Presentation at One Love Fest - Nov. 2-4 - Lake Perris, CA

New Sacred Geometry Video Presentation Online

Alcyone Portal at Casa Estlan Airbnb - Yucca Valley, CA

Recent Events: Great Awakening, Convergence, Desert Daze
Erik & Sydney's Wedding

3D Printed Portal Outline Pendants

"Portals" Hardcover Book




Evolutionary Interfaces
by Harlan Emil Gruber
Turquoise Portal and Heart Star Portal at Arcosanti Convergence Oct. 5-7
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Nov. 2-4 - Lake Perris, CA

Presentation at One Love Fest Nov. 2-4

I will be giving my new expanded presentation "Portals to the New Earth: Sacred Geometry for  Personal & Planetary Evolution" at the One Love Fest at Lake Perris 3 pm Sunday Nov. 4

Its the second year One Love will be at the incredible Lake Perris campground an hour outside of LA. There are beautiful lush lawns, a huge beach, and lots of fully outfitted campgrounds with bathrooms and showers.
The lineup is spectacular, with lots of my favorite music acts like Dirt Wire and David Starfire and a huge yoga and workshop lineup.

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Portals to the New Earth:Sacred Geometry for Personal and Planetary Evolution

New Sacred Geometry Video Presentation from Arcosanti Convergence

"Portals to the New Earth: Sacred Geometry for Personal and Planetary Evolution" presentation at the Arcosanti Convergence was videoed and added to the TransPortals website Presentation page, updating it to include the new section on "Conceiving Future Environments".
Contact me to book this presentation
Casa Estlan - Yucca Valley, Ca.

Alcyone Portal at Casa Estlan

I'm setting up the Alcyone Portal to host sound baths and other Portal experiences in the backyard of the house I have renovated on over an acre property in the center of Yucca Valley, Ca, 7838 Joshua Lane. There is also a studio apt./garage for myself and partner Esther Kim to live in and work out of situated a hundred feet behind the house.

I will be announcing when the Portal is completed and the schedule of events hosted in it soon.

The house is listed on Airbnb as Casa Estlan. We call it Casa Estlan after the first three letters of Esther and last three letters of Harlan. The house is completely furnished and tastefully decorated with an Asian flair and mix of antique and vintage furnishings. It has new high end kitchen appliances if you like to cook and a beautiful patio with hot tub under a Joshua Tree, deck seating, gas fire pit, dining set and waterfall pond with planter to enjoy the outdoors.

Please check out the listing and photos on Airbnb, and if you are interested in renting the house to host events at the Alcyone Portal or short term stays you can contact me directly to book it. Also, please share the Airbnb listing with your friends to help promote it.
Sedona - Arcosanti - Desert Daze

Recent Events:
Great Awakening, Convergence, Desert Daze

I've just brought Portals to events the last three weekends:

The Heart Star Portal to Great Awakening in Sedona, AZ Sept. 28-30

The Turquoise and Heart Star Portals to Arcosanti Convergence, AZ Oct. 5-7

Emerald, Heart Star, Turquoise and Sapphire Portal Outlines to Desert Daze Lake Perris, CA Oct. 12-14
Turquoise Portal at Erik & Sydney's Wedding Sept. 8, 2018

Erik & Sydney's Wedding

The Turquoise Portal was at one of my best friend and Portal Collective member Erik Koon's marriage to Sydney Freggiaro in Las Vegas, NV Sept. 9th. It was set up in Sydney's mom's front yard where the wedding party was held. The party was an incredible affair with lots of iridescent decorations, bubble guns, sparklers, great music & food, and topped off by the Turquoise Portal in the front for all the guests to experience and chill out.
Contact me if you would like to have a Portal at your event.
New Portal Outline Pendants
available from Shapeways

New 3D printed Portals

My new friend and 3D artist extraordinaire David Dreamwalker Diamondheart has modeled the Portal outlines as small pendants available from in a variety of metals including sterling silver.
The 11:11 Diamond Portal Outline pendant is exactly 11 golden ratios smaller than the full size 11:11 Diamond Portal.
The Heart Star Portal Outline pendant is an exact scale replica of the full size one that you may have climbed on at countless festivals.
The 12:12 Emerald Portal Outline pendant contains a cuboctahedron inside the truncated cube, showing the relationship between the 60º coordinate system and the 90º degree system.
They are available in a number of different materials for varying prices. Please see the rest of David's incredible 3D printed sacred geometries at his Ascension Arts Shapeways store website with 8 pages of super powerful ascension tools.
"Portals" Hardcover Book

"Portals" Hardcover Book

A 72 page full color photographic hardcover "Portals" book featuring seven Portal projects from 2004 through 2013: Diamond, Emerald, Sapphire, Amethyst, Heart Star, OctaPortal and Turquoise Portals.  It consists mainly of full page photos and two page photo spreads. It has descriptions of each Portal and a section at the end of all the testimonials that have been received from participants of their experiences in the Portals. There is also a list of all the exhibitions that they have been in.

It is available from at cost. You can preview the entire book on their website as well.

It makes a great coffee table conversation piece or a unique gift.
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