Portal of the Five Elements | Burning Man 2018
New 3D Printed Portal Oultine Pendants
Recent Events - LiB, Lucidity Festival
Casa Estlan on Air BnB in Yucca Valley, Ca
Sacred Geometry Presentation
"Portals" Hardcover Book




Evolutionary Interfaces
by Harlan Emil Gruber
Sapphire & Turquoise Portal at Lightning in a Bottle - 2018
1:44 Portal of the Five Elements
Model and Plan View

1:44 Portal of the Five Elements - Burning Man 2018

Looking for team to build and bring to Burning Man the 1:44 Portal of the Five Elements: five hexagonal rooms around a central dark room with geometric skylights the color and shape corresponding to the five elements - Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Aether
This will require people that are able to do precise construction work to frame and sheath, work with plexiglas as well as do LED lighting, install a small sound system and a solar power system to power it. Also need someone to help with launching and promoting a crowdfunding campaign to cover the budget. Need to be available to build the weeks before, bring it there and back.
Please email me ASAP to apply. You can reach me by phone through the contact page.
New Portal Outline Pendants

New 3D printed Portals

My new friend and 3D artist extraordinaire David Dreamwalker Diamondheart has made 3 Portal outlines as small pendants.
The 11:11 Diamond Portal Outline pendant is exactly 11 golden ratios smaller than the full size 11:11 Diamond Portal.
The Heart Star Portal Outline pendant is an exact scale replica of the full size one that you may have climbed on at countless festivals.
The 12:12 Emerald Portal Outline pendant contains a cuboctahedron inside the truncated cube, showing the relationship between the 60º coordinate system and the 90º degree system.
They are available in a number of different materials for varying prices. Please see the rest of David's incredible 3D printed sacred geometries at his Ascension Arts Shapeways store website with 8 pages of super powerful ascension tools.
Sapphire & Heart Star Portals at Lucidity 2018

Recent Events

LiB May 23-27
Portals returned to Lightning in a Bottle at Lake San Antonio, CA  with both the Sapphire and Turquoise Portal v.2. They were in a prime location on a point overlooking the lake between the main stages. See photo at top at sunset.
Lucidity April 5-9
Portals returned to Lucidity Festival near Santa Barbara with the Sapphire Portal and the Heart Star Portal. The Sapphire was located under a majestic oak tree beyond the Lucid stage at one end of the Festival while the Hear Star was in front of the Nook stage at the other end.
Casa Estlan - Yucca Valley, Ca.

Casa Estlan on Air BnB

This is a departure from the TransPortals, but I have just finished a year and a half renovation of a house and separate studio apt. on over an acre of land in the center of Yucca Valley, Ca, 7838 Joshua Lane. The studio apt./garage is for myself and partner Esther Kim to live in and work out of. It is situated a hundred feet behind the house on the large property.

The house is listed on Air BnB for short term rental. We call it Casa Estlan after the first three letters of Esther and last three letters of Harlan. The house is completely furnished and tastefully decorated with an Asian flair and mix of antique and vintage furnishings. It has new high end kitchen appliances if you like to cook.

Please check out the Air BnB listing to see photos, but if you want to come stay here I can give you a discount and save you the Air BnB fees by contacting me directly to book it. Also, please share the Air BnB listing with your friends  to help promote it. We will be setting up the Alcyone Portal in the back yard for guests to have a Portal experience.
Presenting at Full Circle Venice CA 2014

Sacred Geometry Presentation

I have been presenting on the 3D Sacred Geometry used in the Portals at public venues, festivals and Burning Man since 2008 (see the video of the presentation). The talk explains the Golden Ratio, 3D geometries and how they relate to the Earth's vibrational energy body, going on to show how they are employed in the development of all the Portal installations. I have now expanded the talk to include my lifelong research and development of future environments inspired by Buckmintser Fuller and Paolo Soleri's concept of Arcolgy: Architecture and Ecology combined.
I most recently presented it at Gem and Jam in Tucson and in Joshua Tree.
If interested to book this presentation or have connections with schools or universities that would be interested in having me, please contact me.
"Portals" Hardcover Book

"Portals" Hardcover Book

A 72 page full color photographic hardcover "Portals" book featuring seven Portal projects from 2004 through 2013: Diamond, Emerald, Sapphire, Amethyst, Heart Star, OctaPortal and Turquoise Portals.  It consists mainly of full page photos and two page photo spreads. It has descriptions of each Portal and a section at the end of all the testimonials that have been received from participants of their experiences in the Portals. There is also a list of all the exhibitions that they have been in.

It is available from at cost. You can preview the entire book on their website as well.

It makes a great coffee table conversation piece or a unique gift.
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