, near Watsonville CA. I'm planning on going there in Oct. to build on site.

Contact me if you are interested in purchasing or commissioning one of these Portals
New Portal Outline Pendants
available from Shapeways

New 3D printed Portals

My new friend and 3D artist extraordinaire David Dreamwalker Diamondheart has modeled the Portal outlines as small pendants available from in a variety of metals including sterling silver.
The 11:11 Diamond Portal Outline pendant is exactly 11 golden ratios smaller than the full size 11:11 Diamond Portal.
The Heart Star Portal Outline pendant is an exact scale replica of the full size one that you may have climbed on at countless festivals.
The 12:12 Emerald Portal Outline pendant contains a cuboctahedron inside the truncated cube, showing the relationship between the 60º coordinate system and the 90º degree system.
They are available in a number of different materials for varying prices. Please see the rest of David's incredible 3D printed sacred geometries at his Ascension Arts Shapeways store website with 8 pages of super powerful ascension tools.
Casey House Illustration

"Portal to the New Earth: Sound, Sacred Geometry and Grid Energies for Personal & Planetary Evolution"

I'm close to finishing the book based on my lifelong study of sacred geometry, building the Portals and my ultimate goal of creating sacred sustainable environments. I plan to have it ready to publish as soon as possible with the help of Jonathan Talat Phillips' Xtreme Writing and Publishing program.

All of the illustrations for the book are being done by Casey House. This is an example of illustrating the 64 tetrahedron "Structure of the Vacuum". Please go to his website to see more of his work.
"Portals" Hardcover Book

"Portals" Hardcover Book

A 72 page full color photographic hardcover "Portals" book featuring seven Portal projects from 2004 through 2013: Diamond, Emerald, Sapphire, Amethyst, Heart Star, OctaPortal and Turquoise Portals.  It consists mainly of full page photos and two page photo spreads. It has descriptions of each Portal and a section at the end of all the testimonials that have been received from participants of their experiences in the Portals. There is also a list of all the exhibitions that they have been in.

It is available from at cost. You can preview the entire book on their website as well.

It makes a great coffee table conversation piece or a unique gift.
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